May 14th, 2004

ice cream

Sing it to Lestat, George...

I must be having a period of regression.

Today I was on the stairmaster and realized I was listening to George Michael's Faith album while reading The Vampire Lestat. Except for the burning fat part, it was like I was back in 1988!
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Plans thwarted

So I'm planning my day to include meeting up with Carol, an ex-coworker of mine, who wanted to go out to lunch. I've had it on my calendar for 3 weeks and the other day when she emailed me to confirm we were still on, I said "Yes, definitely!" Well, I just called Carol, to find out what time she would be meeting me and she's like "Oh, well since you never answered me, I assumed it was off." And she volunteered to chaperone some kids' picnic! I can understand possibly Carol not getting my email (how, I'm not sure) but I'm rather irritated that this woman was just so blase about "Oh, I figured it was off, I'm doing something else." She could have CALLED me? Hello?

Meanwhile I had planned to go to Petsmart after lunch with her, since it's walking distance from the restaurant she chose, so I think now I will still go, just a little later. I need to get a carrier for my piggies so I can take them places, including the vet. YinYang has some abscesses and needs to go next week but I didn't want to just put her in a box or something.
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I've got such a stitch in my side. Something like gas, but somehow stuck under the left side of my ribcage. The deeper I breathe, the more it hurts. Can't find any position to sit or lay down that's really comfortable. Gah.
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