June 7th, 2004

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Today's Atlanta paper ran a letter complaining how the paper and "the liberal media" had defamed Ronald Reagan by using his death as a way "to bash this champion of world peace." Now, I don't know what this guy means since all weekend I was actually been looking for news coverage that actually meets this description -- not necessarily bashing, but simply presenting analysis that works as a counterpoint to all the tributes and hero-worshipping. So far the only places I've found anything like that were some online news/opinion sites -- not any mainstream national newspapers. Anybody read any good articles that reflect on Reagan's legacy without overuse of the words "Great American," "one of th great American presidents," etc.? Straight-on critical articles or opinion pieces are welcome too. I don't know why I even bother wondering what this reader found that he found offensive, since people who use phrases like "the liberal media" normally aren't worth bothering with...
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Oh, my aching head

Today I woke up at dawn, with a massive headache, an anxiety attack and Morrissey's "I Have Forgiven Jesus" pounding through my brain.

Anyone else think there's a song or poem in that?



Skipped the sidewalk protest I was supposed to go to even though that was why I got up so early. Various groups were gathering at Downtown crosswalks to protest the routing of large express commuter buses onto Peachtree Street and the fact that those buses are really bad at stopping at crosswalks. Initially I thought the idea of protesting was a good one but then I started thinking how most people would think we were protesting the idea of express buses.
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Trying to resist

I am trying to resist the demons of depression and lethargy who apparently set upon me in my sleep and won't let go of me still. It's very tempting to let myself start crying or go hide under the covers or shove off all the work I have to do and just watch TV all day but I WON'T do that. I think too often I feel a mood coming on and I dive into head-first because I am perversely attracted to the negative emotions. So today, right now, I am going to try and press ahead and get things done, refusing to accept the demons' assertions that nothing is worthwhile and everything is going to go wrong.

Meanwhile, not to "dwell" but this morning I found myself waiting 30+ minutes in the coffeeshop downstairs waiting for a potential client to meet with me -- and for the second time in a week he stood me up. Puh-leez. I thought when I got upstairs there'd be a voicemail I didn't get or an email but no, he just wasn't there. Doing that to me *before* you are my client is really not a way to make me like you, even if the coffeeshop *does* have good peppermint tea.
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US 'not bound by torture laws'
BBC News

A Pentagon report last year argued that President George W Bush was not bound by laws banning the use of torture, according to the Wall Street Journal. The document also argued that torturers acting under presidential orders could not be prosecuted, the paper said.

The report was written by military and civilian lawyers for US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

It came after staff at Guantanamo Bay complained normal interrogation tactics were not eliciting enough information.

The document outlined why restrictions on torture under US laws and international treaties might be overcome by considerations for national security or legal technicalities, the newspaper reported...

More here...

My main purpose posting this is to share the link (I don't read the WSJ and hadn't seen this news). However, I will comment that if some other country had made this sort of argument over the torture of American prisoners Rumsfeld and co. would have had a fit and probably invaded them, if troops were not already there...
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I don't need a shiny new car...

I would have to say, Macromedia got lucky with me today! For the past week I've been thinking how I really, really should upgrade to the MX 2004 (the software suite I use to do all my web design, graphics, etc.)and then just this afternoon I get this email from their saying $200 off the upgrade I want... and five minutes later I've bought it. Also, Macromedia TOTALLY impressed me with their shopping interface. I have actually no IDEA how it works (seems to be some freaky hybrid of HTML, Flash, subtle scripts) but it is wicked cool and usable. So kudos to them for a very persuasive pitch and presentation.

So now in a week when it arrives in the mail, I'll have a new toy, latest and greatest! A while back I did some reading on what 2004 had and as I recall there are two really welcome features added to Dreamweaver: you can make basic graphic edits w/o going to Fireworks and there is way more support for CSS. I suspect there is a ton more and that'll be great. I probably will invest in either some Visual QuickStart guides or take an online course so I can master these things. Of course I'll start using it right away but one thing I've learned is often unless I'm forced to by a course, I never discover the new features for years... because my paradigms have been molded by the old one.


Another very nice thing: I picked up my mail and not only was there my usual check from Caleb but the special federal tax refund Caleb had me file some months ago. So overall I suddenly got $1000. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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Piggies Dive In

I don't like Kewpie dolls or Mary Poppins or talking animals, but I admit I do like soooooooooome "cute" stuff, like my creatures :)

These are from Saturday, when I cleaned the pigs' cage and they got so excited they jumped into their hay.

Abbie: This hay smells funny... kind of like what's-her-name!

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