May 1st, 2004

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Porn Players Union

Porn players want (again) to form a union -- spurred on by the AIDS & HIV fiasco of late. Seems like high time! Am I wrong, or are there not precedents like strippers unions? I'm pretty sure I saw a program about strippers organizing a local union; thought that was cool as hell. I know somebody who would be a really, really good union organizer for those porn players -- Kristina! (cracicotus, do you agree?)
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Iron Cheffin'

Well, got my stuffed portabella mushroom dish in the oven now so I can take it up to the Outworlders Spring Picnic to take part if the "Iron Chef" competition, which has a mushroom theme. My dish is basically three portabella mushrooms stuffed with a mixture of minced white mushrooms, scallions, garlic, plus a dash of oregano, sesame oil, Worcester sauce, soy sauce, and topped with breadcrumbs. I think it'll be tasty! To warm them up, I'll put them on the picnic grill I guess.
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