May 23rd, 2004

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Violently Happy

Recently I seem to be having a lot of fun socially -- getting out with people and having a good time. Tonight was another fun occasion, Game Night with Outworlders. I knew the host of this month's deal and he lives nearby so I said, "What the heck sounds fun!" It was ;)

Basically the deal was around 30 people coming over this guy's townhouse (which had more chairs and tables than anybody's home I've ever seen!) and playing all kinds of games. Ken seemed to have like 30 board games of all kinds (word, strategy, charades, cards, etc.) and then some people brought their own games.

I just watched for a bit (while eating some good snacks!) but then I hooked up with Kris and some new people to play Boggle. That's one of my favorite games and even though I came in (shockingly) last in all three games we played, I still enjoyed it. After that we played this game Taboo like 6 rounds -- hilarious! I was actually pretty good at that one, although I think I came in last again just because the others were better than me. Finally we ended the night by taking over the living room for a 12-person game of Time's Up, which if anyone is looking for a really, really fun hint/charades game, I would highly recommend. The game is played in pairs and this new guy John was mine and we totally clicked; I think we have similar education and taste because we found it easy to mime out things like Mae West and Rene Magritte. We were way ahead the first two rounds but in the think he choked a bit and so we came in a close second. At the end of it John and two other new guys I'd played with gave me a ride back and I was just giggling really.

Once again, have to say I really enjoy Outworlders -- I haven't been to an OW event yet where I didn't thorough enjoy myself, whether it's Dr. Who Night, bowling, picnicking, going out to eat, or whatever else. People in the group are really friendly and there really doesn't seem to be any cliquesness or "drama" or special exclusionary stuff among members. Everybody is pretty much interested in having a good time with everybody and skip the meanness.
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I know it's irrational, but I am having quite the anxiety fit over this Dragon*Con directors meeting that starts in about an hour. I mean, Paul C. is going to meet me there and introduce me around, so he'll spare me a lot of settling in problems settling in. And everybody I've deal with at D*C (programming, guests, webmaster, art show, etc.) has been really friendly, generous and all. Nevertheless, I keep having this horrible fear of somebody standing up at the table with a rifle and shotting me down! It's like stage fright or something. I know it can't possible be that bad, I'll be able to handle it, but eeeeeek, I'd like it if my heart would stop fluttering!
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Sigh of relief


Just got back home after SIX HOURS of Dragon*Con meeting adventures. Thankfully it all went well. The DC people was very friendly, which I pretty much expected, and on top of that, a bunch of them gave me good news and encouragement -- some of which I'll post publically later in the raythoo community, Stormboard, etc. All in all, I feel good about where Gothic Journeys is going and what kind of cooperation and help we're getting. After Paul and I got done catching up with all the senior directors and staff we needed to see, he and I and two other friends of his headed out to Cobb Parkway to this all-you-can eat Chinese buffet place called Jade Palace. It was good stuff but I think my stomach has shrunk from dieting, since I couldn't even finish one plateful of food! Surprisingly, I ened up talking to one guy about chaos magick and psychologists mistaking shamanism for schiphrenia... it was an interesting discussion and I guess he's going to get in touch with Storm since they're on the same track about a number of things.

Now I'm home just breathing a sigh of relief!
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With few exceptions, this is true

No smoking around wiebke. Thankyou for your co-operation.



The exceptions to this are people like Storm and Bruce, who can get away with almost anything around me. But as long as they're not puffing into my face or something, I can endure. Hell, I endured the hotel lounge at Grissecon, one of the smokiest places I've ever been in my life, because the company made it worthwhile. But normally, YUCK, do I hate smoke.
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