May 17th, 2004

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More desegretation, voluntary

Today's Atlanta paper had a story on black kids from south Fulton County who go 50 miles to school in north Fulton County. It's a voluntary program but supposedly the county schools are doing less and less of these types of transfers, which are I think ones requested by parents who are basically seeking superior options for their kids. I can't imagine riding on a school bus 50 miles twice a day. This girl they wrote about takes a blanket and pillow some days so she naps on the way, at least until the sun rises. Probably doesn't get back home until 4 p.m., assuming she doesn't do any after-school activities. That's a family that REALLY wants education. And for the record, I do appreciate that.
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This little piggy

Well, as madame_mercredi would say, I was a "good mommy" to my guinea pig YinYang today.

I took her alllll the way out of the vet today -- over 10 miles east, a really long way if you normally don't go more than 2-3 miles for anything. I had to take the train and then a bus. Poor baby seemed much more bothered by the trip than Abbie was; she kept trying to hide under the towels I put in the carrier, and once we were at the office she kept making piggy "keep away" noises.

However, Dr. Hutcheson was great and checked her out fully. After sticking couple of needles in and looked at her tissues in a slide, he says he thinks the lumps by her front "legpits" are actually just lumpy fat deposits that for some reason aren't evenly spread out. He told me I probably don't have anything to worry about should just check to see they don't get harder or anything because that might be cancer. He also clipped her toenails for me, which I have a hard time doing. Grand total for all this TLC was over $100 but oh, well, if it had been cancer or a lymph node disease, I would want to know that.

The trip back was really slow since I had just missed the bus and had to wait 30 minutes for the next one, but I had a book and several people on the way back asked me about what was in the carrier, and I thus got to do some guinea pig education :)
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OK, fine, I won't join your group!

I swear, some people are thick-headed. Probably well-meaning but thick headed.

The Lynn Flewelling Yahoo! group has a weekly chat -- actually two, as they have one timed for Americans, ones for Europeans. I keep wanting to join in, but on one of them they have the time listed so it looks to me they are saying 9 p.m. BST, which to me looks like either 3 or 4 p.m. my time... And the other chat has a time that confuses me too, because it's an odd time. Anyway, so I post a question on the group asking for some clarification on the time but for 3 days nobody answers. Then when I send another note today, somebody "answers" it by putting a couple of files up showing the time zones. WTF? I *know* what the time zones are, I just want to know the East Coast time? Is it so hard? I don't think I'll bother even posting again about it, lest I look like some kind of technical idiot.
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(no subject)

Boy, going on those long trip is traumatic! I seem to have an earache, toothache, and headache all at once. Plus my eyes are sore and feel nauseous. Guess I got too much of Atlanta air.
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Maybe it's time for Big Mac.

Just kidding but I swear, definitely feel this thing like I need to eat some beefier (er, so to speak) food. I'm sure it's the diet speaking, but my jaws are quivvering to chomp on something majorly solid. The fact there's a 24-hr. diner next door that serves country-fried steak is just scary but thankfully I am stronger than that. And all the fried chicken shops around here, the new ice cream parlor, Rosa's NY pizza place, the wonderful cofeeshop with the special treats with cream and chocolate in them... Drool. About the only places I can actually go is Moe's burrito place and Quizno's sub shop. Instead I will go melt some soy cheese on bread and eat apple sauce.

At least I fit in my pants now!
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Boy, new German words I didn't know

I decided to look up how European papers & magazines were reporting about the gay marriage news of the day. Mainly that means UK and German papers since I don't any other languages well enough to really read the news.

Among other things I found a short news blib in Stern which, among other things, refers to gay couples as "Homo-Paare" and gay marriage as "Home-Ehen." Guess I have some new phrases for my vocabulary. I learned Tunten in high school (after watching this crazy documentary about a squatter-occupied "Tuntenhaus" in Berlin) but never any Homo-words! Another vocab word I got is "gleichgeschlechtlichen" which is "same sex" and I guess the reason it's Homo-Paare and not "gleichgeschlechtlichen Paare" :)
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Random midnightness

So imagine you are an anti-gay Christian Republican working at The Boston Globe... like, would that suck or what?

And don't laugh, I'm sure there are quite a few people at the Globe who meet that description. If the UMass college paper was populated with Young Republicans and self-hating fags (who'd go after me for using "gay" instead of "homosexual" in my articles), then so can the Globe. Especially the business department, I'd guess.


People with long hair laugh all you want, but I am SO happy I'm getting a haircut tomorrow. It's not even down to my shoulders but it's bugging me. How anybody (even Wraeththu) lives through summer with long hair... Well, I guess it takes tolerance and years of practice ;)

Today I was thinking about my cut and whether I'd like to have the stylist start shaping my hair into a cute bob again, but I decided no way, not doing that again. The bob is something I've done twice and it's really cute but I much prefer have "total chaos" hair.


Caleb, who has huge things for both Ancient Roman archaology and "beyond bizarre" type reports, went on a mission today and discovered all kinds of articles showing how the Romans actually managed to make it to the Americas. The most conclusive evidence is off the shore of Brazil, where there was a shipwreck and the sea floor is loaded with amphorae and other Roman stuff. Apparently a Roman ship in west Africa got hit by a wind and went across the Atlantic there at its narrowest point. There's some other stuff, but I thought that was the most believable.

On a related "forbidden archaoelogy" note, Caleb tells me that some archaeologist found a group of N.A.'s in the Dakotas performing some special ritual. The words didn't seem to be native and when the researchers asked about it, they were told this whole story of strangers coming to their land and teaching them these words and ritual. Later the strangers left and promised to return. The native people waited but then when the strangers didn't come, a bunch of them went on a big trip around what's now the Eastern U.S. looking for them. Now all that remains is this set of stuff they learned... which the archaeologists traced to this county in IRELAND. I told Caleb I thought this sounded like total baloney to me but who knows...
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