May 21st, 2004

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Gay marriages in my home town

Just checked the hometown paper and six gay couples have applied for marriage licenses this week.

A further thought on Massachusetts: It's my belief that by the time the state gets a referendum out to the voters asking them whether or not to ban gay marriage, in 2005, most people are going to be like "Um, why? It's been going along fine for over a year and straight marriage is the same as ever... Why change it?" After a while, I really just think people will see it's no big deal.
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I Am The Walrus

You are - JOHN LENNON!
Your witty, smart and long for peace. Sometimes
you can be quite bitter about the past or
something that has happened to you. Your sence
of humor stands out a mile and you quite like a
woman/guy who is not in the main stream crowd.
Hair peace is also your thing!

Which Beatle Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla</center>

I predicted that when I saw the quiz.

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Test time!

Well, Caleb just stopped by here on his way to take the AICP (American Institute of Certified Planners) exam. He is really nervous about it, as he hates tests and in the past hasn't done that well on them, but I think he'll do well. As Caleb himself pointed out, if our friend Enrique passed it (you have to make 70% to pass) then certainly he will! Caleb is a planning genius; I've give him credit where it's due!

Incidentally, I seriously doubt I could ever pass the grad school exam unless I either a) studied math for a year using one of those study books or b) was trying to get into some school where they don't care your math score.
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Music downloading, etc.

So am I the only one (besides Daniel and Caleb) who doesn't really do MP3's or any downloaded music? I've just never been that interested. *shrugs*

The only time I ever really got into it was when I found a few bands I liked, like Red Flag, were on and tended to put a lot of tracks online for free. I remember at one point Red Flag had like 40 songs on there and I would set up a player to play them one after the other. I also found this hysterically funny artist called MC Hawking that was a based on the idea of Stephen Hawking rapping about physics. I also followed a lot of links and found cool "stations" that played certain genres, e.g. "bands that sound like Depeche Mode" or goth bands that use electric violins. It was cool but somehow I got off using it and never really used any other sites or sharing services.

I do listen to music from the Internet, but usually it's streaming audio (like VH1 radio or German pop), not anything I save. What reminded me of this is the fact that I actually HAVE a lil portable MP3 player for storing and listening to them and digital radio. I got it to do digial recordings, not caring that it actually played stuff.
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