May 8th, 2004

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Ramble on series TV

This article on not giving a damn about Friends (or sitcoms in general) struck a chord with me.

I won't say I don't watch TV, because that isn't true, but I think I can pretty safely say I don't watch sitcoms or even much dramatic television. In the average week I might catch a couple episodes of something, anything from South Park to ER. The only show I've made any effort to watch somewhat regularly is Enterprise and I think I've only seen half those episodes.

I'm much, much more dedicated to following the news or LJ or Boondocks than I think I'll ever be to watching people live their lives on TV. I totally grew up on series TV (e.g. M*A*S*H, Barney Miller, St. Elsewhere, X Files) but now, it's not something I'm at all inclined towards, as escape or leisure. Watching Ground Force on BBC is going to make me laugh more than Fresh Prince (OK, does this go without saying?) and Animal Planet makes me cry -- but I don't have to follow it from week to week.

I think the not wanting to have to follow from week to week might be one of the biggest factors in me not watching series anymore. It all started in college when there wasn't any TV. It was real dark ages, hardly anybody had a TV in their dorm room and so only way to really watch TV was to go in the dorm lounge and hope people wanted to watch what you wanted to. Or you could sporadically watch it due to a friend's kindness or shared taste. The main shows I ever followed while in school were X Files, Millenium, and King of the Hill. I had to give up on DS9 because there was no way to follow those later plots w/o always tuning in. X files eventually ceased to be follow-able. Millenium didn't last long enough to truly confuse me. Anyway, end result of college was that it cut a lot of ties I had to any series TV shows and broke the habit almost.
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I've been reading through the different "logs" on AlterNet and the Rights and Liberties one has a lot going on in it... For example this tidbit:

Axis of execution
A case before the Supreme Court could affect over 100 people on death row, but it won't put a dent in the U.S.'s status as one of the four biggest executors in the world. A new Amnesty International report reveals that China, Iran, the USA and Viet Nam accounted for 84 percent of the 1,146 known executions carried out in 2003. More than half the countries of the world have abolished the death penalty. The result? In Canada, at least, the homicide rate has fallen 40 per cent since the abolition of the death penalty for murder in 1975.
Posted by Rachel on April 23, 2004 @ 1:44PM.
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Feeling ineffectual

I swear, today has been full of frustatingly ditzy accidents!

So far I've... my finger stuck in my folding cart (while having the grocery store security guy help me to fold it, because I couldn't manage it!)

...burned my finger on a piece of toasted raisin bread (very hot raisin!)

...had to use a big knife to open my grocery bags because I had them double-bagged and the bagger is the same person who screws on hubcaps too tight!

...miss a bus and then realized I forgot my book somewhere during checkout, thus necessitating a frantic search -- finally the (same) security guard found it on top of a gumball machine, where I'd put it.

At least I didn't break any of the bottles I got at the liquor store!
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Ganked from elinor

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If they had a cocktail one, I'd bet I'd actually be one of the highly alcoholic yet extremely sweet drinks I prefer.
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