May 20th, 2004

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Ganked from yakalskovich

Bless Martina for thinking this up.

List three characters that you write fic about or RP, and tell us what you think they'd dislike about you, or might in their eyes disqualify you from writing/RPing them:

Formosus (my ancient Roman vampire from VC fanfic): You really don't know quite enough about ancient Roman stuff or Latin to be writing about me.

Lisia (from Wraeththu): What the hell do you know about having babies? Have you ever done it? You're worse than Ashmael!

Furious (from Wraeththu): While I can at least relate to having babies now, YUCK, you're a woman!

So, come on everybody: what don't yours like about you?
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So I go down to get my paper this morning at the desk and THIS is the headline:

Poll: The South is sticking by Bush

I should not be surprised, since analysts have said a Northern Republican couldn't win the South either because not matter what, they'd be a Yankee first and Southerners won't vote for Yankees, who so far as I can tell, are not considered "representative of America." (But Bush is? Maybe the worst of America...)

There is much more than could be said as it's a complex issue but I can't pretend to have the time to get into it. Or mask the fact that this just pisses me off. Period.
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thespian might have "collected" this one already...

Oh, joy, oh wonder! A new variation on the scheme...

Dear Friend

Good day to you. I may have to trouble your sense of personal achievement and reward for an opportunity properly taken advantage of.

I work for Allied Irish Bank Plc here in Dublin, Ireland. I am a relationship officer and one of my biggest customers was Isam Mattar, a Lebanese, now deceased. He had a fixed time deposit with my Bank which has matured and remains unclaimed till now. It runs into the value of 24 Million euro....

Maybe the scammers think I'll be less sceptical of an Irish banker than an exiled African prince?
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Convergence of pain

Once again, I've got this pain in my head that's right at the junction of my right ear and the back of my jaw. It's an earjaw ache! If it keeps up, I will have a headache too. If I didn't already have my wisdom teeth out, I'd think that was the problem.
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Offensive Oldies

So I really like "Oldies" but there are a few that bug the crap out of me.


"Honeycomb" -- This is the one where the guy sings about his wife being made out of "a slip of hair, a piece of bone... a walking, talking honeycomb."

"100 Pounds of Clay" -- Similar to "Honeycomb," this song has a guy talking about how God outdid himself by making his woman.

I really hate any song that talks about a woman being "made" for the man. It's like the guy is bragging how he went to Macy's and found a woman in his exact size, or he got a car or some object. And what, the female equivalent for such songs would be a woman talking about how her man was made of bricks and iron? Or would that be sticks and snails and puppydog tails?

Another classic song I've never liked is "Chantilly Lace" because I find it degrading as hell.

I also get irritated by the number of songs with "Darling" in them, although not ALL of them (a couple are really cute). This should be obvious.
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Overheard on MARTA today

Certain days I ride MARTA, people are just too funny or too wise, dropping quotes left and right.

Today's treasures:

Goodness, but I love fried cabbage!
- Old woman talking to friends about food

Give black people an inch of power, and they take 7 or 8 miles
- Young black woman talking about gov't corruption & inefficiency in Atlnata

It's bad if they cut these buses. People're gonna lose their jobs.
- Catering service worker explaining bus cuts flyers to a guy who I think was illiterate

But what does that have to do with taking us to the station and out of this heat?
- Angry worker at bus stop, after 2 bus cruised by us and then (when stopped) said it wasn't doing pick-ups, just going to the station. It was like 90 degrees out and 10 of us were waiting at the stop.

Of course one of the ALL TIME best quotes from MARTA came from a man Caleb and I call "Residue Man." One time Caleb, his sister and I went to the grocery store and afterwards waiter at the bus stop for the 48 bus. We were waiting there forever and meanwhile we were greatly entertained by this nervous, kinda-mental looking white man who started ranting on about MARTA. He was more talking to himself than us, but the thrust of it (repeated severeal times) was: "That's what you get when you have a system operated by the residue of affirmative action!" He paced around and counted off the time on his watch about every minute, saying things like "I do believe this bus now late! That's what you get..." Ever since then, any time Caleb and I discuss city or county or MARTA employees, we use the term "residue" to refer to any employee who doesn't do jack sh*t or care about stuff, but is just there because they were friends with the mayor and/or can't be fired.
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