June 17th, 2004

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I wonder if I can work out an early retirement... like NOW.

Damn, things have been insane lately. And the fact that my house is as messy and in need of attention as my email inbox... Yeah, pretty bad!

Right now I'm waiting for this restaurant owner to call me, so I can come downstairs to his restaurant and talk to him about doing a web site for his business. I'm not too worried about taking on that job since it will only be a small site, but eek, I swear, there is such a thing as too much work.
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If you say you're going to, please DO!

I hate when somebody says they're going to call me at X time and I wait and wait for them and they don't. Meanwhile I have work to do but I don't want to start it because as soon as I do, I know the person will call me. Gah! He stated explicitly he would call me but even so, I (maybe) will call him at 11 if he doesn't call by then.
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Last week, a week ago actually, I got dolled up for the "VIP Party" connected with our downtown festival. Loved how my hair came out!

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One thing I love about that 'do is that it only takes like 5 minutes. Instructions:

1) Get hair pretty damp or get wet & towel-dry
2) Get a blob of Garnier Fructus Style Fiber Gum Putty (or some other strong fiber gum) and squish it between two hands before rubbing it generally through hair.
3) Get bit more goo and use it to make a spike; just grab a handful of hair and make a spike, mushing in the goo and then *twisting* so it sticks better and looks more insane.
4) Repeat step 3) until you have as many spikes as you want.
5) For extra color, use COLORFIX, just squirt out some, dip fingers in and use it to "paint" tips of hair. I got this stuff in England but some other non-perm color gels must be available in the US.
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Scenes from the South

Yesterday up in Buford, I took a few pictures. Leaving out the ones I took for pure "planning" purposes, here they are. Buford was very much a sort of "untouched" small Georgia city that while at the edge of the sprawl and sameness of it all, is still its own place. I also took a couple of pictures of the highway (85).

It has to be Georgia... the dust is red.

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Oh, and a correction from what I said earlier: The car Caleb rented was a bright orange FORD MUSTANG. It was like driving around in a Matchbox car. Caleb also complained it made him speed. My main issue with it was that with those bucket seats you have to sit with your legs straight out and I swear I was afraid of getting an embolism, lol. What a manly man's car.
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One promo idea that worked

Well, it seems my time at the festival WILL pay for itself. Just got a commission to design a menu for a new restuarnat down the street. $110 just for setting it up and handing it over. Not bad! I'm also doing a small web site for the place, which I pretty much design in an hour and will be up by next week.
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Bush's boat is sinking

It appears the guy is on a roll... or maybe the sea around him is rolling and his damn boat is sinking. 'Bout time!

Here's an article covering a recent "wave" that's hit:

Protestant Bush’s papal plea is an act of desperation
from The Hill

Oh, and did anybody besides malibran see that weird picture of Bush doing some kind of boxing/fighting pose to urge on the troops? When Daniel sent it to me last night we both thought the picture was doctored because a) the pose was so retarded, it was like somebody took Bush's head and attached it to another body and b) the lighting on Bush was different from the surroundings, making it look fake.

Finally, a wave crashing over the deck of Rumsfeld's deck:

Report: Rumsfeld hid Iraqi from Red Cross
reported by the NY Times

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, acting at the request of CIA Director George Tenet, ordered military officials in Iraq last November to hold a man suspected of being a senior Iraqi terrorist at a high-level detention center there but not list him on the prison's rolls, senior Pentagon and intelligence officials said Wednesday.
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