April 17th, 2004

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I've been wanting to paint the last couple of nights. Finally got around to it. I don't know what was up with me, but I seem to want to show beings emerging from lakes at night...

Took some pics of them to share. Paint was still wet so I kind of had to get some weird angles but it shows the idea.

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Hopefully I keep doing these, I'll have enough to put up in frames and cover
the back wall of my office.

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I'm allergic to housework

Ever since I found out I've got a dust allergy, I find it hilarious how much I sneeze and itch every time I clean up the house. Eeeeeeeeeeh.......... achoo! I have to tuck a tissue in my pocket or I can't survive it. Maybe I should wear a mask. *sniffle*
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Be Our Guest

You know, setting up Dragon*Con guests is a really tedious and complex process. Moreso than I imagined when I said I'd be handling a whole lot of that work for the Gothic Journeys track. Just everybody remember that when we actually have guests there, no taking them for granted, because getting them is a PAIN!

It's not the dealing with the guests that's the pain, that's easy, but the part of submitting all their stuff, waiting on the guest committee if they're OK, finding out if they get any special comp, trying to get them put on the *official* guest list, etc., etc. We seem to be doing OK actually, but there are just dozens and dozens of emails pinging back and forth trying to confirm everything and everyone.

Like I said, everybody better appreciate it!
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Tech help, anybody>

I don't ask for help a lot but...

My computer runs a complete virus-scan every night at 8. Every SINGLE night it tells me the file Evtmgr.exe has an unwanted program ServU-Daemon. And every night I quarantine it. McAfee says the program is a "popular commercial FTP server" that's often been used by trojans. But since I quarantine it every single day and the thing always shows up again, I'm thinking it's probably part of some program or service I use, else it wouldn't come back. Anybody have a clue about this?
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