April 18th, 2004

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Today I feel like saving space and putting multiple entries into one, rather than dribbling it out in smaller doses.

From the Department of Furry South American Rodents
YinYang continues to be a bottomless pit. Yesterday Caleb weeded the plants on his terrace and wound up with a bag of weeds, which he brought over here as a treat for the piggies. It was basically a hugely oversized serving of greens -- clover, sunflower, etc. Which YinYang ate most of, in less than a 1/2 hour. Two hours later, she was whining for more.

Meanwhile this morning I recognized a new begging method. YinYang will see me in the kitchen and realize she has a chance of receiving additional foodstuffs. It doesn't matter that she just ate or that there's still fresh vegies in the bowl. No, indeed it doesn't matter, because she runs to her bowl, plants her front paws on it and looks at the vegies there balefully, as if to say "Those are just the nasty parts, see, that's yellow, I can't eat that! Give me a big pile of nice greeeeeen greens...." Oh, and she squeaks!

From the Makers of Stoneyfield Farms Yogurt
Yum, I found a new way to eat this yogurt. When I don't have fresh berries, I normally mix my plain yogurt with jam, preserves or (when I can get my hands on it) this German stuff Rote Gruetze. The other day I bought some lingonberry preserves from, um, Sweden I think, and boy, they are really good in yogurt. Today I mixed that up and added some raisins, which makes it just as filling as granola.

From the Bureau of Emotional Distress
Yesterday was weird as far as my mood. I felt OK, as in no headache, no depression, but I burst into tears three times, twice for extended periods. There were actual triggers each time (as opposed to crying for no reason) but I really felt I was overreacting.

Meanwhile I got to feeling really overwhelmed with the number of projects I'm trying to juggle. Besides regular Metro Girl work projects, I did a ton of Dragon*Con stuff yesterday (and late last night and this morning mucho more arrived on my "desk"), I need to start working with this author on the book I'm going to edit, I've got my own story to edit, need to do my assignment for search engine marketing course... Gah!

From the Foundation for Domestic Accomplishments
Yesterday I shocked myself utterly by managing to pick up my WHOLE house. As in, got ALL the clothes off the bedroom and bathroom floor, vacuumed the (wood) floor in every room, washed and dusted various surfaces, changed my piggies' litter, took out 3 bags of trash, put away 8 pairs of shoes, found my slippers, did 6-7 loads of laundry (including 3 that were sheets, blankets, etc.), hand-washed a silk shirt, and more! Last night when I went to bed, I felt like I was going to bed in some bed and breakfast, not my own house. Also, the first time I walked out of my office into the bedroom (at this point with clothes off the floor) I got spacially disoriented by the fact I could actually walk in a straight line!

It was just like the wonderful cofee mug I have:

From the Revenue Department
Caleb worked out the revisions on my 2002 returns and I should be getting a $700+ refund from the federal and a couple hundred from Georgia. Ya-hoo!

From the School of Rock
Somebody, either my neighbor or somebody else, seems to be listening to some seriously "thumpy" music. Last night I think Eli (the neighbor) had NIN playing in his bathroom, which is next to my office. Right now there is something else playing but I can't figure out where or what it is. It doesn't bother me really, I'm just kind of like... "What IS it?" curious kind of.

Meanwhile, been listening to lots of music this week. Have had one of the Cruxshadows playing last couple days in the living room, have been listenint to Bowie singles, Gladiator soundtrack, several things in my A-G CD book. Which reminds me, I still need to file those 30 CDs not in books. And I need to copy all the early 90s techno CDs I borrowed from Caleb so I could revel in the sounds of our youth, he he.

From the Hmmmmmmmmm.... Department
Hmmmmmmmmm, I thought there was something else I wanted to post about, but I forget at the moment.
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Another tech question

OK, question knawing at me (and in the past, my coworkers) for a couple of years now:

Why HALF the time when I right-click save an image of the web that's a GIF or JPEG, does IE insist it's saving a BMP? If this was something consistent, I'd be irritated, but since it's not even consistent, I'm HIGHLY irritated. Very often I save images then have to convert them because as BMPs their file size is too big and anyway I can't post them to the web. I mean, is is some wacky IE method of image protection or what?
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Iron Woman

So while I was out this afternoon the Red Cross called and left a message about setting up a blood donation. I used to donate as often as possible and frankly, I really, really like giving blood because it's so easy, I don't suffer any ill effects, and it makes me feel good to be doing it. On top of that, I have O+ blood, which is the "universal donor" type they always want. (It's even been marked as containing high quantities of chickenpox anti-virus, which is used to make the vaccine; just about the only good thing to come out of a massive pox attack I had.)

The problem is, the last 3-4 times I've gone in to donate, I've been rejected because my iron was way below minimum. The last time I went in, I had just come off a month's "therapy" of taking iron pills and eating vitamin C (needed for absorbtion), hoping it'd fix the iron problem. It was a little better, but still not high enough. I told the nurse how disappointed I was that I hadn't improved and she said that a month's worth of iron therapy wouldn't have been enough; I'd really need a whole month.

That was probably sometime last spring. This year, for probably 2 months, maybe more than that, I've been taking a big iron pill every day and eating apples and apricots. I think there's a chance I could try donating again. I won't miss out on work (ha ha) so going up to the headquarters won't be a big deal.

And furthermore, if they tell me my iron is super low again, I guess that would be a clue to maybe see my doctor and figure out why. I know I'm a vegatarian and don't get iron that way, plus I don't have enough really green vegetables (I'm more a root person), but taking pills should have some impact and if it doesn't, it means my intake isn't the problem, it's something where I actually can't absorb iron or whatever, which would be a concern.

I don't at all like some of Red Cross' policies on who can and can't donate, travel restrictions, and all that crap, but I feel like if there's a chance I CAN help, I should. Got to think about it, I guess!
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