June 26th, 2004

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Vote for me!

You know, not that I ever want to be a politician, but don't think I even could. First of all, I would end up swearing a lot more than Cheney. Second of all, I doubt there are many politicians who get by saying they don't go to church. Third of all, there is so much stuff to blackmail me with, it's not even funny.
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Pigs on the Range

It's very amusing what games you can play with guinea pigs.

For example, put one pig on the floor of a large bedroom. She will just sit there twitching her nose.

Then put another pig on the floor, mayb 5 ft. away. She will also sit there twitching her nose.

Neither pig seems able to notice the other one.

But then, after a while, one of them will make a little noise, and then the other will twitch her nose a little more and make a little noise back.

Then the first one makes a few more noises and then, excitedly, the second one will make noises like a clucking chicken.

And then suddenly the piggies will stumble towards one another clucking merrily because although their eyesight is rather crap, they've found one another!

They then proceed to run all over the room together, although on their own they'd never attempt such a daring thing.
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Browsing for Browsers

OK, I admit it, for the past 6 months I've been using nothing but IE7. At my old work, I had like 6 browsers installed. With this latest web trojan deal, I'm reminded that I really, really need to diversify in the browser department, not just for security but because I need to be keeping an eye on cross-browser compatibility of my web sites. I've heard Netscape 7+ is actually pretty good but then I can't figure out if Mozilla would be better or if there's something else I should try.

Any advice? I would love to have tabbed browsing and anything that comes with a good bookmark system. By good, I mean that it lets you delete bookmarks w/o going into an edit menu, where you can't see what the site is. IE doesn't let you do this and it's one reason my bookmarks get so out of hand.
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Gay Pride

I spent much of today at Atlanta Pride. It was fun :)

Started out my day slowly, low-key, just breakfast, small stuff, but then around 11:30 I headed up to Piedmont so I could make good on my pledge to help staff the Outworlders booth. Turns out I wasn't really "needed" as such, since all day long there were about ten people who hung out in the booth and our "relaxation tent" immediately behind the booth... but anyway, had a great time. For the first three hours (the slot I'd signed up for), I pretty much stood out in front of the booth pimping our brochures (and showing off my spiky hair and red polyester pants).

Had a break finally, managed to go off for an hour checking out the rest of the festival, then hung up in the booth either relaxing or pimping 'til 7:30 or so. I gave a lot of people info and had them sign up :) Also ran into a lot of friends and lost acquaintances, plus sucked down fast amounts of our booth's free beverage store, plus probably 5 or 6 snacks. Aside from the sunburn I got on one shoulder and my temples (miss a couple spots), I have no regrets!

Tomorrow is the parade and I'll be out there at 1 over by Crawford Long ready to enjoy, scream, collect beads & other trinkets, and then follow the parade up back to the park, where I guess I'll probably pimp again. I will be more careful about the sun screen and ditch the poly pants in favor of shorts.


You know I swear I really enjoyed Pride today more than I have in a while. I think it's because usually I go with Caleb, who never like to stay at large outdoor events for long. Plus when I'm with him I feel like my sexual identity or whatever is just absorbed or obscured somehow. Or if I glance at anybody he has to make a big deal of it. Alone, I'm much more conscious of my own identity and am much more free about looking at people, less inhibited. I guess I just feel a lot more gay. The other day Caleb confessed he doesn't think of me as having a sexual orientation, and to him I'm "nothingsexual." I guess I feel the same way at times but it's not at all true really.


For a look at other Pride events happening this weekend around the world, see this article.
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