June 28th, 2004



Killer headache is back. I was going to pick all the clothes off the bathroom floor but bending over reallllly is not something I want to do in this state. Taking dose of aspirin and going to bed, on the other hand...

Meanwhile Senor Racicot is home (late flight) and, judging from his first phone call, seems decidedly grumpy. I am going to try to stay out of his way tomorrow. I am sure I can't do anything right!
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Two more driblets from Pride

1) The toe blister is totally gross. I guess I am going to have to wear flip-flops for several days, until my trip Saturday, since it's on the top and I cant stand anything at all to touch it. Meanwhile I through the sandals in the garbage, because while at one time they were the most comfortable footwear imaginable, they have gone bad and I noticed the rain seems to have ruined them once and for all.

2) I looked totally awesome yesterday! Normally summer clothes are not "my thing" especially since I didn't have any shorts that really fit me, but yesterday I had on my short shorts I just bought, along with my skimpy "Mind The Gap" tank top I got ages ago... so in short I wasn't much covered, but I didn't look at all embarrassing. I was also proud I managed to get a lei (with no opening) around my waist and it was hanging all loosely. Anyway, I felt all healthy and glowing, which is unusual.
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Insurance Sucks

Well, I say in the subject insurance sucks although CAVEAT, some is a hell of a lot better than none!

Anyway, this month I have been very frustrated with my insurance. I got it set up in December, switching from the group insurance plan from my job to an independent version with the same company. When I set it up, I chose my plan specifically because it was nearly identical to what I had... only it apparently ISN'T! My old one had (I thought) a $500 deductible and yet I never paid for much, it was all "covered" -- and my new insurance has a $1000 deductible and I seem to have to pay for everything! The reason I got the higher deductible is that it had never mattered before. But now I am stuck with all these bills and/or the fact I can't afford things because I haven't met the deductible.

Right now I'm paying $250 for the breast exam I had in April. That was one expensive exam, if this is the portion I myself am paying! All because the doctor thought something didn't feel quite right. Sigh. I think the most annoying part of that bill was last week, when the hospital called me up pretending to be checking my address and then was like "Oh, so we have the right information, why haven't you paid the bill?" Honestly I have been utterly confused by their bill and my insurance company's notes to me about it, so I was just waiting to be threatened I guess!

I'm also paying another bill, for like $90 related to my last OB/GYN appt. For some reason, I am being charged for all the tests. Never happened before, don't know why it was this time. Regular tests of an annual exam are not covered by my insurance? What?

Then there is the allergy shots thing. Maybe if I have to pay for some more exams and tests I will meet my deductible and get to start the shots this year? Oh joy!
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Friends in high places

Caleb has SO got the hook-up!

During our upcoming trip, Caleb has plans to visit the village of Poundbury in Dorset, a sort of day-trip to see this new town built by Prince Charles' land development group. He's planning to do this on his own one day while I stick to London visiting the V&A or shopping or some such thing.

Anyway, he'd already worked this out when who should he meet in Chicago but the president of Prince Charles' land trust thingy! Apparently the guy has a CD of images he wanted to give to Caleb but didn't have handy, so when he found out Caleb would be in London, he invited him over. In addition, he offered to let Caleb see the PLANS for Poundbury and all these other developments being done in the U.K. as well as South Africa and other places. Meanwhile I guess he is now visiting the London office of some either government or royal ministry, he he. Hope he gets a nice V.I.P. pass out of it or something!

I really should make some effort to plan some places to visit while Caleb is doing planning stuff, as studying town plans isn't vacation fun for me, at least not when I'm in London and there are a few other possibilities of things to do.
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Jinxed it!

A couple of hours ago, I was thinking, "Hey, my ears don't hurt!" And this was great, 'cause then my medicine is working. But now they hurt again, ugh. What is that quote? "Do not question why you are happy or you will cease to be so"?
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Recognizing Metro Girl

I am starting to get really amused by the number of people who refer to me as Metro Girl. Just now Ed in Outworlders sent me an email saying "If you weren't such a Metro Girl and busy all the time..." As if "Metro Girl" is some kind moniker like Astro Boy or Wonder Woman :) I also have people who greet me with "Hey, Metro Girl!" and I've often been introduced as "the Metro Girl" (to which people say "Whoah, you are the Metro Girl?"

Good branding!
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I just installed Firefox as my web browser. I'm a little confused at the moment but mainly I it seems to be working. I've set it as my default browser as a way to force myself to start using it.

First priority: Killing the favorite toolbar along the top, totally unusuable. Love the built-in Google search that doesn't take extra space. I really wanted to get the Google toolbar but it normally takes up too much real estate.

ADDENDUM: 15 minutes later, I have to say the most impressive thing is how much faster it is. Wow! I notice responsiveness in sites (including LJ) that I'd considered sluggish before. I also like the fact that pop-ups I *ask* for work while ones they just come at you don't. I tested it on several sites that normally throw 2-3 pop-ups every time I use them and it caught them all. I wonder if something can block those flash ones that come in on a separate layer with the "Close" link hidden... ;)
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