June 14th, 2004

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Festival wrap up, decorating ideas

Well, even though at times it really didn't feel like it, I guess today's festival was a better day than yesterday's.

Setting up my stuff again this morning, I felt like the weather was good, I had a surpring amount of energy -- and it was going to be a good day for sales, especially since the new set-up I did attracted several people over even before the festival officially opened. Unfortunately, right around noon the weathered turned ominous, and for a couple of hours the whole area was darkend with clouds and disturbed by huge rumblings of thunder. There wasn't really much rain until I guess around 2, when the sky let loose with a shower that went on for a half hour. Everybody scrambled to pull their things further back under the tent, and meanwhile people stopped coming through the festival :(

Finally around 3 the rained fizzled and things picked up again. Daniel and I both had some successes. After only having sold 3 CDs so far today, around 4 Daniel had this woman come and buy like a dozen at once.

My neighbor Todd from the Metropolitan, whose booth was across from us, finally managed to get away from his booth and, seeing Breeding Discontent, bought a copy immediately :)

For Metro Girl clients, I actually picked up several prospects, including an editorial consultant, an events booking agent, and a jeweler. For the whole weekend I had around 5 prospect and if even one of them pans out for a job, I will have covered the cost of having the booth. I don't think I'll being doing the booth thing again but hey, I don't think it was a bust either.

Oh, and another neat thing about today's booth action: Had Abbie with me from 3ish 'til closing and she was well liked by everybody, including Marty's dog.

One thing that seems to have come out of this weekend is a desire on my part to finally do something about decorating my office. It's really the only room I have that's not really decorated. All the other rooms have at the very least prints, photographs or postered framed and up on the walls. My office -- where I spend a ton of my time -- is blank. The furniture is nice but the walls are bare. Anyway, the reason I think of decorating it is that I saw several pieces of artwork at the festival that I really, really thought of buying -- including a Pop Art piece and this cool Chinese piece -- but they were both $100, too much for me to be spending, and they made me think, "Hey, make some art yourself, you bozo, frame it, and hang it up!" I'm thinking of actually going through some of my old, OLD artwork from grade school and all past years and seeing if anything would be cool to frame. I'm also going to look through my prints, including digital, and find things I could get enlarged into large prints or posters... It will be a lot cheaper and, I think cool to have up in my office, where I can think, "I made that!" :) Oh, and another thing I'm doing to decorate is to get my Babes in Baghdad poster framed.

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After taking all our stuff back after the festival, Caleb, Daniel and I went on a walk over to Slice, the pizza place over in Castleberry Hill. (thespian, this is on Peter's Street and right around where you used to live.) Yummy pizza as usual. The air was all wet and warm after the rain and on the walk back everything was dripping, remind Caleb and I both of Mimic.

I've got a hell of a day ahead of me, I can tell, but I am SO glad I got through this weekend!
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For future reference, yes I am human

Oh, and lest I forget another pleasant aspect of my weekend, let me note it here:

Friday night I managed to tear myself away and get over to a birthday pool party. The birthday girl, 29, was beautiful, French, and wore a bikini and she splashed around in the pool with me (swimming between my legs... he he!), tempting me unmercifully. It was realllllly nice in some ways, that nice, but *groan* in some other ways, just kind of sad. I really didn't think I could still turn into a foolish glob of goo around certain kinds of people (me being hardened and all) but I guess I can!

Another wonderful aspect of that night: Walking through Midtown around Argonne, Penn, Myrtle, etc. It's a magical place, with fireflies, smells of garden, golden light, and such utter soft quiet and darkness compared to Downtown.
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Trip Shaping Up

So the exactly itinerary of my upcoming trip to England seems to be shaping up. Caleb and I will arive early Sunday, July 4, in London and go straight over to Rob's place in the city. We'll stay there 'til Monday morning, at which point we'll go up to Stafford. Then it's 5-6 days up in Staffordshire, Shropshire, Midlands, etc. with Storm, Jim, Gab, Lydia, Christopher, et al. Then that weekend, either Sat. or Sunday, we'll be heading south again, all the way to E. Sussex, since Rob will be down there and not in London. That'll be lovely, really want Caleb to see Rob's house in Forest Row and meet his mom & dad, sweet people. Then Sunday night Rob & Marta will drive back to London and we'll be staying with them for 2-3 days until we leave. That'll be good as it'll keep the shopping 'til the end and we won't be lugging around all the clothes, CDs and Boots toiletries we're likely to be buying, he he. (Yes, I'm a freak and prefer raiding Boots for their storebrand and cheap stuff over Lush, probably because luxury soap shops are quite common in Atlanta and Boots generic stuff is really good.)
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Parental Censorship

Today's Atlanta newspaper had an interseting article on teengage girl magazines and a bit about parents screening their kids' reading made me think: What did my parents ever "screen" or not let me read? Also: What movies or TV shows was I not allowed to see?

The only example I can think of is when I was 4 and I got into my sister Betty's high school anatomy book. I found the diagram of the intestitines quite fascinating but my mother and grandmother were rather horrified when I subsequently *drew* it and said it was a drawing of the "poop maker." After that, I pretty much read whatever I wanted to, without sanction, either because my parents didn't care or didn't know. (The only books I read hid from them were some pregnancy & women's health books I had stashed away.)

When I was in 1st grade, I was taken to see Raiders of the Lost Ark twice, so that gives a good idea that my family wasn't big on screening me out of stuff. I do remember, however, being told to go out into the hall during a scene in Cabaret on TV. Weirdly, this was not during the infamous "I'm bisexual" scene but the one where Sally and the man stand and scream as the trains pass overhead. (Too intense for a 3rd grader I guess?) I also know they wouldn't take me to see any of the first Alien movies because they were too scary, but I saw other scary movies or ones with sex, so it seemed rather arbitrary. My mom let Dee and I go see The Untouchables when we were each like 13.

Aside from my grandmother getting very upset I was watching a show on pregnancy (3-2-1 contact), I don't think I was ever told I coudln't watch something on TV due to content. My parents didn't like me watching St. Elsewhere not due to content but the fact that it was on at 10 p.m. (I watched it almost every week anyway though, either sneakily or with my parents.) As a young kid I watched M*A*S*H and that show certainly wasn't clean or peaceful.

Ah, and let's not forget plays. Starting when I was around 12, my parents starting going to a lot of plays in musicals, either in Boston or surrounding towns. Some of the plays would be really adult in theme. I remember this one I saw when I was like 13 or 14 called A My Name Is Alice that was basically all these women up on stage talking about sexual stuff, like 100 terms of endearment for the female genitalia. I remember sitting there like, "Whoah, I bet Mom didn't expect this when she bought the tickets!"

End Result
OK, so the end result of all this wasn't me becoming sexually active or promiscuous (ha ha, that's for sure) or violent... but really the opposite. Which isn't to say this is a typical end result, I'm just noting it since it does seem a bit weird. Also, just thinking about it, I also never, ever had any "talks" with my parents about sex stuff, I guess because they thought I knew it all.
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He's going to love it

For Father's Day, I got my dad the first season of Barney Miller on DVD :) He's going to love it, I just know he will. We used to watch BM and M*A*S*H every day when I was a kid, b/c that's how Channel 38 Boston used ot air them. But since it's not shown in reruns anywhere that I know of anymore, it's the perfect gift.
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Oh, rats!!!!!!

I'm not normally somebody easily freaked out by stuff, like scared of insects or blood or being on a dark city street alone -- that stuff doesn't bug me.

But when I'm walking down the street at like 10 o'clock at night and it's just rained and I have this homeless guy following me talking about my "front acreage" (making me slightly nervous, though not much) and a big RAT darts out from an alley, then under a parked car, then runs out again ACROSS MY FEET (when I'm in open sandals!) I am TOTALLY GROSSED OUT!

Mind you, this was only one block from my building, right in back of these three restuarant/bars on Poplar Street, so it wasn't an unfamiliar or scary area, but EW!!!! RAT!!!! YUCK!!!!!!

With its rat feet going across my practically bare feet, it was just this total feeling of revulsion. Even though I know rats are basically a lot like guinea pig, there is something godd*mn disgusting about one touching when you know it's just been an alley feasting on garbage and probably walking in poo and stuff.

Blech!!!!!! I'm taking a shower NOW! I haven't been this disgusted with something since V gave me that durian to eat!!!!!

I guess my premieval buttons have totally been pushed since it's almost an hour later now and I'm still thinking "Ew! Ew! Ew! Unclean!" And I already scrubbed my feet.
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