April 26th, 2004

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Ooh, that'd be fun!

Wouldn't it be cool if when you played a CD on your computer, not only would it tell you the song titles but the lyrics would go across the bottom of the screen? That way you could sing along?
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Different Paths

I got to thinking about this yesterday, the different (and sometimes quite similar) paths family members can take as far as schooling & what they do for a living. For example, my dad has a Masters and was a mechanical engineer, while his brother got through high school and spent about 50 years as a sailmaker.

Anyway, went through my own immediate family, and curious to see about other friends on here...

  • Dad - Bachelors in M. Engineerging (City College of NY), Masters in M. Engineerging (NYU), mechanical engineer
  • Mom - Bachelors in Industrial Psychology (City College of NY), Associates Degree in Computer Science (Northern Essex), desktop publisher / computer instructor
  • Nancy - Bachelors in Interior Design (Cornell), Masters in Psychology (Cornell), PhD in Psychology (Cornell), psychology professor/researcher
  • Betty - Bachelors in Computer Science (Fitchburg College), Masters in Business Admin. (UMass Worcester?), Masters in Something-Else-I-Forget (UMass Worcester), computer programmer
  • Carolyn - Bachelors in Mathematics (UMass Lowel), computer engineer/programmer
  • Tom - Bachelors in Political Science (UMass Amherst), Masters in English (one of the SUNY schools), possibly a Education degree too, high school English teacher
  • Me - Bachelors in Journalism (UMass Amherst), web designer

I think my brother and I were the only ones who really turned away from studying something really technical, though Nancy's degree in design counts I guess. My brother is totally unlike my dad with his approach to what to study and what kind of career to follow. My dad was mad at him for about a decade before Tom finally "settled" down and stuck with being a teacher, then got married. Meanwhile I still don't think I'll ever go vying with my siblings for post-graduate degrees... sheesh, got no time or need for it! The only time I ever considered going back to school was when I fancied getting a Bachelors in Classics at Emory ;)
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What restraint!

Boy, I bit the bullet today! Sat down at 10 and except for a couple of short breaks for chats with Gabby and a bit of lunch, did nothing but paste Excel-based industial mat price matrices* into HTML templates... 'til 2:30!

I was so dedicated to this task I haven't downloaded any email off SpamKiller to actually read or respond to it, and my butt is sore! Ha. Going to take a reading or cleaning break now, then get back to more work, for other clients, for rest of day 'til it's exercise time.

* Example here.
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Strange Sibling Communication

So one of my sisters just sent me email through my WEB SITE asking me when I'm "coming home" because my mom mentioned I would be but she (my sister? my mom?) didn't know when. (I'm going up to Boston in a week.)

Carolyn also says she doens't have my current address, phone or email. Huh? I've lived at this address for three years, had the phone number for just as long, have had the same email for 7 years. Not that she's ever called me...

*Sigh* I swear, sometimes I think I really am an only child and those siblings of mine are just part of some other family. On the other hand, I also hope somehow Carolyn can come up from New Jersey and see me next week :)

It might sound bizarre but I've lived in Georgia for about seven years now and I'm sure the number of phone calls I've had with siblings can be counted on two hands. Occasionally I send out email to them or get a little back. I'm in touch with Nancy most. We're just not all that close, at least not when it's long distance.
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