June 23rd, 2004

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Phone silence

Caleb is on his way to Chicago right this moment. Because he's on the plane, he can't call me... but I'm sure once he lands, he will!

I would be enjoying this silence except I've received 3 other calls. I'm taking a shower now so I'll miss any more.

Have I mentioned I really don't like getting phone calls? These days I am even capable of *making* phone calls, despite my phobia, but receiving them is starting to drive me nuts. Even when I *like* the people who call, I feel put on because I want to be left alone. Sigh. At my old job, my phone almost never rang unless it was Caleb and I liked it that way.

Call me antisocial, I know I shouldn't be like this.
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Plans for Domination

I'm thinking of getting another domain for myself, for future use as an author site or something like that. Sadly wendydarling.com is not available because another Wendy Darling bought it like 2 days ago. However, I can get wendydarling.org still... I think I might do it through the cheap host I have access to, so my domain and hosting would only be like $170 total for 2 years. I really want to a more formal author site that doesn't just run off Metro Girl. Call me optimistic but I know I will have a novel out within the next two years and I will want that web site.
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Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Just in time for Atlanta's LGBT Pride weekend, the Atlanta paper has run an article about gays in the military that just PISSES ME OFF. Not what the paper wrote, just the facts it presents. It is just DISGUSTING!

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The fact that this guy had done his job for 8 years and then one day he opens his mouth and is instantly out of there... boggles my mind! He is exactly the same person, same record, same abilities, and yet now he's gone because he will affect "unit cohesion." Which he obviously had not done thus far. And he is one of many. Blech. Of course one of those quoted makes the comment that the military doens't really "need" gays. I'm sure "out" Christians are allowed though...
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New Hair

Had my hair colored last night. It's nice, though still not exactly what I wanted. It was a foil job, with alternative blond and copper, but it seems more copper than blond, so my hair is sort of red with lighter areas. Since my alt. to having it colored was dying it red, that's fine with me. Different though. I would say I am no longer blond... some sort of chemical redhead I guess. And for this wild color job, paid $50 less by going to a dif. salon.

Sorry, only got a couple of crappy pictures last night before Caleb had to borrow my camera for his trip to Chicago.
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Making Headway

Finally got through to the allergy clinic and am now set up to see the lovely and talented Dr. Hirsch who I HOPE can fix it so I don't feel like somebody's given a kick upside the head. Yay!
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Got the track programming submitted to Dragon*Con finally! Go me! I am going to get myself an ice cream now :)
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Happy birthday

I finally know where I want my birthday party!

I went over to Jake's for an ice cream and glancing over to the stairs going to the basement, suddenly remembered the recent news article saying the space downstairs was for rent. Downstairs they have an old bank vault! So I talked to the manager and he said if I wanted it for an event he would chop the regular $50/hour rate for me and package it with a custom ice cream cake and beverages! I went down to check it out and in addition to the furnished bank vault, with tables and chairs, there's a lounge area with couches, chairs and bathrooms. And I wouldn't have to do the dishes :) My one question will be whether I can serve alcohol but I believe I can, since technically if you bring alcohol to a restaurant or the restaurant gives it to you free, no alcohol license is required. I do want some sweet liqueurs and wines, so I'll ask about that next time I'm going by the store.

Party will be Aug. 21 since Jake's is closed Sundays and the 22nd is a Sunday.
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Because finally found my trusty measuring tape...

...and I don't think this is too bad:

40" boobs
36" waist
46" hips

(There is a special way to do that, like B x C x D but I can't find the formula.)

I think it's that one high number that keeps my pants from fitting, he he. They have to get *around* the hips and also be like 36" long! Still, my pants are all 36"x36" or something like that.
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Wacky Public Health News

Two things caught my eye today:

Bush Backs Condom Use to Prevent Spread of AIDS
NY Times

PHILADELPHIA, June 23 - President Bush said on Wednesday for the first time that the United States should "learn from the experience" of countries like Uganda in fighting AIDS and embraced the use of condoms to prevent its spread, a sensitive issue among conservative groups that have fought the adoption of any strategy that does not focus on abstinence...

Boy... so... "brave."

For story: NY Times or CNN

And this one, which really baffles me...

10 Million Women Who Lack Cervix Get Pap Tests
NY Times

As many as 10 million women who have had hysterectomies and who no longer have a cervix are still getting Pap tests, a new study finds.

The screening Pap test looks for precancerous cells in tissue scraped from a woman's cervix and can prevent what would otherwise be a common and deadly cancer. But testing most women without a cervix makes little sense, leads to false positives and wastes money, said Dr. Brenda E. Sirovich, a research associate at the Outcomes Group at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in White River Junction, Vt., and the study's lead author. Each test costs $20 to $40, she estimated...

Um, I read the article and the explanations... Definitely seems to be a disconnect in the common sense department.
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