April 25th, 2004

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Strange Pain

When I was a... well, not sure whether to put kid or teenager here, so let me say, from the time I went through puberty and up through college, I used to get these horrible pains in my legs. Often (but not always) these came during my period and they were quite disabling. The pain would seem to be in my bones almost, like running up my shins and thigh bones, this very severe ache. The bones on top of my feet would get really bad too. At times it would get so bad I'd just have to lie in bed with my legs propped up on pillows and wait for it to stop. My dad had gout for a long time and I swear I used to think I had gout too, though my mom would laugh when I said that. (Recently I learned my dad didn't have gout but in fact his kidneys used to periodically fail and he just didn't let on.)

Since college, haven't had that pain any more... except very rarely. Like right now. At first it felt like both my legs, but now it's just my right. The pain is throbbing mainly in the lower leg and foot. Pain is hard to describe, but it sort of feel like pain is being shot into my leg around the ankle and it's radiating outward into the foot and up the shin. When I lie in bed my leg just feels like it has some kind of super migraine headache! The bones in my right hand are aching too. I wonder what the heck causes it and why I don't get it anymore like I used to so very often.
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Good Day Sunshine

I'm feeling good today. I'm even feeling thinner! Even though the scale tells me I still haven't lost any weight in 2 weeks of diet and exercise, I'm wearing the size 12 Calvin Klein jeans Caleb's boss gave me and they are actually wearable. They look painted on but since I normally like my jeans that way, that's good. Now if I could just make it so there isn't torso spilling over the waistband, it'd been even better :)

Caleb and I had a nice German style breakfast again, down in the courtyard of his building: pumpernickel bread, cheese, tomatoes, olives, honey, jam, Nutella, mustard, strawberries, tea and 2 kinds of German mineral water.

Right now I'm considering going out to a garden center because I saw some geraniums somebody had in Caleb's buildings and I loooooove those. I don't think they're that easily kill-able either, so I think I might like to get a couple of the red ones to put on one of my windowsills -- maybe even here in the office. My grandmother always had them and when I smell them they remind me of her so much.
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My next book

Last night while starting on a mass clean-up of my email outbox, I found an email I wrote somebody where I actually do a pretty fair job summarizing the basic idea of the plot for my next book. Since I'm sure to refer to "my book" more and more often starting too (as I get back to it at last), I thought I'd post the description here.

The basic plot of the story is that the main "people" of the story, the Tari, live in a world without sex or true genetic "families." Reproduction is achieved via parthenogenesis, which unfortunately for them is not something that can be controlled and is also something only a small percentage of Taris can do. How do they survive? Well, in their favor, when Taris do spawn, they spawn in large litters of about 100, with the Taris growing in large sacs on the outside of Taris' bodies.

They ensure the survival of these offspring by having a society which venerates reproduction and which locks up the progenitors as part of its religion. The "taribearers" are brought to the palace of the Crownholder, who rules over the land while protecting and controlling the empire's reproductive fortunes. The taribearers are kept isolated and then, once their offspring are born, they remain in the palace the rest of their lives.

The baby Taris are raised within the palace for about two years before it comes time for distribution to the masses. The children are distributed to the various guild-like social groups, according to their service and negotiations. Thus there are no families but groups of asexual, non-gendered persons living in groups according to their professional focus.

Meanwhile there are the taribearers in the palace, who live out a completely different reality, with hormones and perspective that differs from those of the masses. The taribearers are worshipped along with their gods Tari and Mur, who represent forces of creation and destruction (and which are also represented in the mountains flanking the main city).

The story I'm writing follows the path of one taribearer, who goes from a rather humble carpenter up to being a temporary god figure. So you can see, a whole world to build!
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If I could have more piggies...

It would be THESE ONES that April has, part of the huge rescue she did a few weeks ago. Oh, squeeeee, they are soooooo cute!!!!! They look like twins only with different color heads.

In other piggy news, Abbie has definitely been exhibiting a "Flowers for Algernon" type improvement in intelligence, he he. Caleb and I have determined she's a faster runner than YinYang and clever about getting what she wants (also quicker). Abbie also is seen constantly moving around the boxes in the cage, arranging them to meet wheatever "needs" she has. The other day I put a cheerios box in there on its side and she immediately pushed it up against the hay rack, climbed on top (!) and started up easy-access muching.
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New Toy

So tonight Caleb, Daniel and I took a walk up to Midtown for ice cream and later went over to Outwrite. There I picked up and pined over many books (found at least three cool ones I will get/read in future), trying to avoid superfluous spending... and then I saw this:

Guess who's standing on my keyboard now? It was under $10 so hey, I feel OK about it :)

I love that the Raven is detachable, and that the box has one of my all time favorite, favorite Poe quotes on it: All that we see or seem | is but a dream within a dream. Also, it has a warning on it that it's not suitable for kids under 3. But kids over 3? Man, they should all have Edgar Allan Poe action figures! In fact, I like most of this whole line -- my favories being Moses, Beethoven, Pope Innocent III, The Librarian, and The Albino Bowler (um, WTF?)
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