June 5th, 2004


For Meta

Appropos of see an obit, I've decided I really like the name Meta. My mom had a psuedo-aunt called Meta she's mentioned a lot in stories about her mother. Tante Meta and Tante Elsa and Tante Greta, none of whom were really my mom's aunts but good friends of her mother, all German women who came to the Bronx from Germany in the 20s.

Anyway, Meta is a good name because it's, well, META! He he. Actually I just read that Meta is the German/Scandinavian short form of Margaret, so I guess equivalent to Meg.

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As you can see, I really like names that end in A. Like Meta! Also, I don't like most girls' names. My list of boy names is 5x as long.
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Book review

A writer I really respect just sent me a very compliementary note on Breeding Discontent. I'm so pleased. In a way it really amazes me because this is a writer who writes at a totally different level than I do... won't say better, but he uses elements in his stories that I couldn't ever do as well or even know how to. And yet he enjoyed BD, which next to what he's done isn't all that super complicated. Anyway, he seemed quite taken with it and I'm quite chuffed.
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Two drinks

Caleb and I had a great day today, actually working together most of the day. I will probably write about it tomorrow but for now, I wanted to mention how it ended:

Caleb and I came back from going out to dinner and he suggested we have some after dinner drinks. Both of them would be things we'd never had before.

First came... Underberg.

I don't know how it all began, but Caleb heard something about this drink, spent a lot of time of the web site and became really curious what it tasted like. We speculated that it would have to be really disgusting but could find very few opinions about it so finally a couple weeks ago, Caleb found a little package in an imported foods store so he bought it. (Yes, that's right, we purposely go out and buy food & drinks we think will be gross. Actually not uncommon at all.)

Underberg is a "digestive" drink from Germany (or maybe Austria?) that comes in a teeny, tiny bottle. It's brownish red and (so they claim) contains a couple hundred herbs and extracts, supposed to make your tummy feel good and basically clenase you of your iniquities or whatever. It's to be drunk all in one quick gulp, like cough medicine.

Caleb had a lick of it and immediately pronounced it wretched. I had the rest of the first spoonful and then the rest of the (tiny) bottle in one gulp, so I probably can be more thorough describing it.

My review? Not that I would drink it again, but really it was not as disgusting as I thought. It had a licorice taste but since I like licorice that wasn't bad. There were some other flavors mixed in, all very medicinal. The thing I didn't like was the fiery trail it made down my throat; it reminded me of times I've tested out hard alcohol straight -- really HATE that feeling. Caleb tells me Underberg is actually not high proof and it didn't make me drunk, but it still made my throat burn. Afterward my stomach did feel different, kind ironed out of something.

The next drink we tried was Cynar.

This drink gets good reviews! It's made by the same group that makes Campari, Caleb's favorite drink (ever!) but one I'm not fond of. I was a bit worried about trying it, since there's an artichoke on the label and apparently contains artichoke, but actually it was good stuff. Mixed with soda water, it tastes like a nice bitter soda, a bit like Chinotto, an Italian soft drink I buy in bottles sometimes. It also tastes like Campari but not nearly as strong -- a GOOD thing, if you ask me.

CHEERS, everyone!

Atlanta and the airport

Living in the city with the busiest airport in the U.S., hub to both Delta and AirTran, has definite advantages. I have great flight options and get to take advantage of all kinds of fab sales on direct flights, AirTran being of course the best deal since it's nearly always cheaper than Delta and even when it's not, it's just a better airline. Atlanta also has just about every international airline, except Virgin Atlantic (which would be nice) and heck, every other airline as well. And it's a really nice airport too, with direct connection to MARTA.

Anyway, the other perk about Atlanta and the airport is that I seem to get regular visits from family because they have layovers here. Tonight my sister Nancy is on her way to South America for her research and has a 4-hour layover, so I'm going down to the airpot to have dinner with her. Yay! This is not the first time she's visited me like this; a few months ago she was coming back from S.A. and had a 6-hour layover so she came by my house and stuff. Another time my brother Tom got stuck in the airport because of a huge flight delay and wound up visiting.

Now if only my relatives would actually visit me "on purpose" :)