June 15th, 2004

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It cost money, but hey, I did wait 8 months!

Well, after having my campy Babes in Baghdad movie poster sitting in my closet since October (when I bought it at Dragon*Con), I finally just bit the bullet and got a FRAME for it. Or at least I ordered one. I had already gone around to like 3-4 places looking for frames but none of them were big enough. Silly me, I don't know why I didn't just go to a web site selling vintage posters and related supplies -- they have the exact size I need (27" W x 41" high) specifically meant to display old posters. Once it ships in I'll hang it up and then go about the rest of my office decorating plans. Wheeeee!
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My mom just emailed me and kind of shocked me by saying my nephew Will is starting to talk. Will is 6-7 years old and severely disabled. For most of his life he's pretty much been at the level of an infant, kind of laughing and reacting to things, but not able to propel himself, walk, or talk (plus he's kind of blind and sort of deaf). Very handsome boy and much loved. Anyway, he's been in the hospital a lot lately (in fact a few months ago they were pretty sure he would die) but apparently some of the recent stuff they've done has helped him. I want more details on this talking thing though. For years my mother has been convinced he's saying a few words (Mama and Hello) but maybe he has more now. Actually everybody who spends time with Will senses that his head is probably developed to some degree and he does understand what's going on, he really just can't do anything to show it.
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Piggy Facts

I went looking in the Wikipedia for some information on, among other things, guinea pig, and found this bit that just cracked me up:

Unlike many rodents such as mice, rats, or squirrels, guinea pigs are not very athletic. Jumping, climbing, and fearlessness in the face of heights were not skills guinea pigs needed in the environment in which they evolved.

Guinea pigs in the wild live on grassy plains and occupy an ecological niche similar to that of the cow. They move together in small groups (herds) eating grass or whatever other plants they come across. They tend to be most active during dawn and dusk, when it is harder for predators to spot them. If startled they can run for cover with surprising speed.

I'd say calling guinea pigs small, unathletic cows is a pretty good way to put it.

On a related note, had some fun this past weekend doing "guinea pig education," i.e. took my piggies out to the festival and had lot of people pet them, comment on them, ask me questions, etc. By far the most amusing thing was the fact that about 3/4 of the people incorrectly identified the guinea pig. People thought Abbie and Yin Yang were really big hampsters or gerbils, big furry rats, puppies, and even cats, but only a small percentage actually said "Oh, a guinea pig!"

Also interesting, the people least likely to correctly identify were black, which Caleb tells me is because statistically speaking, black are less likely to have small pets. I know that while taking the pigs to the vet, all the people who asked me what was in the cage were black and most of them had a very hard time with the concept that a guinea pig is NOT a pig and are also NOT rats. I suppose I have my own cultural failings (e.g. I can't keep track of sports teams or cars) but it's still kind of funny.

Back to the festival, however... People loved the little piggies. Lots of 3- and 4-year-old kids popped over to see them and pet them, as did teenagers and people of all ages. Abbie was far more comfortable with this than YinYang -- who Saturday actually bit me and got taken inside -- so Sunday I had her out for about 4 hours. Everybody kept telling me how cute she was. She is really good with people touching her and even lets DOGS sniff and lick her. I think she has some idea that cats and dogs are actually guinea pigs. The other night Daniel brought over his cat Pugsley and the guinea pigs were crawling all over him like he was a "friend." The cat was more scared than anything, LOL.
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Caleb's car

Caleb has been having to rent a car a lot lately, just 1-2 days a week so he can run around doing project in various towns and suburbs. Yesterday when we went out we were in this brand-new Chevy Cavaliar, which was pretty boring, but today he had to exchange it... Read his story here, he he. Tomorrow I'm going up to Buford with him on a project assignment. One good thing is that cars like that tend to have a lot of leg room in front (none in back) and good stereos.
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