June 20th, 2004


Birthday ideas

So come late August, I'm turning 30. At this point I'm trying to come up with ideas for some sort of memorable birthday celebrations.

Here are a few of them. Thoughts, anyone? (Irrespective of whether you'll be attending of course!)

- Evening party outside in the courtyard of my building, with the city all around us, champagne, etc.

- Indoor party in my place with no particular theme but just a pleasant party.

- "Thirty" theme... maybe 1930s!

- 1974-themed party with blown up pictures of Nixon and orange vinyl wallpaper tacked on the wall.

- Small catered party in private dining room at the Ritz like Maggie had for Enrique. (Yeah, like I could afford that!)

- Picnic in the park. (Thought is IS August, so maybe not!)

I have probably around 30 people I could invite.
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You know, a thought just occured to me. If I actually liked somebody in a "special" way, I would never post it to my LiveJournal, not for like 6 months or something. There are two reasons: a) jinx issues and b) they could end up reading it. Actually I recently had a major crush on somebody and didn't post about it. Ah, well.
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Odd (Wo)Man Out

So I went off the bookgroup, having got half-way through Monstrous Regiment. Upon arrival, I learned that out of the six of us (3 women, 3 men), I was the only one who didn't think it was witty, entertaining, 8 on a 10-point scale, etc. I think I'm going to have to find them some "matter of taste" book to read so I can have my revenge...

Meanwhile I didn't return the book to Bil because they all INSISTED it gets better & funnier in the second half. I seriously doubt this myself but I think the other members feel I didn't give the book a "fair chance" and so I'm going to finish it up and then email out my final conclusion. Which will probably be that I'd rather read a Cheerios box but I will read it.

Finally, while I've got it on my mind, here are some the (few) crap books I've read in the past 4 years, since I've been keeping track:

Vampire Vow (Michael Shiefelbein)
Mistress of Dragons (Margaret Weis)
A Face Withouth A Heart (Rick Reed)

Notably, all 3 of these have been from the book group. There were a few others I was disappointed in (like Ellen Kushner's Swordsport or the second Grigori book) but generally I've read a lot of good stuff.
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Medical Ethics & The Unborn

I'd like to recommend an article in today's NY Times that takes a look at how new prenantal testing is allowing parents to find out even earlier, and with more precision, what if any genetic abnormalities (large or small) their children-to-be may have -- and what sort of issues this is bringing up.

The article is really frightening actually and for me, it made me feel really, really sorry for the people forced into the position of deciding (basically) "Do I keep this baby or not?" Quite a few of the people featured in the story had abortions based on knowledge they learned from testing, and these people included ones who up until they faced it themselves, had been against abortion.

I think the bit the article that made me most uncomfortable was the story of a woman, who had been born with an extra finger, having had 3-4 abortions because testing showed her babies had the same thing and she didn't want a kid with that problem. For a finger!

A lot of complex issues come up in the discussion, both from the angle of the parents to ethicists to the doctors who do the tests or do the abortions. Recommended reading!

In New Tests for Fetal Defects, Agonizing Choices*
NY Times

* Requires registration I think.

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I tell myself I wouldn't want to know anything at all but on the other hand, I also think I wouldn't want there to be something majorly wrong either, even if it's not the politically correct thing to say. That's why I found this article so interesting.
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Feeling good about Dragon*Con

We are *almost* done with the Dragon*Con programming. As I work on the final formatting and two small schedule issues, I have to say, it's looking GREAT! *g* Not only do we have pretty much a whole schedule of really intriguing, solid & even fun panels, but we have a LOT of panelists! Whoo hoo!

I also have to say, everybody else on the team just doesn't know how lucky they are they aren't the ones doing the final document because there are some STRICT regulations in the formatting that I think only I am persnickety enough to deal with. We're talking word limit on descriptions, list of panelists has to have guests first, other panelists second (and I'm doing both groups alphabetical), specific date/time format, specific time increments. I have about 95% of it done. Once I get that last 5%, I will pop it into this freaky Excel format they need (to feed it into their schedule program) and ship it off.

My next thing after the schedule will be contacting all the panelists to give them an idea of what they'll be doing. And then I had this idea today of doing little flyers to dump various places (like near the Writer's Track and Readings and Signings areas and other places) for some of our cooler stuff or author readings. That stuff will get done once D*C has the schedule totally L-O-C-K-E-D though.
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