June 18th, 2004

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On fire

Today's Atlanta paper reports that, happily, Fahrenheit 9/11 has got solid bookings in Atlanta. Good.

So far, Lions Gate has booked the film into Phipps Plaza, Landmark Midtown Art, North DeKalb, Barrett Commons, Colonial 18, Discover Mills, Stonecrest 16 and Southlake Pavilion in metro Atlanta and the Carmike 15 in Columbus. At least three more theaters may be added in metro Atlanta.

The first two theaters are by far the easiest to get to. Hopefully I can see it before my trip.
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Townhouses in Inman Park

Some wonder what makes cracicotus tick.

Well, wonder no more, here's a post of his that shows his passion.

Some guys like cars (and would've loved that orange Mustang he had Wednesday), while other guys like townhouses.

And some guys are girls and also like townhouses over cars.
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Trip planning

Well, right on schedule, Caleb is starting to get into the serious Planning A Trip Mania! It's funny... We get tickets to go someplace, way in advance and we talk about different parts of the trip, but then in the last two weeks prior to leaving he tends to suddenly get very involved in all the details, hauling out maps, doing online research, wanting to figure out everything down to the last detail, like which station to transfer at, cost of rail trips, what Roman ruins we can visit nearby, etc.

His latest excitement has to do with deciding we're going to visit Poundbury down in Dorchester. This is an amazing planned village basically developed by Prince Charles and a model for not just neotraditional development, but the idea of actually building an old English village. Caleb's figured out there's a train we can get almost right there and I believe we are missing a day in London to go down there. I actualy might stay in London and let him off on his own, as I think I might like a nice long visit to someplace like the V&A Museum, which I think would bore him. He could have fun on the train by himself anyway!
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Another Satisfied Customer

Well, that restaurant guy I hooked up with last weekend is very happy with both the menu and web site I've come up with. They're quite basic, in fact I'm almost embarrassed to say I "designed" them but they're eminently functional & HE likes them so hey!

Check out these comments:

Thanks so much for handling these projects for me. I certainly feel that we've made a new partnership with you and your company.


The web page is SHARP. I look forward to the final product.

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