April 27th, 2004

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The Mystery of the Missing...

Wait, it's not missing!

Ahem. For the past 2 1/2 weeks I've been actually doing a hard workout everyday, like sweating till my eyes sting with salt. I've also cut a huge amount of crap out of my diet -- no sneaking chocolate or tacos or tahini sauce -- and am sticking to simple but yummy meals, small portions, decent snacks, etc. Still, but while I did manage to wear those Size 12 pants the other day, except for the first couple of days, I *still* haven't lost any weight. Nope, not a pound. Every single day, it's the same number staring at me. I want to kick it or find the slot where I put in more quarters.

Yesterday on the phone Caleb played the role of Inquisitor, asking me about everything I eat, convinced I must be eating something horrible and sabotaging my efforts. I kept saying, "No, I haven't had that..." or "No, my breakfast is Grape Nuts, there is no hidden fat in that..." GROAN! He would probably also question whether I'm really exercising effectively but if sweating like Niagara Falls and having the stairmaster tell me I've burned 350 is not valid, I don't know what is. Caleb says maybe I need to drink more water... Yesterday I had a whole container full while I excercised, even though I HATE water.

Anyway, to be positive, I am going to stick with it, could be it just takes time for anything to happen... for my body to decide it really needs to use those fat reserves of mine. In order to lose the weight I want to by July (trip to England), I've got to lose about 0.3 lb. a week. Maybe I actually have lost 0.6 in two weeks and that's why the scale hasn't shown any change! Hmmmm!
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Want art want art want art want cash

I keep thinking about that Russian artist who had her exquisite artwork at the Inman Park Festival over the weekend. Actually, let me rephrase that... I've been thinking about the ART, not the Russian artist :)

Anyway, I actually emailed her on Sunday just to say how much her stuff had moved me and how I was really sorry I wasn't in financial position to haul some of her canvases home with me. She wrote me back yesterday, saying she was really pleased to get the email and to have met so many people at the festival who "got it."

Meanwhile today I found myself idly thinking of setting up some kind of "Lena Reznik art savings account" to save up money to buy this painting, or one like it, since by the time I save up the money, it'll be sold. Anyway, I calculated that if I saved $25 for like 2 1/2 years, I could buy it. LOL. Sorry, I'd rather just buy it right now than penny pinch like that. So instead I simply much get a major cash infusion... Yeah... What can I sell around here?
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Lock down

Stories like this one about the kid getting in trobule for his art notebook always trigger this response in me:

If I thought high school was a prison when I was there more than 10 years ago, what the fuck do TODAY'S high school think about it? I guess it's more like Guantanamo now... Jeezus! I would never, ever go back to a mainstream public high school today, not even if I was being paid.

I remember for "fun," I used to make lists of all the constitutional rights which did not apply on school property and all the ways in which the school was run like a prison. (I konw that several times over the course of four years I was told by teachers and authority figures that, "Those rules don't apply in here..." My attitude was, "Well, hey, the power rush must be great but are just such assholes about it!") Don't get me wrong, I actually liked the learning part, I just detested the organization of it, the suppression, and the *start* of "zero tolerance" rules and rules & judgements like the one with this kid.

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