June 2nd, 2004


Lost and Found

Life played a joke on me today!

For the past week and a half, I've been wondering where my glasses are. My regular ones are 1950s plastic and metal cat glasses. Darned if I knew where they were -- none of the obvious places, that was for sure. However, since I have a spare pair, 1940s aluminums, it wasn't a dire emergency I find the regular ones. The thing is, the spare pair is kind of broken and while the break isn't noticeable when I'm wearing them, any time I put them on or take them off, I have to put tab A into slot B to make sure they stay together.

By yesterday I was starting to get pretty irritated at not finding the old glasses. I'd assumed they'd turn up eventually, in a pocket of a coat or under a pile of linens in the corner or some other spot I hadn't look. But no, they might as well have been on Mars for all I could find them. I wrote a note on today's daily agenda to "Look for glasses!" but I was really starting to think I'd have to go find another pair, get new lenses, all that... which wasn't thrilling me since altogether it'd cost like $100.

But just when I was about to give up, the following occured:

Wendy (talking to herself, grousing around house): Where ARE they? I figured I'd find them by now. I better not have to get new ones, I know they must be around here somewhere, just somewhere... (Heading into office, to turn on computer.) And if I get a new pair, the second I get home from the lens shop I'll see them sitting on my kitchen table or lying right on my desk under my monitor... (Glances under back of monitor as a joke and sees glasses sitting 5 inches from her face.) DAMN!

Yay, got my glasses!
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Worshipping American WWII Cargo

I actually learned something in News of the Weird today! Usually I just get amusement from it, but today one of the stories mentioned Cargo Cults of the Pacific. It was just a small mention but I was really curious. If you're interested in the evolution of religions, even in the short term, read this Wikipedia article on Cargo Cults. According to New of the Weird, some people are STILL following these practices, even with WWII 60 years behind them!

For heaven's sake

If certain people are being truthful, then certain people won't even be reading this (since they no longer have anything to do with me) but just in case certain people are lying, my message is this: You are a LIAR. You'll face up to this someday in your heart, if never publically.

Sorry folks, just something that had to be communicated.

And in case Madelyn is reading, no, I don't mean you. You are probably the anti-liar really and welcome to read my LJ in any case.

Tired but Fit

This is going to sound stupid, but I think part of the reason I'm so tired is that I'm eating less. I mean on workdays like today, I just am not getting a huge amount of calories. This is intentional of course, as I'm trying to shed some pounds, but I wonder if I'm skimping on certain things I should be eating. I've actually been conscious about making sure I cover most daily nutritional requirements, but I have this funny feeling there is some energy I don't have simply because 1500 calories of food just isn't enough to run my body, especially since I'm exercising. Technically I think the idea is that my fat will melt away as a result of this diet change, but man, it's very tiring!

On a related note, my exercise routine continues to go well. I'm up to 50 minutes on the stairmaster, which according to the gauge is 440 calories! I do this five days a week and sweat copiously. At this point, after almost two months, it's really not hard for me to cope with. I also like the workout routine because it puts a very physical end to my workday; after I'm done, I shower, eat dinner and generally move on to non-work stuff. I also usually feel really good and energetic afterward.