June 19th, 2004

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Treating the parents

So my mom writers me today telling me she finally got the name of the German and Dutch cookies she really likes, the kind she grew up with. She bought some in Helen, GA, last fall when she and dad visited and gobbled them all up. Anyway, she tells me this... and the delivers the sad news that she can't eat any more of that hard-core Dutch licorice I've been sending her for years, because it's making her sick, bad for the kidneys :( But she does ask me to get her some cookies if I see them in England...

So I go immediately to GermanDeli.com and buy her a "care package" of two kinds of cookies, pickles, Rote Gruetze, chocolate mousse mix, and 2 packages of pumpernickel bread. Surprise, surprise! She is going to love it. Since I didn't even send her a Mother's Day card this year (um, although I did visit her the week before) and haven't sent flowers in a while, it seemed an appropriate splurge. And I know I shouldn't be sending my fat mom cookies but... she LOVES them until the doctors tell her no, she's getting them. Heck my dad keeps her stocked with 4-5 boxes at all time so it's not like I'm the ONLY corruptor. (Does anybody else have a mom with a cookie addiction?)

On a related note, Dad called me this afternoon saying thanks for the Barney Miller DVD I sent him :)
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Celebrity, in a fashion

Probably only cob_web will find this of any interest but...

So the other day in Buford I met this English guy Mick Luckhurst and I was wondering what the hell he was doing in Atlanta anyway... He was a wealthy guy, runs a company that does work all over, owns property, stakes in a restaurant...

Well! Turns out he was a kicker for the Falcons! Yes, Englishman played "grid-iron football" in the 80s! As soon as I found that out, I could believe it. Anyway, also found out besides being a kicker he did sports commentary on Channel 4 explaining the game to the UK. Here is the info from his company web site!

All his football stats are online. I think before he entered American football he played rugby.
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Ponce - Trashy but Practical

Ponce de Leon Avenue is, for a long stretch, pretty trashy, not so nice to look at, and it's H-O-T in summer (spring and fall too) but DAMN, it's got a practical side -- a place to get some shopping done!

Today I took the bus on down and hit like 5 birds with one stone:

1) Got Storm & Jim something special at Green's liquor store
2) Got some stock items from Kroger, including strawberries & blueberries on sale
3) Got timothy hay and treats for the guinea pig over at Petsmart
4) (After taking the bus west again) scheduled a hair coloring appt. for Tuesday
5) At a never-before-visited consignment shopk got a beautiful Banana Republic skirt for $14, short-shorts for $9, and a black beaded bracelet for $7.

I would have gone for 6) Baraonda but when I walk over there on the way to the train station, they weren't open yet.

Another plus to this adventure was that it only took me 2 1/2 hours, and that include like 45 minutes waiting for the 2 bus after task 3). A minus was that the end part of my trip involved walking and it's like 100 degree out :(
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Does Terry Pratchett have a point?

So for book group I'm supposed to read Monstrous Regiment, not Storm book but the Terry Pratchett. I finally got a copy off Bil last weekend and yesterday I started it. Have to say I'm quite glad I didn't BUY it as I usually do for our books, because it's just pointless. I didn't expect it to be deep, just some sort of funny satire, but I'm up around p. 80 and I don't have much inclination to go further. It's really just sort of cheeky satirical rubbish. Not BAD, mind you, but it's not hooking me at all and it's not side-splittingly funny either. Really it's just droll I suppose, but without a hook or payoff at some point, droll gets old. Also, the fact the book has no CHAPTERS is a bit of a turn-off since it makes its structure seem even more rambling.

Anybody else read this? It's one of his many Discworld books but supposedly can stand alone. Are they all like this? Somebody in our group picked it because of the gender theme (woman faking it as a man to be in the army) but otherwise I don't get why we're bothering. I even see that book has all this glowing reviews on Amazon, so I'm totally puzzled. Of course I like the smell of sulphur, drink pickle juice and hated the IwtV movie, so certainly tastes vary ;)
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Father's Day

In honor of today's date, I'd like to list out some of the best things my dad has done for me and times we've had together.

...The cool hours, days, weeks out sailing around Cape Anne on our sailboat Mischief.

...All the tutoring in math and chemistry I needed in order to make it through. When I started chemistry I was taking geometry and barely knew how to balance an equation, so without his math teaching experience I would have been doomed without him!

...Him and Mom spending every summer of my life, until college, taking me out wilderness canoe camping in places like Ontario, Banff, Minnesota.

...Never pressuring me about any school stuff and not making up any stupid rules.

...Picking me up from work at the library when I'd work the 5:30 to 9 shift or on weekends. (Much more reliable than Mom.)

...The many, many pots of yummmmmy Manhattan clam chowder he's made. (This guy is from City Island, he knows clams!)


...All the father-daughter trips to DeMoulas supermarket and CVS. He never really needs my help, he just likes me there.

...Faithfully ordering pizza from Depot every Friday for like I think 10 years in a row. (There's a reason I'm a snob about NY style pizza.)

...Doing all the cooking! And the garbage, washing the floor, dishwashing, and most other major domestic duties.

...Taking care of my mom by dragging her to bed on worknights (she'd lose track of time and stay up 'til 2 like me) and waking her up every day... and bringing her *breakfast in bed*.

...Being the good husband and getting mom a bouquet of flowers and a box of cookies every week.

...Teaching me how to drive. (OK, one could argue this is not a skill I utilize much, but he did spend a lot of time teaching me!)

...Bringing me to/from UMass or at least observing me drive out there for the outbound trip. (Yeah, Rt. 2 was easy to drive on.)

...Teaching me to waltz and being my square-dance partner -- also going nuts Swing dancing with me one time at a wedding. He is a really good dancer!

...Telling offcolor jokes after dinner when I was like 8. Also huge groaner jokes like the "3 strings walk into a bar" joke.

...Fondness for M*A*S*H, Barney Miller and Star Trek that rubbed off on me big time.

...The time after I "came out" to him and mom (well, just mom, but he found out), him telling me he would always love me no matter what and I should never be afraid of being rejected (unless maybe I became an ax murderer or something).

Love ya dad!
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