April 30th, 2004

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The recent major disgusting hairball to be coughed up this country got me thinking about how I'd heard a lot of major right wing extreme conservative groups are based in Virginia. I got more curious about this so I went on to the People for the American Way web site (oh, what a resource!), which I knew had a big resource section under their "Right wing Watch" and I looked up what orgs are in Virginia.

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Flipping to the info sheets on all the groups, I found that of the ones not in Virginia, most were in DC. A few major ones are scattered around the country, like in Colorado Springs, for example. If my memory is correct, I believe several of the orgs now based in DC were recently located out west and moved in close so they could be better puppetmasters in the political arena.
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Artistic Rendering Assistance? Please?

OK... Some of you who read this are artists. Maybe you could help me with a little something?

I'm working on my book and I would like to have a really clear visual of something, only I can't really create the image well myself. I'm basically trying to get the face of a Tarimurian, with the skin tone, facial lines and haircolor I visualize.

Basically they've got light blue (though not Smurf-life) skin and white hair -- actually you can think of the Andorians on Star Trek, since it's quite similar. They have blue eyes (and for now, they are just like human eyes, so blue irises). As for the facial lines, they basically have natural white lines on their faces, coming in all different sorts of patterns -- like the veins in leaves. I think the designs are most often symetrical.

I have tried to draw this out but basically I suck... or at least am not good enough to convey what I see in my head. Anybody think they could do a sketch of something like this? I promise to look at it a LOT as I'm writing.
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More lexicon work, delving into gender

Well, after some additional work, which came out of working through some details of politics and biology, I've completed a 1,700-word draft lexicon that so far defines about 45 terms used in the story. I've really excited at the work I've done and almost feel like I used to when writing things like BD, where I think about the story and its details all the time and always have a nagging desire to work on it.

One interesting conundrum I came up with last night had to do with dealing with the genderless-ness and alien nature of the society I've created. I've already decided to use masculine pronouns for the story, but finally I did have to make some decisions relating to gender and them being aliens. The big issue is that I had to come up with an alternate word for both "people" and "men." I don't want to use the word people because to me, it seems like this would lead readers into investing the, um, people with gender and other traits they don't possess. Similarly, absolutely can't use the term "men" since there aren't any "men" in the story. I decided finally on a term for children ("anatari") and another for adults ("anamuri"); most of the time I refer to only children or only adults. I've still not figured out a term for the species as a whole; they are all Tarimurians, because they live in Tarimur, but as for what they are known as just generally, no idea. I think it might be something like Blessed of Tari. Hmmm. Anyway, at least I got anatari and anamuri -- very useful!
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I'm so ashamed...

Some days when I'm working at home here, I kind of get this funny housewife vibe that reminds me of my mom and what she used to do before she started working. I especially get this feeling when I take hour-breaks at lunch and watch Love Boat.
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I've been a big swearer since at least age 11. I blame this on growing up in a family of swearers and especially on my sister Betty, who moved back into the house when I was around 12 and also swore a lot.

A few months ago I partly parodied myself in this Wraeththu story Angry City -- nobody really swears that much, right?

Well, wrong, because I have been so pissed off at something on my computer today -- Dreamweaver and my client's server hate one another -- that I've been screaming at it all day. It really doesn't relieve any tension in me excpet to prevent me breaking things, but here's some sample "dialogue" (bleeped):

Is it so f****** difficult to f****** do what you're f****** supposed to do? Just uploading the f****** files that are f****** there to the f****** computer you're already f****** connected to, you f****** f***head!


What the f***, you can't doing your f****** job, you f****** f*****f***!?

I admit I'm not the most creative curser but damn, I'm vehement!
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Evvvvvil dream

Last night I had a scary horror movie dream. I woke up to it in fact. Kind of an atypical dream for me, as it was a ghost story horror movie.

I remember it was something to do with Caleb and I visiting in the home of some old wealthy family in their old home. They were nice people, but as it turns out, they had spooky skeletons in their closets!

The details of how it all started are fuzzy, but I know there was this older woman who seemed to suddenly decide that the family shouldn't lie to us anymore just because we were visitors. The attic was haunted and full of evvvvvillll.

I remember the first thing she did was open up this door high in the wall and somehow start getting some stuff from up in the attic. The first thing she handed me was something I didn't recognize at first, but then I saw it was a woman's shoulder pad, like from a blouse or something. I was wondering why I was being shown this when the old woman told me, "That's a special kind of shoulder pad, only used on dead people in the funeral parlor." Needless to say, that freaked me!

Then the next real thing I remember, and which woke me up, was this horrible doll this woman brought down. I've long found a lot of dolls creepy, but this one was possessed. I think I had it in one hand and was looking at its mouth, which was sort of a hole... and I realized that the doll's face was kind of a mask because I could see other lips underneath the mouth... and then I realized this horrible doll was SPEAKING in this terrible Satanic type Latin, like from The Omen or something. So I'm holding this up to Caleb saying, "Oh, my God, look, this doll is evil!" and they're all telling me how cute it is. But she was evvvvilll.

This is when I woke up. Typical!
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