June 27th, 2004

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So I'm next door at the diner enjoying breakfast, thinking about various things, reading the newspaper, when suddenly I get this sinking feeling or really more of a skydiving feeling, accompanied by a sudden headache. Alas, what I term a "depression attack." It's an odd thing really, as I will be perfectly OK, content, and then suddenly all my thoughts will start going negative and I'll want to cry. That a particular kind of headache is associated makes it a little spooky, almost like a switch gets flipped and boom! happiness and contentment is gone.

I'm feeling a bit better now, like an hour later, but the exhuberance and optimism I had before breakfast is gone.
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Life in the circular file

So is there anyone who becomes NEATER when they're depressed? Or are depression and domestic sloppiness more or less universal partners? I am amazed at how quickly any plans of cleaning evaporate once I'm in the mode.

*digusted with self*
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Oh, and thanks to everybody who gave me advice on web browsers. If I'm smart I'll download a couple tomorrow and give them a spin.
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Hang ups, Pride

Caleb called me today as I was walking up to Pride and I told him how I had had a depression attack with the awful headache. He wasn't much sympathy there but then when he asked me about "E" I was really in trouble, since I confessed I had been skipping some exercise this week. "You better do it tonight!" he said and then when I said hell no, since I would be exhausted from being out at Pride all day, he hung up on me. Because I am Evil.

I admit I haven't been as good as I should be lately, in terms of exercise or my diet, but sheesh, I will never comprehend the whole hanging up the phone thing :(


Saw the whole Pride parade from the southern end, where it starts, and afterward followed it north and watched it (again) on 10th until the sky opened up and mass hysteria erupted! LOL. Watch out when tens of thousands of people try to run for cover at once!

I had some fun actually. Whipped out my umbrella and once the parade started pretty much becoming a free-for-all, ran across 10th to head to Piedmont Park.

On the way I observed some funny/absurd stuff:

- About 40 people had wedged themselves into the 10x10 tent in the Caribou Coffee parking lot

- Beer bottles, promo fans, flyers, and plastic beads floating swifting in the instant-river along the curb of Piedmont Ave.

- Huge white cross propped in Willy's outdoor dining area; I guess one of the Christians who'd been at the park gate all weekend took cover but couldn't get that cross through the door. It's a hard cross to bear.

By the time I got to our booth, I was a mess. My favorite pair of sandals proved to be *terrible* once they've been underwater and I got a giant blister on my left little toe, plus both my feet were basically dyed black. I took them off as soon as I got to the park and just walked through the puddles.

The book was fun, despite the fact that only had about 1 hr of non-rain all afternoon. The first storm petered out and people came into the park, we signed up some new people... and then a second storm hit and we were there seemed like forever waiting it out. Luckily everybody is nice and we just basicall chewed the fat, drank free Coke beverages and munched. Oh, and we got one of the members of the football team to come over and flash us a bit :) I left around 6.

So that was Pride!
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One more note from Pride:

Met a lady at our booth who was a transsexual in her 60s, had been living as a woman since the late 60s and "didn't regret it one bit." She had this look like she might have been from Alabama or someplace rural, where she pretty much was out on her own and pretty isolated from any trans politics or anything like that. She was all excited since she recently retired from a federal job and this was her first Pride.

One thing that totally cracked me up was that (after having been introduced to me as "somebody who knows about transgender stuff"), she asked me if I was. I said yeah and we talked and then she's like "You know, you look really good!" And I laughed and said, "Well, everything here, I was born with, no changes needed." She patted herself and said "Oh, well I didn't... well, I was lucky and didn't ever have to change anything, it's OK." So... that would be non-op?

She was spunky as heck, hope she had a good time and managed to keep her pretty red hat and bouffant hair-do dry!
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