June 13th, 2004

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A bust, but with a prize!

Well, turns out the whole Sci Fi Summer thing was a bust as far as those panels I was supposed to do (for #1 nobody showed and it was just Bil and I talking with Ken for like 45 minutes, while we cancelled #2 altogether) BUT there was some good and fun to come out of it:

1) Got to place Centipede, Galaga and pinball in the game room.
2) Enjoy fun company of various Outworlders, notably Bil, Ken and Ed.
3) Got free mead... yay!
4) Met some Dragon*Constaff folks who gave good advice / offers of help on some issue we're having with our track.
4) Best of all, won a new DVD player in the Outwordlers raffle!

I got the ticket at the last call, only cost $2. I already have one but I'm sure I can find a use for it, like using it to play CDs since my old standalone CD player recently died. Whooooooooo....

*head hits desk as I physical collpase*
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Here's hoping...

Just went down and set up the festival booth again. This time I put more effort into it and hopefully it will pay off. I got out a rack I had so I could do a separate display of Breeding Discontent and my bottles, leaving the larger table of mine exlusively for Metro Girl stuff. I also moved the Pride beads to hang in the front where people can see them. Another tactic I play today is actually handing my coupons and flyers to people, not being quite so passive. I still don't think you can just yell "Get your red hot web sites!" but you can verbally alert people to your presence.

Oh, and one icky thing: Yesterday I brought each of the piggies outside to sit with me and "walk around" (I walked, they snuggled in my arms) and while it was fun & educated people, YinYang got VERY grumpy about being carried around and by the time I had her over to Luckie Street she BIT me on the thumb :( I washed it out, put peroxide on it, etc., and it's not puffy or red, so not infected, but ow, she really nailed me. I think I may bring Abbie down today, but not YinYang, who hasn't like going out to the vet or into crowds... think she really wants to just escape from such things.
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