June 10th, 2004

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OK, did somebody erect some big sign and do a mass mailing saying "Bug that Wendy Darling!" ????? Everybody f'in wants me to do something. Oh, well, I do what I can. Jeez. I'm glad I'm in a good mood today or I'd be having one of my hystericla breakdowns!
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Dogs DO Understand

I always knew my dog knew what the hell I was saying -- or got the gist of it. She would pick up words in regular conversation and get excited or nervous. I am sure she knew the word PIZZA (she got crusts every Friday), as well as ball, out, walk, car, upstairs, downstairs, kitchen, dinner, eat, food, pond, go, come back, stop, etc. :)

Study finds dogs understand language

I never much liked cats growing up. I like them a lot more now but I'm still a dog person at heart because I think dogs CARE about people and NEED them more. Cats don't need you, they think they're "allowing" you to live in "their" space.

Some day I'm going to have a dog again. Someday!
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Puzzle Geek

I am no officially hooked on doing my daily online crossword. Worse, I am now doing the same puzzle TWICE a day -- first, the training-wheel version which shows the letters red if they're wrong (and lets you get hints, which I never ask for), then second, the "Master" version w/o help. I'm proud of the fact that every time I do the puzzle, I rate an A++ because I don't get any hints, even though they're available. I do sometimes run through the alphabet to get a word I absolutely can't guess, but only 1-2 times per board. Anyway, I've got my time down to 9-10 minutes on the first try and the second try (which I mainly do as a memory exercise) down to about 3 minutes. And the more I play, the more I know the hints and the faster I am! There is something really soothing about crosswords...
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Hmmm, I have determined that my ear problem actually isn't an all-day problem. I don't, for example, wake up with my ears hurting. Seems like the problem really starts around noon, just with an ache, and then by 3 I'm starting to get the spike-through-my-head feeling, which gets worse and worse as the day goes on. Last night around 9 I was reading a MS and my ears suddenly popped and I got a high-pitched squeak in my left ear. At first I thought it was my computer, as it does that sometimes, from the fan or something, but then I realized it was something in my head. Must have some lose screws...
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