June 21st, 2004

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Home Plans

Well, cracicotus and malibran both went nuts today with major furniture buying and home redecorating plans. My place is basically "done" but it's got me thinking of the final things I want to get done:

  1. Top priority: Artwork in the office. Frame for vintage poster already on its way and I plan to frame my own original artwork as well as enlargements of digital and print photos. I might even do some new collage work.
  2. Ceiling lights for bedroom and office. I already have one picked out from the "new antique" catalog I get, and I think I will just get 2 of the same one, a 20s one.
  3. Might get drapes or something some day because although I do have heavy shades, it might dress the windows up some. I would probably get sheer white ones with those pompoms on the end... very historically correct and grandmotherly like the rest of my house.
  4. Wish I could somehow get junk out of my guest bathroom, but since I don't have any closet to put things like mops, my 2-wheel cart, brooms, for now it's just a slop room with a toilet in it.
  5. Full bathroom is improving but still too bare. Considering painting it. I don't want to paint the rest of my place but that room I could see being gold.
  6. If I could get my bike out of the bedroom (which really isn't so bad, it's a big room) I would love to get a loveseat or armchair of some kind, maybe a low bookcase... for a reading spot.
  7. If I had a buyer for my 1950s formica dining room set, I would buy a 20s/30s wooden set in a heartbeat. I saw this incredible one a few months ago for only like $500, solid mahogany, but I need to unload the other thing FIRST because not like I have storage space!
  8. Need more room for books. Too bad there is no room left for bookcases. If I didn't have the piano, yeah, but I do...
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My Magic Garden

I bought this kit today at Outwrite

and put it together around 3:30 when I got home from Midtown. When I was done assembling and adding the liquid, it looked like this:

but in only like 3 hours, it "grew" and now it's totally huge, pretty much just like this:

Caleb came over tonight and said "This is the coolest thing you've ever bought, you should've got this for me!" Which I had thought of but hey, I wanted it to. This is a sophisticated version of the old coal + blueing agent I did as a kid (ahem, which may be some funky Depression-era "toy," who knows).

Check out this very nice explanation with pictures on how this toy works.
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Wish this was easy

I'm using a new web host and once again, I am faced with trying to work with a system that ASSUMES I want everything done FOR me WYSIWYG style. They can't just let me do a form... nooooooo... I have to go through a wizard for each one and only at the end can I find the code which I can copy (and THEN mess with) to use on the actual page. I swear, web interfaces used to create web interfaces really confuses. Case in point, my LJ is a dump. I figured out a decent color scheme, but overall I'm not too satisfied. But when I go to use LJ controls to figure out what I can change, I find it baffling. Which is odd because people who are not web designers sometimes have really amazing LJs they did on their own. I surely am overthinking things...
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Another day another web site

Well, my restaurant owner has his web site! (And menu too.)


I admit this is not my best work but it was a quickie at my bargain basement rate. And the client is thrilled with it.

FYI, if you are hungry don't read the menu, there is some yummy sounding stuff on there. I am definitely going to expect some free calamari and salmon off this guy :)
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You've been warned

It occurs to me (vis a vis versailles_rose's post) I don't have any age warnings on my Procreation (Wraeththu fan fic) site, despite the fact that there's aruna (sex) in almost every story, some graphic, some less so. In fact, there are no warnings on the Forever site either. I don't think I'll bother though, until somebody writes me complaining their underage kid tried to perform Grissecon, he he :) Though actually since I think the fan community for Wraeththu is quite a lot older than among other groups, there are likely few minors looking at it.

Speaking of not bothering, my entire Vamp Chron fic site is still happily online and getting hits. Every 6 months I get fan mail.
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John Bellairs

Every so often I come across discussion of children's books, especially fantasy books for children. I don't know why, but until today I had totally blanked out this one author I really adored in grade school: John Bellairs.

Bellairs' rather Gothic books include House With a Clock in Its Walls (my favorite!), The Letter, the Witch, and the Ring, The Curse of the Blue Figurine and many more. Most (all?) of his books starred an underdog protagonist named Lewis and are set in the late 40s, early 50s. What was special about Lewis was that he was fat and a bit of dork, but he had a really cool family situation -- his uncle Jonathan was a wizard! In House With a Clock in Its Walls (1973), the first Lewis book you see him moving in with his uncle because his parents have died. Bellairs actually visited my school when I was probably around 12. I remember sitting right up front while he sat in a chat at the front of the class talking about how he'd set up Lewis so he could be a bit of a role model for kids who don't fit in, esp. fat kids. Anyway, I remember those books would really scare me, with tingles up my spine and paranoia and everything. Lewis didn't mean to get into dangerous situations but he often did.

Oh, and another fun bit to the books was that they were illustrated by Edward Gorey. I didn't realize this until I checked it online and suddenly remembered that yes, the books had all these weird drawings all over them. Gee, me liking Gorey prints? Really?

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John Bellairs died in the early 90s.
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Outhouses are looking good, says Mom

My mom doesn't have an LJ (a good thing she'd read mine which would be BAD) but she wrote me an email today that was such an LJ entry it cracked me up. Poor Mom!

Thanks for the present whatever it is.

Had an awful day Sunday.

I was still in bed when Dad went and flushed the toilet and came back to bed. I told him the water was still running and when he went to check the toilet was overflowing. It flowed down the hall and into the computer room closet and also into your room under the bed. We used every towel in the house to sop up the water. Then I go downstairs and it is leaking in the living room.

I put a pail under the leak and ate breakfast. When I went back it was leaking in more places. I put bowls and towels all over. We then went to the boat.

Guess what? The toilet on the boat has a leak in the hose. It has to be in the worst possible spot. My arms are all black and blue from squeezing my arms around a holding tank trying to push a hose back through the hole in the compartment. As if this isn't bad enough I can't see what I am doing since it is underneath and behind in a corner. We finally got the hose fixed, but in the process we put one of the parts of the toilet (head in boating terms) in backwards so we are going to have to do it again.

When we got home I checked the living room and saw I needed more towels but I didn't have more. I placed the Sunday papers all over. A new leak had developed - guess where?

It formed right over Oma's chair. The char seat was as wet as it could get. I hope it dries out OK. It dripped until 10 this morning. It came through all the way over to the piano and in front of the fireplace. It is the worst it has ever been.

You're not sending me a toilet? I don't want to see one, but I can't live without one. Outhouses at least have no working parts. When it is full you dig another hole.


Incidentally, I'm rather upset about Oma's chair :( This is just about one of the biggest family heirlooms we have. There are these two magnificent matched armchairs with elaborately carved arms and legs that were given to my grandmother as a wedding present in the 20s, actually by her employers, some rich family in NY that employed her. Everybody loves the chairs, they were always the central focus of Oma's house (along with the octagonal table that went between them). My mom had them re-upholstered in the 80s, after Oma died, and they look great and get a lot of use. I'll be really sad if the water damaged the seat somehow. They're stuffed with straw I think.
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