June 3rd, 2004


Hairy choices

So by a landslide, the popular vote is that I take my hair and have it dyed blond and red, something completely nuts. I'm cool with that... I just have a problem with the fact that having that done at the posh salon I've been going to (with my fab colorist) would cost more than my monthly health/dental insurance premium combined! And I really don't think I can do that 'do on my own. Maybe I'll just hold the decision 'til late on in the month, basing it on whether it looks like this month or the next one will be good money-wise.
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The Ah Ha Moment

I've had this idea for a Wraeththu fanfic for more than a year and was thinking of starting it, when suddenly tonight I was on the stairmaster and the whole opening scene and half the story just suddenly materialized out of nowhere, like that iceberg in Titanic! I couldn't go stop right away, and then I got interrupted by the boys coming over and watching Star Trek VI (yeah, me too) but when I did finally sit down to write, there it was, whole and entire. I've still got the last 1/3 to write, but I flew through 2/3 of it and am loving it, plus the last bit is all sketched out with bullet points. I love when this happens :)

Oh, and madame_mercredi and xanath, this is the one I told you about, he he ;)
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Gay parents, little kids

Hmmm, so the Australian communications minister and other folks are up in arms because a children's program included gay parents. The reasoning was that pre-schoolers shouldn't be exposed to such things because they're not "age-appropriate."

This argument is a rather tired one and in my opinion, actually one that promotes harm to children because, after all, there are quite a few pre-schoolers for who such things are age-appropriate beccause their own parents are gay. What, so let's not have them ever seeing families like theirs on kids' TV? Even though they see it every day in their lives? Then there are little kids who have friends with gay parents; seeing gay parents on a TV show prepares them for their real lives.

Having some occasional inclusion of different family types isn't "promoting" them to kids, it's connecting them to the actual real world instead of a fake Dick & Jane world. I wonder if the communications minister would be upset about such a show showing single moms, or would that also be corrupting?
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Eye Do Declare

It seems like I have "the eye thing" again just like last week when I looked at that horrible web site, only I didn't look at it. Can't figure out what it is... some kind of eye strain?

The thing that puzzles me is that nothing makes it feel better -- not going in the dark, not closing my eyes, etc. It bothers me both when I look far away and when I'm reading (computer or book). In fact I was just reading a book and I can see perfectly but my eyes feel all weird. They're kind of burning like I've gone swimming in the ocean and got them full of saltwater. I used an eye rinse of them and they didn't feel better at all. It's not just the burning either, I feel like my eyes just don't want to do anything at all.

I guess I'll hope this goes away on its own like last week.
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What Socialist Gov't Did For Me

He he, title is a bit facetious, but I was thinking today, how without a lot of government programs, a lot of people in my family, myself included, would not be where they are today. In fact, I could easily not have been born at all!

What made me think of it is in the past couple of days I've read a couple of articles talking about social mobility. For example, how Las Vegas is a place where it's easy to move into the middle class. Articles about immigration and school de-segration also talk about social mobility and education being catalysts. Finally, one of the "Reader's Write" bits in The Sun magazine was about a working class guy who'd managed to get his college up to the point of getting a full college scholarhips.

So what I was thinking about today is how really, if certain gov't programs hadn't been out there to give opportunities to people in my family, they would've had a really hard time of it and probably not ever risen to where they are today. Both my parents came from lower middle class families where nobody in their families had ever been to college. My dad's family owned their own home, while my mom's family lived in the free apartments my grandfather got from being an apartment janitor. But neither of their family could ever have afforded to pay for them to go to college. Lucky for them, they both scored well on their NY Regents exam and basically went to City College of NY for FREE. That was just how it worked at the time. My dad went on to get a Master's at NYU and worked for 30+ years as a mechanical enginess. Dad has often said to me that his father never had the slightest idea what mechnical engineering was about, since he only had a 6th grade education. I don't think my German grandparents went to school beyond maybe age 12 or so; my grandfather was drafted into WWI when he was 16. Later, all five of the kids in my family went to state colleges or universities -- ALL of us. Now, we didn't get to go free like mom and dad, but we got some scholarships and an overall good deal.

There are definitely things about public assistance that are compeltely screwed up, horrible cycles of dependence, but then there are things like support for higher education or vocational training that are so worthwhile because they allow people to become more useful members of society, who ultimately give back.

I think I had a point in this ramble somewhere, if I don't, ignore me.

The Bush Game


Now this is just about the coolest political protest I've ever seen: An anti-Bush video game that in addition to allowing to commit violence against all different members of the administration... and in addition to letting you play Mr. T, Hulk Hogan, Howard Dean, et. al... well, it's also hugely educational. Oh, and it's funny too, in a really sick way. My favorite part of my game was when I was Howard Dean and discovered giant size George Sr. & Barbara Bush talking about needing to make more Bush boys and then having to fighting these mad white guys in tight whities who started to squirt out of her while they copulated! (Yes, this game is INSANE.)

Anyway, certainly a good way to kill at least a 1/2 hour (introductiona lone is like 10 minutes but awesome).

The Bush Game*

* Absolutely NOT work-friendly -- extreme violence, sex, bad-mouthing of Bush administration... Think the South Park movie, on crack.

P.S. Thank you tritium for the link :)

So.... OK, I admit, I just spent over an HOUR at this game, because I figured out you could just hit "Continue" instead of "Game Over" and keep playing. I went all the way to the end. I cannot really do justice to the utter BRILLIANCE of this game and the whole idea behind it. Those who are "easily offended" should not attempt to play the game but for me, it was just KICK ASS! Hmmm, not even sure what my favorite part is. I know I liked the part where I had Jesus fighting the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man...

Ceci N'est Pas Un Disque

French rap.

Man, this is on VH1's "IDM / Left Field Techno" station and it's actually good. Or at least I like it ;)

Now why the hell I have a fondness for rap in foreign languages I don't know, but I do.

Which reminds me... this December when I go to Germany I need to see what else I can get from Deichkind. He he.
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