April 24th, 2004

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Mainly for nevercadabra's amusement

I continue to play with the Random LJ thing.

This is a good summary of my life lately
can turn on the edge of depression today, trying to talk like a zucchini, kind of have an urge to zip up to some extremely expensive restaurant and gorge myself on lobster and imported cheese and fancy desserts, just to do a weird dark fantasy set in Downtown or some "apocalypse in the suburbs" story.

Back to the future?
I can't actually hear this clip but here's an MP3 of the day is that just like yesterday, I feel much too awful for it.

See I knew I was doing it the wrong way...
I mean, I read several different sources saying you shouldn't take iron supplements until you see a doctor and make sure you have headphones on!!!!!

nevercadabra would agree with this
And there's nothing to eat that don't carry the stink of some story with Kitt, Michael and Lestat, though I still haven't written it.

I wonder what would happen if this thing scrambled Beastie Boys lyrics? LOL
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The other day I posted a long list of things that had gone wrong, hadn't been done, and basically all the negative crap I'd been dealing with. I now am going to update that list, or least cross off a few of the items

Didn't get time today to research that functionality I need to get that client contract I want.

Didn't finish work on imported bag site; previous webmasters were total idiots and fixing their mess is proving harder than I thought.

Didn't even start on updating all the price listings on Mat Man's site-in-progress.

Still haven't rounded up info on e-commerce for Italian market client.

All kinds of Dragon*Con stuff has been flying around, including worrysome crap.

That hot Indian food I ate seems to be burning a way into my intestines.

The frozen banana I tried to eat to assuage the Indian food tastes really weird, inedible.

Still haven't gone grocery or at least vegie shopping, and piggies' fresh food today is green peppers and carrots, not the parsley they really want. Oh, and I have no food either.

Forgot again to pick up photo enlargements from CVS.

Need to buy stamps, post office is closed now.

Have barely gone outside for 3 days.

Still haven't deposit a big check I got on Tuesday... or was it Monday?

Noticed today that edits I did on something weren't implemented; I think my file just never got integrated with the master.

Started to feel really de-- Yeah. And my tummy hurts. And I'm supposed to go exercise now and I reallllly don't want to.
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Produce on the Cheap

It's comforting to know that even if I do wind up in dire financial straits, I've got access to some really cheap food that I could live on if I had to! Today I went to my favorite green grocer and got:

1 lb. strawberries
3 oranges
3 apples
2 onions
3 potatoes
1/2 lb mushrooms
1 bunch chives
2 bunches parsley
1 (huge) bunch cilantro
1 lb. bag baby carrots
1 lb. bag carrots
6 tomatoes
6 plum tomatoes
1 cucumber
1 brocoli
1 tofu

For... $21! I am just continually amazed how cheap the best foods are.
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Ah, the joy of festivals! And bargains!

Had a lovely afternoon today going out to the Inman Park Festival -- one of my favorite annual events here in Atlanta. Inman Park is a beautiful Victorian/1920s residential neighborhood about 1.5 miles east of Downtown and was Atlanta's first "trolley suburb." It's a place of wonderful Victorian homes (including my client's B&B/home), Craftsman bungaloes, giant shade trees, lazy cats, a cozy park... I suppose one might compare it to the Garden District in New Orleans as far as the feel of it, the green, the flowers and gentle mood.

Anyway, every year they have a big, BIG festival there, alnog with a tour of homes. I've never been on the tour but I love going to the festival part of it. It includes a GIANT outdoor bazaar with God knows how many vendors in booths selling all kins of arts, crafts, plants, jewelry, antiques, clothes, furniture, you-name-it-you-got-it, plus all the typical festival food and live music. Oh, and they have a parade on the Saturday, which I caught the second half of. The festival takes over many different strees in the neighborhood, which are closed off to traffic for the duration and thronged with people -- and lots of dogs too!

The parade coming up DeKalb Avenue; Inman Park Methodist in background

The selection of goods today seemed way above some previous years, when things got a little too far on the "crafts" side of things for me.

There was a ton of really, really exquisite jewelry of the kind I like. In fact I totally LUSTED after a whole bunch of necklaces at this one booth. They were these beautiful glass / stone chokers with matching earrings. The sets were only $40, which is a bargain except given my money situation and how much dressy costume jewelry I already own, it really wasn't an expense I could justify.

Similarly, even though I was DYING at this Russian woman Lena Reznik's artwork (see below), there was no WAY I could afford it. It was so great -- she does cubist paintings and 1920s portraits and all kinds of cool ink / watercolor work. I swear, back when I had my job, I would have bought one of the two paintings hidden under the LJ cut below! However, I had to settle on going up to her and praising her stuff and telling her how much I ADORED it. (And I got her biz card so if I ever have money again I will get in touch!)

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Anyway, what DID I get?

Well, within 20 minutes of showing up, bought a beautiful green stretch-velvet dress that's mainly solid but with a soft leaf-pattern green section on one shoulder and towards the bottom corner -- for $7 from a charity group.

Bought some wonderful pear-scented whipped shea butter cream to fix my chapped legs too, cost the same as the dress.

My bigget bargain of the day was a medium-sized Farberware pot -- only 50 cents, when I know it was probably $80 new. Yay!

Oh, and I got a BBQ sandwich, slaw and Coke (how Southern of me) at the "cafe" in the basement of the Methodist church.
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I finally finished the story. Damn, that took me ridiculously long. (Ha, it was also a 11,000 word story.) But now I can move on. Finally. And writer's angst is gone. I may even get back to the novel again... Wheee-ness!
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Women's Rights

Just read this commentary Do Pregnant Women Have Rights? on AlterNet. Very scary and threatening stuff. I've kept up with some of these developments via regular emails from NARAL (National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League) but even so, the way this particular piece is argued, gave me major chills. "Constitutional" law often does these days but still, gah!

Oh, and BTW, tomorrow is the March for Women's Lives in DC.
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