April 20th, 2004

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Outside my window

So hey, the guys are back and this time I am totally smiling because they are actually CLEANING THE WINDOWS!

I had thought these guys were only repairing the outside portions of the window sills and facade, and had thought to myself "Man, they should clean the window while they're at it..." Well, right now there's a guy who just made the eastward-facing window in my bedroom sparkling clean.

This is a big deal since I live on the fifth floor and my windows do not open so the dirt that's on the outside of the windows isn't something I can get off myself. We had some company clean them around two years ago but they did a pretty sucky job. The other two bedroom windows and my office window are reallllly cruddy, especially the one that was used during construction for loading in the drywall -- they're drywall dust stuck on it.

It will be so wonderful to actualy have a CLEAR view outside!

Ha, just saw the guy finishing up the bottom half of one window and the rag he was using was totally BLACK. Ew. I can totally sympathize with the nastiness he's fighting. At my last place, a block away, we were also in a highrise but the windows opened. I used to have to clean those windows (one of which was something like 7'x7') with NEWSPAPERS instead of paper towels because no paper towel was really tough enough to remove the sort of "plaque" that got on those things. I think it must be auto exhaust or something...
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OK, this is a first

Somebody actually EMAILED me about my name, and not as part of some other email, like "P.S. Your name is so cute!" or "BTW, is that your real name?" No, this time somebody saw my name on a mailing list and emailed me out of pure curiosity. They were sweet about it and said sorry if it as an intrusion, but you know, I don't think I would EVER email somebody commenting on their name. But maybe that's because I've been asked about mine about 80 million times? (Well, I have no exact count but damn, it's a lot!)
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So far...

...today has been OK. Did my assignment for the search engine marketing class I'm taking, had lunch with Caleb and Enrique, issued 2 invoices, took care of a lot of "little things" lurking in my inbox, etc. Oh, and I seem to have read about 50 pages of The Dispossessed without really even trying.

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Retro design

I just did a really cute design prototype for a web site. Decided to do it using a soft 1920s design using a period color scheme and fonts. It's nice and elegant, pink/light brown/white/black, without being too twee. I sent it to a potential client along with the estimate so the woman will say "Man, I have GOT to buy this design!" I hope anyway. After doing 2 sites for 50-something women, both similar designs, I think I might be on some kind of roll.

Doing the 20s design work is something I really enjoy. I keep wanting to do more sites that are done in specific retro styles. I actually have a whole folder on my hard drive of graphics of 1920s-1940s posters, mainly propaganda and advertising from Russia and Italy. There are some really great color schemes and even general layout principles to be learned from those designs and hopefully over time I can have opportunity to do some bold designs that incorporate them. I can't really use Russian propaganda posters as the basis for happy conservative real estate sites but I could certainly do it for a band or something where I'd have more license to be bold, artistic, "say something," etc.
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I listened to an old mixer tape of mine during my workout today and found myself cracking up at this Lou Reed song from I guess around 1990:

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I especially like the line:

They say the President's dead but no one can find his head
it's been missing now for weeks
But no one noticed it he had seemed so fit
and I'm Sick of it

On a related note, I'm listening to Laurie Anderson's Strange Angels, also from the early 90s, and there's a song called "Babydoll" with another president-related line:

Take me to your leader
And I said, "Do you mean... George?"
I just want to meet him,
And I said "Come on honey, I don't even KNOW George!
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