June 24th, 2004

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Scouting the Albany real estate classifieds...

always makes me very, very wistful.

Found this listing today in the multifamily listings and oh, it sounds perfecto!

This large (4050 sq ft) four story, Gothic Italianate townhouse with bay windows, high ceilings and crown moldings has been completely restored and has historic landmark designation. It has a private patio. Divided into 3 Units. Owner unit comprises of top two floors. A new roof and skylight were installed in March of 2004. Interior freshly painted. New front steps in 2001.

Owner unit has 9 rooms.

And the price? $140K.

I content myself with the thought that, hopefully, Albany will always be there, whenever I decide I need to leave Atlanta.
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Monstrously Boring

Because the people in book group were rather insistent it gets better in the second half, I am continuing to plod along in Pratchett's Monstrous Regiment. But you know what? It's not getting better. The book still seems pointless or at least, its points are not hitting me. It's just a bunch of endless twittering and when I'm reading it, the only thing I'm accomplishing is taking up some time -- good if you are waiting at a bus stop but of no value otherwise. The moment I close the book I stop thinking about it. I wouldn't even keep on but I'm curious why my friends said the second half was superior and I should really finish it. Disappoint lurks, I suspect.
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Dr. Says...

Went to my allergist Dr. Hirsch. She's a nice lady, I like her.

Told her about my ear/jaw/ear issue and that I was pretty sure my sinus infection has come back. She peeked in my ears and nose and agreed with me, bad sinusitis. She set me up with a dose of antibiotics for the next 10 days and something to make me expectorate (fun, fun!) -- and gave it to me all in a bag as free samples.

The bad news came when she talked to me about allergy shots. I really want to start having them and even the coming in weekly isn't an issue, BUT I can't afford it. When I told her this, she told me I should call my insurance company, surely they'd cover it, usually 80% and 80% of $18/week means I'd only pay $3.60 a shot.

Dr. Hirsch encouraged me to actually call BCBS to check. I had to fuss through their stupid automated phone system for like 20 minutes and then SADLY, they told me I only get covered after I meet my deductible. Since my deductible is $1000 and I'm only up to $120, looks like even if I had shots all year, I would have to pay the whole time.

Grrrr. $72/month is too much for me to pay, I think. I mean, I will check my budget and all, but I'm already spending that much on medicine and insurance as well, so then it would be like over $300/month on medical stuff when in point of fact I'm not awfully sick. Dr. Hirsch suggests come next January I schedule all my annual checkups at once and so any expenses that come up are in the deductible, so I can start shots... but I don't want to spend $1000 out-of-pocket just so I can have the pleasure of allergy shots. I *do* think they will help me a lot and I know my allergies are causing a lot of problems, but I fret about spending too much money when I could just suck up and deal.

I must be hormonal or something, I'm getting teary :(
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Dog day afternoon

I really need to stop watching Animal Planet, especially the Animal Miracles show. In addition to overexposing me to Alan Thicke, it makes me want to get a dog so bad! I even looked at the ones outside Petsmart at an adoption event last weekend and go looking a Petfinder too... I guess it's the same as looking up real estate in Albany and Troy -- I'm not ready to move or get a dog.

My place is really not the right environment for the kind of dog I like anyway. Big dogs are really my thing. Little dogs can kind of cute if they're somebody else's but I would never feel the same towards a little dog. My favorite dogs are things like German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Greyhounds. I love Mastiffs & St. Bernards too but I don't think I could ever afford to feed them! Anyway, even if I could go for walk 3-4 times a day, I don't think a retriever would be happy in 1000-sq.ft., even if he did have guinea pigs and birds to place with, he he. And dog hair in here too? In addition to the birds and pigs? That would not be doing myself a favor.

OK, so no dog. But look at this cutie! He he. No, I am not interested, just saying, if I were, this is a really nice looking dog.
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Waiting it out

You know, it's going to be WEIRD when this medicine works and my heat stops hurting. Today I told the doctor I've had this crap for a couple of months and I think I was actually underestimating it. Reading up on sinusitis, keep seeing over and over that it often leaves you tired and groggy because your head has that "I Just Woke Up" feeling all day long. Which is BINGO for how I am. But constant pain in the head does wear on your I'm sure. Hopefully though it's all better by the time I get on that BA plane 9 or 10 days from now...
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Must resist... must resist... must resist...

Do you think sticking a pipe cleaner through my head would fix things for me? I feel like I should get one of those cones they put on dogs so they don't chew themselves. I can't help wanting to clean my ears even though they are already clean. I will be so triumphant when this kak in my head goes away.
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Caleb update

So Caleb just called me from Chicago just now all drunk and then I get this email, which he send through his phone:

We are at a deutsche restaurant. I am so drunk. This is awful. Campari. Bye

It's almost haiku!

Poor Caleb, got taken to a German restaurant and he's a vegetarian. This is why I didn't bring him to anybody on our first trip to Germany together... until the last day, when I finally did and they served us raw herring... Ewwwerrhrh. (versailles_rose, that ties for worse-meal-ever, BTW.) He's trying to eat the pizza there but it's awful and everything else on the menu is either meat, vegies with pork in them or something fried. But Campari, yes! He's had enough of that, from the sounds of it. LOL.

So far I would say Caleb has been right on target for over-calling me. Yesterday (his first day up there) he called me somewhere around a dozen times. Today it's been "only" 5 or 6. It's true I'm not like some people who're in an office and can't take calls like that but I think he should realize that constantly contacting me not only is an annoyance to me but reduces HIS vacation b/c instead of experiencing it, he's on the phone! It's like people who take too many travel photos! Oh, well, small price to pay for the fact I can work & play uninterrupted a few days.
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Blast from the Past!

So an hour ago my phone rang. I grumbled to myself, anticipating yet another call from Caleb, only to find a familiar voice on the other end of the line: this woman Krista I haven't heard from for around 4 years! Caleb and I knew Krista back in our YouthPride days and had gone out and spent some time with Krista, going swimming at her apartment pool, going strawberry picking in some county south of here, etc. Krista and I even practiced and performed some flute duets together in a YouthPride performance event.

Anyway, we'd lost touch with her since she left her studies at Emory and now I guess she's at University of Minnesota close to finishing off her PhD in (I'm guessing) bio/genetic-engineering. The reason she called is she's coming down to Atlanta this weekend for Pride, staying with old friends from the Atlanta Pride Marching Band, and she wanted to know if we could hook up somehow. Caleb will be in Chicago through Sunday, so that leaves me.

I'm interested to see how much she's changed since I knew her, since she was rather shy & awkward socially, from years of being a geek working alone in a lab, but sweet as all heck. Krista has a hard time because she is not in any way "cool" but lives in this kind of positive, sincere cheerful mode that reminds me of somebody on Happy Days or something out of the 50s. Which is not typical. She also is still recovering from what I gather was an extremely restricted childhood living with super-fervent Catholics who made her feel everything is a sin and women have their place. (And she's a lesbian scientist, yeah.) Anyway, guess I'll be catching up this weekend. I gave her my mobile # and told her I'd be at the Outworlders booth all Saturday afternoon.

Kind of a surprise!
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