June 25th, 2004

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This is my brain in drugs

This morning I had to take 8 different pills.

BC (hormones), Singulair (lungs), Allegra (allergy), 2 Omnief (antibiotic for sinus infection), Bidex (expectorant), iron, and Vitamin E!

Chemical overload? I have one of those special pill dispensers with the days of the week now or my counter would be covered with bottles. I had a huge earache from the infection but I don't think aspirin is a good plan. At least the sinusitis treatment will only last a week.
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When it rains, it pours

Since LJ has been pretty incapacitated the past 1/2 day, got some stuff built up in my head (and not just mucus)...


It's rained here almost every day this week. I have low tolerance for anybody complaining about this, because it implies that the alternative (sweltering, 90-100 F weather with bad smog & allergens) is somehow preferable. I can happily deal with bouts of 80s weather punctuated by afternoon showers. We have a drought anyway from no precipitation this winter, so rain is a good thing.


This weekend is going to be a busy one! Tonight I hope to go out to see the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra do a free concert at Piedmont Park, as part of the opening day of Atlant Pride. Tomorrow afternoon I'm staffing the Outworlders booth in the park and probably will end up there 'til at least 6 and might wind up going out to dinner or drinks with people afterwards. Sunday is the parade and hopefully I'll end up with some fun people to watch; otherwise I'll just have fun watching it by myself.


Ears are still killing me, but it's somewhat comforting to know that in a week things should be better, just whenever the infection subsides.


Storm is back from Germany, had a fab times she is telling me. Hooray!
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Bush Campaigning for Kerry?

So murnkay mentioned the George W. web site had some videos people should check out. Biggest revelation: They have apparently hired some PR firm that enjoys playing jokes on its clients!


"Kerry's Coalition of the Wild-eyed"
(Go to this page to get the video link)

This video basically is nothing but clips of people (Gore, Kerry, Michael Moore, Dean, et al.) attacking the Bush administration & its actions. They are all doing this LOUDLY. Intercut with this are clips of HITLER! The inference you are supposed to draw (?) is that Kerry and friends are scremaing, fanatical fascists.

Now to me, it seems like this ad is a free ad for Kerry, because a) it doesn't do much to refute opponents, just quotes them and b) by using the notorious comparison to Nazis, Bush is making himself look like a bombastic, f***head! (Not that he hasn't before...) I think they should have kept this ad more straightfoward and said, "Hey, are you pissed off at Bush? Go vote for Kerry!"
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In fairness...

So I pushed myself into finishing TP's Monstrous Regiment. I would definitely agree the book *does* improve towards the end and the last 100 pages or so had me turning pages actually eager to see what would happen. I still would give the book about a 5 on a 10 pt scale since the rest of it held zero interest, but towards the end I thought it was actually getting funny and snarky in a good way. That said, I kind of think this book would have been better as a short story -- condensed down, it would have been a lot harder hitting and presumedly funnier.
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Been a while

I have a birthday coming up, makes you think back...

Things I used to do when I was younger but don't do much anymore

  • Listen to a lot of hardcore and punk
  • Go to big techno dances and get severely dehydrated by dancing for hours
  • Read almanacs
  • Sit around talking or singing into my tape recorder
  • Read poetry aloud (esp. Poe)
  • Read huge chunks of books aloud
  • Wear completely clashing, mismatched clothes on purpose
  • Do architectural layouts for homes, schools and hotels... for fun
  • Cross dress, including going out and trying to "pass"
  • Talk to dead historic figures or famous people (example, Bach, Spencer Tracy) -- nowadays I only talk to fictional characters
  • Obsessively read books about pregnancy
  • Read thick books of movie history, trivia and reviews, 'til my head was near bursting
  • Practice makeshift long-jump and kickboxing events, my own rules
  • Write lengthy letters to authors of non-fiction books telling them what facts they had wrong
  • Take up whole nights writing just one friend in Germany, these 10+ page letters, typed, single space, all in German

One other thing I just thought of, while not a "hobby": Playing with bugs in the garden, like sticking asparagus beetles in my ear to hear them click and collecting Japanese beetles off my grape vine so I could throw them in my "Pail of Punishment," i.e. a bucket of oil. Those beetles always used to eat my vines and I hated them.
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When is a Democrat not a Democrat?

In theory, I don't like the idea of a two-party system or the resultant binary partisanship that results.

But this doesn't keep me from being really pissed off at our state's DEMOCRATIC U.S. Senator Zell Miller, who loves Bush so much he not only has been endorsing his re-election, but has reportedly just beem asked to speak at the Republican National Convention.

Gah! And you know the man keeps saying (paraphrasing), "I'm still a Democrat, always have been, always will be, I just think the Democrats of today are on the wrong side."

He needs to retire like SO bad. I'm with my Rep. John Lewis who says, "It is unbelievable. It is unreal. It is a shame and a disgrace."
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