June 29th, 2004

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So apparently a lot of Bush supporters are upset because Fahrenheit 9/11 is "not a documentary." They assert that documentaries tell the truth in an unbiased manner. However, if you look at any documentary, there is a bias in it, a message the filmmaker wants to convey. In some documentaries this is obvious (e.g. anything from F 9/11 to Pink Triangles) while in some its more subtle (e.g. Discovery Channel show about Ancient Egypt). Roger Ebert issued a great rebuttal to critics I think last week; that's here.

I wonder, do these critics think Fox News is really "fair and balanced"?
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2 Firefox Questions

I'm learning the new browser and have 2 questions:

1) How do I get tabbed browsing to be on ALL the time? So far the only way I have got tabbed browsing is if I right-click on a link and say "open in new tab." But every time I click on a link in an email or something, it opened a new window, not a new tab.

2) When I respond to LJ replies in my email and click "Post Reply," the form hits Firefox and I get an error message, like saying there is not Post or something. Is there a setting I need to fix? I love being able to reply to LJ via email.
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Gearing up

So I'm started to get excited about my trip. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

Of course I'm also super stressed at all the web projects I'm supposed to finish before I leave but when do I EVER get to leave town w/o everybody deciding they need my help?
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I've just joined another Yahoo! group. Thing is, it's in German. I think I will sit back a while before I try and actually say anything. Oh, well, the idea of being on the list for the Wraeththu LARP was just too good to resist.
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I scream for ice cream

So one of my favorite ice cream places in town, Jake's, recently opened a location right across from here, as in, where I work and live. As anybody could guess, this is both a good and a bad thing. Good because hello, I get their ice cream more often. Bad because... well, same reason!

I have been trying to space things out so I have only about one treat a week. Every time I try and have something different. Just now I had the Mimosa Sorbet -- tasted just like a mimosa! My favorite kind so far is Chocolate Slap Yo Mama. Not only is it yummy (chocolate with little chocolate cruchy things) but it's really fun to order! ("Yes, I'd like a Slap Yo Mama!") Also "Slap Your Mammy" is a song on Devo's famous Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! album, so hey, it is double-triple cool.
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Productivity = Pay

OK, well I *totally* feel better about my money sitaution now.

I just did a job for Caleb's company and when I looked at what my contract on it, I had to smile. One of those eeeeeasy work, ample pay jobs. Amount covers a basic project web site (which I have a template for, since I've done it before), periodic updates, and the usual visual preference survey (the toughest part of the project, takes about 4 hours to set up). What I really like about this deal is it's set up as 50% now, 50% later.

Caleb has been SO helpful to me of late! *smooch*

And now I have *another* one of these projects to create. I guess I can stop feeling sorry for the fact I had to pay like $2100 worth of bills this afternoon -- never a happy activity! (And if you think that's a helluva lot of bills for a single self-employed person to be paying... you would be correct!)

And so I can buy more stuff on my trip?
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