July 2nd, 2004

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Domestic Help?

OK, somebody must know...

I have this mini-skirt I really like, only the hem keeps curling up! It's stretch cotton. Would this be a case where starch is the only cure? I've tried ironing it (I own an iron, which I rarely use) but it doesn't work all that well.
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Wah, he called me gay!

This article from The Advocate really tickles me!

Gay libelous no more?
A federal judge has ruled that being thought to be gay can no longer be considered a bad thing

"In 2004, a statement implying that an individual is a homosexual is hardly capable of a defamatory meaning," [the judge] ruled.

The article notes this ruling might not fly in areas outside big cities or more conservative areas.

What I wonder is... would Liberace still be laughing all the way to the bank? He he.
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Most Embarrassing Moments in Driving?

In light of that woman driving an SUV into a swimming pool while learning to drive, I'm wondering:

What are people's most embarrassing moments in driving?

I haven't driven in 7-8 years but I can unequivocally state that my "moment" was when my driving instructor had me on I-495 (a *major* highway outside Boston) during a high-traffic period and I grew so wary of the upcoming on-ramp and the notion of "merging" that I slowed the car almost to a *dead stop*. Yup. On I-495!!!!! Man, did that woman scream at me. I think she nearly had a heart attack. Oops. I guess I am too neurotic to drive?

Now one other moment that involved a vehicle but what not strictly speaking a "driving" moment was actually the last time I really drove, when I had to rent an UHaul truck. Caleb and I were moving into our first apartment and all our stuff was at our friends' apartment. He was in Vermont at the time or no way would I have been the one to do *all* the moving and the driving. Well, I had got myself all psyched up for the event of driving (which I hadn't done in over a year!) and reread a driving manual. I filled out the paperwork, paid the deposit, etc., and then got the keys.

First of all, I was really nervous when I got in because instead of being a little truck like I ordered, it was a big one, a real *truck* not a pick-up. Second of all (and the embarrassing part), I was completely baffled by the fact that when I tried to find the gear shift thingy for Reverse, I couldn't find it. I got out of the truck and had to ask the guys where it was. It was then that they revealed to me that in some vehicles this is located on the steering wheel and there's a display in the dashboard. I had never seen that before! The guys let me drive the truck, if you can believe it! (Also, I drove the think without incident and they didn't charge me for gas because it was only like 6 miles total.)

Caleb's most embarrassing driving moment is probably the time he, Kristina and I were in college going down Route 9 and Kristina was trying to get the car sunroof to open. She turned the wrong screws and the thing *flew off* while we were going like 50 mph. It shattered into a million pieces, needless to say. Didn't hit any of the cars behind us though! Hmmm, I guess that's not embarrassing so much as lucky! (I'm not sure Caleb ever found a replacement hatch or if he did, it took a long time. For many months he simply had thick sheet of Teflon or something duct-taped over the hole, with the car's name, "BETTY" written across it in magic marker.)

P.S. Obviously I don't realy want to do this work Caleb has just given me to do. He he.
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Thanks to catscradle for spotting this one...

Bush campaign looks to organize churches

From this one article (I'd like to see more) that this move is not being too warmly received, either by liberals OR conservatives. I mean, this guy from the Southern Baptist Convention is appalled!

I am thinking though, about what it is that bugs me about this. Definitely candidates need to address their strongest bases, mobilizing people to vote is good and even if I HATE their campaign can't fault that... but really I think it's the utter arrogance of "turn over your membership lists" and "here are the steps to follow" that bothers me. Like he is the Daddy and the churches are his kids or something.
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ice cream

Copy paste copy paste copy paste copy paste

Ugh. Working on the first of the two visual preference surveys. I've hit that hungry-and-my-arm-is-gonna-fall-off phase. I think I may take a break and get some Thai food. Or ice cream. Or both. When I come back, all the work will have been done by the little gnomes who live under the cabinet. Right? OK, maybe not but I will be refreshed.
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Back to the 90s

So VH1 has launched its new I Love The 90s streaming radio station.

Since I have overloaded on the 80s lately, I thought I'd try it out. I'm interested in seeing how much I actually remember and what I like dislike.

So far one conclusion is I really hate Pearl Jam -- and any other band that sounds like that. I'm already worrying about how my player is stuck so I can't skip tracks -- what if they play Soundgarden? Eeeeek! On the other hand, there is some stuff I'd love to hear again, esp. stuff from 1994-1995 summers, which were great summers for me, radio-wise.
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Memories, misty grungy watercolor memories

Well, one project done, one invoice I can send once I get back, for some major bucks, yay!

Still listening to 90s stuff. I seem to recognize about 1/2 of it. I don't know why, but I keep waiting for "Keep 'Em Separated" to come on. I'm sure a lot of people HATE that song, but I always loved it for its sheer rowdiness.

Right now "Closer" is on... ah, now that brings back memories. I have the single with like 8 versions of it, which I used to play on repeat. I remember getting that CD at Emerald Square Mall on a trip with Kristina and John one summer. Also remember listening to it on a mixer CD while waiting for Caleb to pick me up from a Big Y parking lot in North Adams. And I remember it emanating from Erica's room on weekends when her girlfriend was visiting and they were getting "closer."
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Desinging Woman?

I've taken several IWA-HWG classes (online) and they've been really helpful -- esp. the last one I took, in search engine optimization. Today I got their latest mailout and I'm tempted to take this design concepts course (not web design, but design principles). The thing is, I'm worried it's something I'm overqualified for. I mean, I am not a complete idiot when it comes to design. I do have taste, I have an "eye" for color even if I don't know "color theory," I've studied typography and know the basic stuff... so I'm not somebody like my mother who really doesn't know anything. The reason I would like to take the class though, is that I think it might be good to really get some kind of formal breakdown of the elements and maybe make some kind of jump into better design. Will think about it I guess... have until the 18th to decide since that's when it starts.
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Your love is so edible to me

All I wanna do
Make a meal of you
We are what we eat
You're my kind of meat

"I Eat Cannibals" - Toto Coelo

He he. I would love to do a group karoake of this song in costume. Possibly with everybody doing it in a German accent (for no real reason).

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Late night with Falco

Er war ein Punker
Und er lebte in der großen Stadt
Es war Wien, war Vienna
Wo er alles tat
Er hatte Schulden denn er trank
Doch ihn liebten alle Frauen
Und jede rief:
Come on and rock me Amadeus


Alllllmost done with this second survey thing. Glad the plane doesn't leave 'til evening or I would have to pack now! Being soothed by 80s hits. Coincidentaly Peter Schiller is now playing, right after [see above].


Caleb got new walking sneakers for the trip and is apparently packing as he called me an hour ago to ask if Storm might have a washing machine for his underwear. I'm sure he'll come up more bizarre last-minute questions tomorrow. Other mysteries: Is he really going to have me read the "Gay Greek Myths" to him on the plane? Or the CNU Planning newsletter? I pity whoever sits with us, if anyone!
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