April 22nd, 2004

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Thank you teriel!!!!!

OMG, my test results on this OK Cupid personality test had me rolling on the floor with laughter, it is just TOO TRUE.

According to the test, I am a Deliberate | Brutal | Love | Dreamer... a.k.a. "The Priss."

Ha ha ha ha...

I mean, where did they come up with: "You were probably the last among your friends to have sex. And the first to pretend that you're pregnant." Oh HA! That is toooooooooooo funny. I was pretending to be pregnant when I was like 6 already. Now I only look it because my freakin' tummy just likes to be fat *right in that spot*.
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Give me some air!

I really, really need to get somebody to open some of my windows. And no, I don't mean because I'm too lazy to open them, I mean because they're all painted shut. I've lived here three years and this has always been a concern, an annoyance, but not a major one because I wasn't here all day. But now, I'm thinking the hotter it gets, the more I'm going to feel like I'm locked in the trunk of somebody's car. I can turn on the central A/C and the air becomes cool and "fresh" but as soon as I turn it off, it's stifling and stinky in here. The air is stale. Makes me grumpy because there's nice spring air right outside but I can't access it.

So what I really need to do is either find a handyman type to do it get my friend Cooper's husband to do it (they live a few floors up and did it themselves). Thing is, it really has to be somebody with some real experience because these are huge guillotine style windows with chains and stuff and anybody who doesn't know what they're doing could break them.

I wanna breathe!
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Yay, another book read

Finished reading The Dispossessed this morning. Good book. I really liked and admired the central character, Shevak, through all his trials and tribulations, both in the book's present and the dual-narrative flashback to his life up to the present. His story is so moving, both in terms of the realizations he is forced to make about his place in society and the harships that come up against his family life. The ideas in the book were definitely heavy, but not in a way that deadened my brain, more like the way a good textbook does when it's patiently explaining something complex that can't be simplified beyond a certain point.

One thing I found odd what that so many reviews I had seen of this book attacked Le Guin for promoting anarchism and utopian societies, whereas my reading of the book gives me the impression that life in the anarchist utopia sucks. Life in the capialist city on Urras also sucks. It kind of all sucks, just in different ways. It's very clear that Shevak finds things on Urras he loves and also finds things on his own planet, Arrestes, that he hates. Some people just aren't careful readers.

The next Le Guin books I plan on reading are the Hainish ones, set in the same world as Left Hand of Darkness. (Actually The Dispossessed hooks in to same world too, since the Hainish are in it.) There are three books available in one volume called Worlds of Exile and Illusion -- yay, attractive title! I also want to read Lathe of Heaven. Hell, I probabably want to read them all, she's a very admirable writer.
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Like Kraftwerk but not

I can't remember if it was this year or the year before, but I got this CD in Germany. I haven't listened to it that much but today I am, because, you know, what the heck, variety! I actually bought the thing because listening to it in the store, I decided it really really sounded like Kraftwerk, only updated to include reference to the Internet, wireless communication, etc. It is true too, it does sound like Kraftwerk, but at the same time I find the album kind of hilarious because although most of the tracks are purely instrumental (erm, electronic instrumental) there are two tracks where the "song" is basicaly this guy with a German accent trying to talk like a machine, in slow motion, talking through a distortion devise about the possibilities of instantaneous wireless communicatio, i.e. "Someday everything will be done by remote control." It's just really a bit too pretentious. Kraftwerk is way more fun than that! I mean, hello, they're the group that wrote a song about a pocket calculator: "By pressing on this special key, I play a little melody."
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Frustration City

Why the hell can't I get anything DONE lately! I feel like I'm sitting here cranking out these tasks and yet the main things, nooooo, can't get to them because of all this piddly other stuff. Like, hmmm, groceries would be nice. Or doing work for this client who will pay me would be nice. But no, all this other stuff, bang bang bang.... Haven't even had a chance for lunch yet, I'm so desperate to get through it all. Futile, I know but... Gah!

Meantime I just found out there's no hope of opening 4 of my windows because in that lovely exterior repair work those Mexican guys did, they've painted them shut from the OUTSIDE. Cooper says her husband can open the 2 of the 3 remaining (1 has no chain, can't be fixed) because they're not worked on yet. I want the one in this OFFICE done now.
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Unidenfified Spicey Objects

So I finally grabbed some lunch. It's the kind of Indian readymade that comes in a metalic bag and you boil it. Very convenient. And usually great. But right now, I've got something that's really really HOT. I can't identify any of the vegies in it except potatoes. One thing looks kind of like a zucchini, kind of like an eggplants. There are also beans in it, like tamarind but I'm not sure. But something is really hot. I'm hungry enough to just eat it but, whoah, unidentified spicey objects!
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(no subject)

I fear things are really sliding downhill suddenly...

Didn't get time today to research that functionality I need to get that client contract I want.

Didn't finish work on imported bag site; previous webmasters were total idiots and fixing their mess is proving harder than I thought.

Didn't even start on updating all the price listings on Mat Man's site-in-progress.

Still haven't rounded up info on e-commerce for Italian market client.

All kinds of Dragon*Con stuff has been flying around, including worrysome crap.

That hot Indian food I ate seems to be burning a way into my intestines.

The frozen banana I tried to eat to assuage the Indian food tastes really weird, inedible.

Still haven't gone grocery or at least vegie shopping, and piggies' fresh food today is green peppers and carrots, not the parsley they really want. Oh, and I have no food either.

Forgot again to pick up photo enlargements from CVS.

Need to buy stamps, post office is closed now.

Have barely gone outside for 3 days.

Still haven't deposit a big check I got on Tuesday... or was it Monday?

Noticed today that edits I did on something weren't implemented; I think my file just never got integrated with the master.

Started to feel really de-- Yeah. And my tummy hurts. And I'm supposed to go exercise now and I reallllly don't want to.


In good news, a big name author emailed me today saying she was really interested in the Gothic Journeys track at D*C and as soon as she could get the date from me and a bit more info, she'd be on board. Like... yay!
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Paint It Black (ha ha)

So I bawled my eyes out, until they were all swolen shut, then thought about some stuff, then bawled some more. Then I picked myself up, blew my nose a lot and got dressed for exercise, mainly because Caleb assures me I'll go to Hell and feel even worse if I don't. Exercise was... endurable. I tried to zone out the whole time and just think about nothing more than the music. I tried to keep myself thinking about stuff. I did end up thinking but at least I didn't cry any more.

Just now I took a cold shower and to maybe make things better, got dressed in black some velvet and silk stuff I have no "reason" to be wearing right now. I kind of have an urge to zip up to some extremely expensive restaurant and gorge myself on lobster and imported cheese and fancy desserts, just to do something splurgey and momentarily satisfying for myself, but it's not going to happen. I think what will happen is I'll just make spaghetti with some pasta sauce and eat it very slowly while watching something soothing on TV.
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People have been nice to me tonight.

madame_mercredi gave me a "therapy" session...

cracicotus spent a quiet hour with me, counseled me, and then gave me a full-body massage...

and nevercadabra wrote me a little Knight Rider / Vamp Chron slash with tantalizing male/car foreplay... (For those who don't know, I keep coming back to this idea of some story with Kitt, Michael and Lestat, though I still haven't written it.)

Now I'm having a drink, hoping I will not think of anything else to ruin my mood.
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