May 2nd, 2004

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Very Busy Day

Well, today has been rather dramatic, I must say! Lots of good news / bad news. Mostly good, but oh, such drama as well!

First things first, woke up to find a post I'd made about proposed programming at the Gothic Journeys track at Dragon*Con didn't exactly get a rosy receptions from some quarters. In fact, one particular person decided to rip into every single programming panel and somebody else attacked it as well. It was accused of everything from not being gothic enough to being nothing but a cash-for-Storm event to having irrelevent/possibly innapropriate/indecent topics. Anyway, so that was an Aaargh! but hey, I feel really confident in the programming and guests, so I didn't let it ruin my mood.

After dealing with all that drama, I made up my stuffed mushrooms for the "Iron Chef" competition we were having at the Outworlder's picnic. Then I realized it had gotten late and I hurried to shower, dress and get ready. Right at that point, I realized it was raining out and I shouldn't wear shorts, so I had to change... and then it was sunny... then it was rainy... then I got confused and wore a skirt, short-sleeve shirt, crinkled vinyl raincoat and carried an umbrella ;)

So then I ran to Five Points and got my MARTA card so I could dash up to North Spring to get the bus all the way over to Roswell. On the train I used my time to further refine the Tarimur lexicon and come up with yet more ideas and notes on what else I need to come up with as I do my world-building. I think my mission this week will be do come up with enough of idea of Tarimurian religious dogma to be able to put that into the story more. There's going to be a whole part of the story dealing with temples, priest and rituals, plus the beliefs of the general characters, so I need to get a grip on the larger picture, even if it's not going to all be spelled out (I'm trying to avoid info-dumps).

Anyway, so I get up to the Chattahoochee and walk along the road for around a mile to the nice park there, where the Outworlders are set up in a big covered pavilions with tons of food, some games, about 20 people I guess. Almost immediatley I got swept into a guys-versus-the-girls contest (actually 4 girls + Alan, versus 5 guys) that was a combo of trivia contest, reality tv (we had to vote people off), puzzle solving and general lunacy.

Then there was some yum food there (which I ate with at least some discretion) and of course the "Iron Chef" competition. Around five official tasters tested out the goods; besides the stuffed mushrooms I made, there was a mushroom soup, mushroom chocolate cake, mushroom ice cream, and a mushroom quiche-like thing. The mushroom ice cream won and mine came in #3. People liked the cake too since apparently it didn't taste like mushrooms, just chocolate.

The rest of the afternoon passed very pleasantly. I was there from 1:30 to 6 and played frisbee, played with dogs, and had lots of entertaining conversations. As always, I found I really like the people in Outworlders. Even when I meet people who are new to me b/c they don't come to the same activities I do, I find they're easy to talk to, have a good sense of humor, and are just very friendly. Nobody ever seems cliche-esh or "too good" to talk or only interested in sex or something. It's a good group and I'm glad I found it.

Finally things broke up and I managed a ride back with Bil and Ken. Rather to my shock, I discovered the Dragon*Con post on LJ had generated like 70 posts, totally insane... Some new people got involved and Gabby went back and forth with lots of them. We had a couple people step in and be supportive but mainly it was a lot of tussling over what is and isn't goth. (Interestingly, I found a nice succinct article on "goth" in the Wikipedia, and the first thing in the entry is "The term is often more easily defined by what it is not, rather than what it is.") Anyway, I read through most of those, responded only here and there, however, as Gabby had responded to so much and really I don't think anything I'd say would change anybody's mind.

Meantime, while dealing with all that, got into the weekly Wraeththu/Storm chat in the Stone Inn, talked about the whole Dragon*Con thing, programming stuff, some discussions of gothic bitchiness. Although the Germans weren't there (I think they said they had to miss the next couple of weeks), Aspen dropped in, which was a nice surprise! Tyg was by too, which is great; she's been in the chat the last couple of weeks at least, which is great since she had been a bit out of touch for a while. Tyg was great telling Gabby and me just how to stand our ground re the con and not take it badly about people who attack.

I had thought I'd be staying in all night but then around 9 Caleb IM'd me wanting to go up to Midtown. Which was fine since I was thirsty and wanted distracting from the Goth-Not-Goth Problem :) In two minutes I said my goodbyes to the Stone Inn, got ready and met up with Caleb. We had a nice night, going to Universal Gear, then to his work so he could check something, then over to Outwrite, where we had cold drinks and browsed and talked. For the way back we walked up to Peachtree and over almost to the Fox before we spotted a bus and decided on a whim to get on it.

So! Full day, mainly enjoyable. Tomorrow I'll have to be at home most of the day getting stuff done so I can go off on my trip w/o much guilt. Client business, online class, packing, financial matters... Busy day, I'm sure!
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Goddamn! I was going to go to sleep but wouldn't you know, one of the posters on that Dragon*Con drama got going again and I had to respond, in so doing getting all riled up again. Wish I hadn't ever said anything but hey, what do I know, I didn't see a major slam coming from posting some programming. Thought we might get suggestions or questions and yeah, some negatives, but not huge slams and people debating, choking each other by the throat (figuratively), etc. I mean, I shared the info with humility and damn, this is what I get? Just unreal. I am going to have bad dreams now.


Well, after a really miserably night of angst and morning of further angst and stress, I am feeling a lot better -- thanks to help from friends, certain turns in events, and generally forcing myself to let go of the negative feelings and realize I don't have any reason to be so terribly, personally upset by any of it.

Now, to be a complete sap, let me really REALLY switch out of the negative and write out some times I love and enjoy, that make me happy. (I think even Morrissey penned some happy sounds, right?)

- Rain
- Fog
- Friends who are there whether you're happy or sad, hysterical or angry
- People who give you things without you having to ask
- Giving people stuff
- Cooking
- Chocolate
- Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven
- Small furry animals
- Large dogs
- Bjork
- My mom sharing convulated stories or advice
- Architecture
- Art Deco
- Velvety things
- Walking onto a train platform just as the train pulls in; no wait and no running
- People saying hello on the street, the bus, the train, the store, wherever
- Green leaves in springtime
- Running around in any kind of woods or brambles or fields
- The wind off the ocean
- Climbing around ruins or huge rocks
- America's Funniest Animals

OK, I think that's enough sappiness for now ;)
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