April 23rd, 2004

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Picking up where fools left off

OK, webdesigners, tell me, is there something more irritating than being hired to work on an existing web site and finding out the person who designed it was an IDIOT?

Right now I'm working on a site and I swear I cannot for the life of me figure out how to edit some of what this person did because he came from the dangerous school of design, where you use tools without knowing how they really work, so you produce clever looking stuff that is actually crap. At first I thought it was just layers that were the issue, but there's very weird things with tables, plus all sorts of JavaScript. For now I'm doing what I can and sending it back to client to let him tell me what still bugs him.

If it were up to me and the client could pay me more, I'd take the "look" of the site and redesign it from the code up, but for now... I just want it out of my SIGHT! (Hmmm, maybe I should just turn off DW's code view...)

P.S. I'm feeling better today, but that doesn't mean I don't grouch ;)
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Ooh, potential visiting nephew!

Last night I wrote my sister Nancy a note telling her that Lynn Flewelling's Luck in the Shadows is just now available as an audio book. She and her family listen to audiobooks a lot and I think Ian, who's 16, even listens to them in his room rather than reading sometimes, a habit from a childhood of Winnie the Pooh and LotR tapes.

Anway, she wrote back saying thanks for the tip and also, if Ian doesn't get into a camp* this summer, could he come visit. Well, of course I said YES, I'd love for him to visit. When I was just a bit younger than him, I spent two summers in a row taking care of HIM as a toddler and I've always been quite fond of him. Perfect sort of visiting relative too -- won't be any trouble, takes care of himself, very agreeable, curious about things. I really hope he makes it because I really really think it's important for teenagers to get opportunities to travel and see things!

* Snerk, the whole concept of "camp" is so alien to me, no idea how Nancy got mixed up in it, goodness knows we never went to camp, though I did do free church winter camp in Rhode Island once.
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News of the Day

From the "I'm Just Too Nice" Department
I wrote back my potential client and admitted that maybe the company she was looking at besides me would be better able to get her going with online property listings, although I also said their sites looked crappy and they had hidden the fact that their hosting will cost $700 for two years (versus a helluva lot less from me). Anyway, I feel like I just tosssed that one down the tubes but there's only to far I will bend the truth. The woman isn't stupid, after all, and if she decides design and personal service are more important than the instanteous set-up, she'll choose me.

Just in from the Weather Channel
Weather is spectacular today -- beautiful, sunny (but not too bright), breezy. I was just out visiting Lunch on Broad, the weekly festival that goes on outsite my building, and it was gorgeous and vibrant.

Special Report: How Can You Waste That Education When Students Are Starving at UMass?
Just got a call from poor (literally) UMass Amherst. I gave money towards Arts and Science per usual. They actually wanted money for the library but I never really used or liked their library, whereas the German, English, Journalism, etc., departments... those were useful to me. And they don't get money from biochemical engineeering firms either, unlike some departments.

Mental Health Watch
Still teetering on the edge of depression today, trying to do everything I can to avoid but if anything bad happens I'm through.
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John Lennon would've really loved this

nevercadabra was kind enough to point me to the LJ Markov Random Text Generator, a wonderful, wonderful toy that scrambles your LJ posts and links them together pretty gramatically. What's really weird is, this scrambling thing makes almost TOO much sense sometimes. It's like an oracle! Either that or a song lyric generator!

I just did it 4 times to mine, here are some highlights...

This sounds like me critizing uncool people:
Makes me grumpy because there's hypos in the group don't know Wraeththu, but they did a really cute design prototype for a band or something where I'd have to put more work into learning it.

This is some deep philosophy, or a lyric:
And that work is time... time I find anything that'd make it so easy it wouldn't add any time.

Changed the lyrics to a Lou Reed song I quoted:
And I'm sick of it I'm Sick of You They arrested the Mayor for an illegal favor sold the Empire State to Japan And Oliver North married William Secord and gave birth to a potential client...

Is this a pickup line?
Insturctions: Tell me two things about yourself that you know for sure that I don't mean because I'm too lazy to open some of my windows. And no, I don't know about you. And then tag you're it no tagbacks.

TMI alert!
For those who don't know, all I keep trying to do is upload/update the real estate site, even sent off the prototype of a design, and I seem to have sex.

Changed the Lou Reed song AGAIN:
And the Ayatollah bought a nuclear warship if he dies he wants to be bold, artistic, "say something," etc. ... today has been flying around, including worrysome crap.

Hey, I didn't order this:
That hot Indian food I ate seems to be pregnant

Wait, it change the Lou Reed song AGAIN:
And the Ayatollah bought a nuclear warship if he dies he wants to go out in Gwinnett County or something

Economic theory, sounds like:
They say the bad makes the good and there's a local barter economy, etc. It'd have lots of evil irony and wickedness built in.

Sounds like "I Am The Walrus":
I listened to an old mixer tape of mine during my workout today and found these pieces of fake fur

Whoah, sounds like my old apt. had worse air than here:
At my last place, a block away, we were also in a metalic bag and you boil it.

No idea why it loves Lou Reed:
Oliver North married William Secord and gave birth to a little kid

German surrealism?</b>
there are two tracks where the "song" is basicaly this guy with a German accent trying to talk like a zucchini, kind of like a zucchini, kind of technology
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