May 12th, 2004


Inception Complete

Already posted this to the Raythoo community, but I'm done with the latest edition of INCEPTION! Hoo ha! Just figured some of you might be interested in reading but just not part of that group or in the loop otherwise. Some cool stuff in this one (the 11th issue!), including Lydia getting manic over Bowie, mega load of artwork (some from my nephew!), and a ton of reviews.
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Some people happy not being taller

I'm up too late again (blame Inception!) and find brain wandering around to odd questions and stuff, like... Imagine if I was taller!

Tonight I was looking for a particular health quiz and happened upon a calculator that helps you figure out how tall a kid is going to be, based on their parents heights and their current age, height and weight. I know my exact height and weight for when I was 8 (5 ft, 100 lbs) so I used it -- and it estimated me for 6'1". I'm actualy 6'0". I really can say I'm pretty glad I'm not even taller, I'm good how I am. I have never ever had the thought "I wish I was taller" flash through my mind :) I guess the one advantage would be that my fat would be even more spread out than it is now... pretty lame advantage!

Related personal trivia: Women who are taller than me make me realy nervous. Men don't bug me, but women do. (Except my sister Betty, who's 6'3"; I'm used to her.)
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Mall Rat

My God, but I was bad just now... Well, not awful but it's just kind of funny.

I had a 10 a.m. meeting with a client, all they way up in Dunwoody. She picked me up at the MARTA station and drove us off to a nearby La Madeiline, where we talked for about an hour and a half. Afterward I asked her if she could drop me off at Perimeter Mall since we were slow close and I had a hankering to look for shoes at Norstrom.

Yeah, so I go to look at shoes and end up in that mall for like another hour and a half. Maybe even two hours! Went into Express, Limited, Bebe, Banana Rebublic... BUT good news is, although I tried on some, I didn't buy anything until I went to Rich's-Macy's, which is where they sell stuff that's what I call "real women's" size. There I found something I never expected to find: one of those cute Chinese silk dresses in a size 14! Not only does it fit me like a glove w/o making me look chunky, but it was on a massive markdown, so by the time they applied the 3 markdowns and a 30% off and a special customer sale, it was only $30. Whoo hoo! After that I decided I'd accomplished my mission and so after picking up some more of the really nice Nordstrom-brand pantyhose, I got myself out of the mall. I wouldn't want to be called a mall rat! And I do need to get some work done today, can't try on skirts all afternoon...
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Time for a shearing

Just scheduled myself a hair appt. for next week. My hair's been bugging me for a couple of weeks, but today trying on clothes in all those fitting room mirrors, I realized just how SHAGGY it's gotten. Yuck! I'm going to have the back practically shaved off, get the rest trimmed down a lot, something short. I suppose I'll end up losing a lot of the blond but not all of it, but oh, well. Time for a change!

One funny thing was that I had to look up in my appt. book the last time I had an appt., so I could remember the stylist's name, and lo and beyond, it was way back in January. I swear, the reason I get my hair cut so short is so I can go longer w/o getting it cut. Not to mention now that I also pay to have it colored, I alternate between cut and color, one every 3 months.

God, between this is going to the mall today I feel like such a silly little consumer. Maybe I should go downstairs to the salon and get a manicure or get depilated or something.
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Revelations hidden on my hard drive

I have a whole huge box of letters that I keep in my closet. The most important ones are from Susy. It's a shame I don't take that box out more often. Today on my hard drive, I found one of her letters I actually bothered to TRANSCRIBE one day. And God, it is so f'in beautiful.

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If you want to get the essence of a real, loving, deep friendship, what Susy said is IT. I love that woman so much.
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OK, I made this one up

Pick five bands your really like but don't think anybody else knows:

Tit Wrench
Doo Rag
The Make Up

Actually some people might know these groups, which would be cool. I really need to go copy some of Caleb's CDs, as he's the one who has the Westin and Doo Rag, plus a couple Make Up discs I don't have. For so long we were around each other so much it didn't matter who owned what CDs but now I never listen to this stuff. Westin makes me really happy :)
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One quote to sum up my day

This was a classic example of what Thiede had once spoken to me about: instant gravitation.

- The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit, Storm Constantine

For now, that is all I'm going to say ;)
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