May 19th, 2004


Oh! Movies!

I use IMDB every day, but never really look at their listing of upcoming releases. Wow. I should go through that whole list and just write down what movies are coming out I want to see, then put reminders on my calendar. So often I just totally forget to go to see anything.

Oh, and as for the movie that I'm most looking forward to: Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow*. This could be total total crap, but I hope not, because I've seen the trailer I think twice and I was beside myself with joy at the aesthetic (and no, I don't just mean Jude Law). It looked like Hudsucker Proxie meets Batman and 1930s-50s SF movies (giant f'in attack robots?). And Angelina Jolie in body armor and an eye patch? And the evil villain is "Dr. Totenkopf"? LOL. One surprising thing is that it appears the director has never done a movie before :>|

* Notice how this site first comes up in German. I assume that's some WWII reference related to the plot.
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City Life

OK, the Mexican window-fixers are now 5 feet from me, cracking off old paint from the windowsill. This is going to be interesting. And when they're done, I bet the glass will finally be clean enough for me to take good pictures out those windows! (Soot and old drywall from construction is stuck on really bad on that side.)
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Our senator, elected by the people

So Georgia's Senator Zell Miller, who once was our governor, is still aiming towards his (apparent) goal of being the most Democrat-hating Democrat ever. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's editorial today sums up his doings well:

Quick, Hit Zell's "Mute" Button

Zell Miller, our famous Republicrat, is on a roll. Egged on by an appreciative state GOP audience last Saturday, the retiring senior senator landed one roundhouse after another on John Kerry, his party's likely nominee for president.

Kerry, he said, is a "danger" to the nation. In fact the whole government is a menace, Zell said, especially the U.S. Senate -- which provides him a forum to spout his latest thoughts. What we need, Zell said, is to return to the 19th century practice of having state legislatures elect members of the Senate. Until Miller decided to retire, making him a lame duck, we never fully appreciated the discipline election imposes on the rhetoric of federal officials. When he faced re-election, Miller actually thought before opening his mouth. He worked with colleagues and generally resembled the levelheaded public servant Georgians elected.

But now the low-flying lame duck has become social critic, TV reviewer and itinerant defender of things godly and patriotic. He cannot get enough of the Ten Commandments scrolls or the Bush administration's right to go make war where it will, in the name of fighting terrorists.

One forgets he once passed for a scholar at Young Harris College. The senator says, for instance, that election of senators by state legislatures, as formerly set forth by the Constitution, would loosen the influence of lobbyists and special interests. Clearly Miller, who spent nearly 25 years at the Georgia Capitol, has forgotten a lot about legislatures and special interests.

Since he replaced the late Sen. Paul Coverdell, Democratic interests have never been special to Zell Miller. He has ignored or voted against his party position more than half the time, according to Roll Call. In his seamless self-delusion over the last year, Miller says his Democratic Party has left him, not the other way around. On that score he is like the out-of-step GI who insists it's everybody else in the platoon who's on the wrong foot. Soon, and very soon, Zell needs to come home and take to his rocking chair. Clearly the world is too much with him.

I find myself getting quite angry with this guy. This is despite the fact I don't like the narrow two-party system that we're stuck with. Sure, I don't like partisanship, but the man actually seems to actively work to agree with Dubya, like he's Charlie McCarthy and Dubya is Edgar Bergan*.

* Yeah, my parents grew up in the Depression and I grew up listening to 1930s-40s radio shows.
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When it rains it pours

Well, today is one of THOSE days. I decided to just sit here and update the all day, as I haven't "weeded" it lately. Not only have I found all kinds of work in that, but 3 different clients have sent me updates, Mat Man's stuff is on the way, and Caleb called a few minutes ago saying his company has a brand new web site for me to do related to some project. (Apparently they are not hiring the fancy schmancy PR firm to do the site anymore, so they are getting me.) I'm also supposed to be doing a proposal for redoing that company's whole web site and possibly also going on "retainer" with them since I bill them monthly anyway for update work.

versailles_rose will verify: This is always the way it is with clients!

P.S. I also got two checks today. Small ones, but hey, money!
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So at 3 o'clock I had to actually meet CAP/ADID, whose site I've been updating all day, and lo and beyond, they gave me another something to work on. Seems their "Walk There!" promotion with the City was so successful now the whole staff of Atlanta Public Schools is going to do it. This of course requires a whole new page, new logos, and (we hope) an online form that will save employees walking data to a database. Unreal. Oh, and besides that, I was reminded that Lynn, who does some of the more day-to-day site maintenance, is going on vacation to Maui in two weeks... so first half of June I have his work.

All in all, I am going to be a VERY busy lady this next month and a half, business-wise:

  • Finish up Mat Tech site
  • Create real estate site (with content mgt. system) for Maggie Harford
  • Work for Caleb's company (new project site, proposal for redesign, regular maintenance)
  • All the CAP/ADID work
  • Updates on a lot of other web sites
  • Possibly starting on Cultures2Go site (if Stefan and I ever meet)

Two other big projects are preparing & submitting all the Dragon*Con stuff and editing that wonderful manuscript from Fiona McGavin. And I'm going to Charleston over Labor Day for the Spoleto festival.

The great thing of is that for the most part, being busy = getting cash, which will set me up nicely for being on vacation 2 weeks in July :)

I hit submit and Caleb called me with something that needs to be done right this second. See, I don't have a boss, but now I have clients. Eek!
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Travel addict

It's not really something to complain about, but what is up with all these endless specials from AirTran and British Air? It's like every day I get a new mail tempting me to go on some trip. Caleb even said I was welcome to come to Chicago with him for the CNU conference, but I really need to work and even the bargain tickets would be money I probably shouldn't be spending. And I don't need BA tickets. I already have some! But that's more tempting than almost anything. Oh, well, just need to hold out for the Luftansa specials, I need a ticket for December still ;p)
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Sime-Gen obsession, Pt. 2

I still am having this sick compulsion to read Sime~Gen stuff. I keep trying to put the book away in the bookcase, but every time I do I find myself fishing it out and rereading some bit. Even though I don't want to and keep saying "Ugh, this is not well written!"

I really think there must be some aspect of the story that is compelling me and making my (subconsciously) want to review it so I can understand the dynamic better, so possibly I can use it in my own writing at some point. I hope anyway... because otherwise I'm simply drawn towards some bad writing.

P.S. If anybody ever finds themselves reading Sime~Gen, let me know, so we can discuss what I think are the sucky parts. I'd love to discuss it with somebody but I don't exactly want to bust into a S~G fan group and mention what I see as the flaws. I comment within fan fiction groups but try to avoid making negative comments since, duh, these are fans
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