July 6th, 2004

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Running About

I'm relaxing a bit after a long day in Birmingham and staying up way, way late last night.

Storm, Caleb and I watched a movie (Paycheck, not bad) and over a lot of vanilla rum & cola, sat up talking 'til around 3 a.m. -- subjects paranormal experiences, past lives, ghost stories, spirits of places, the nature of consciousness (and me losing my grip on it occasionally). Lost track of time though and once we realized, dashed to bed b/c we'd wanted to get up in time for a train sometime before noon.

Went in to Birmingham on a noonish train. Went to the big arts museum there, main attraction being the collection of pre-Raphaelite art; rest of the museum was mainly dumbed down or run down a bit due to all the school groups that come through. Afterward we wandered around 'til we found a good Cantonese place where we were the only people using the English menus. We stuffed ourselves for a good long time before going into this big mall there. We discovered some really incredibly nice public restrooms, I bought a shirt at New Look, and Storm picked up some fake pearls, a hairpiece and some DVDs. So... we shopped!

Finally we got the train home, unfortunatley one around 5 and unfortunately not the same type we'd come in on, an express, but one that went south of B. before pulling around up north, and meanwhile stopping at just about *every* station along the route... Stafford was stop 18 or something and the last one. We had to stand for probably an hour before enough people got off so we could sit. PACKED train! By the last 3 stops we had the car almost to ourselves though. Jim picked us up at the station; was great since our legs were so sore by that point.

At the moment Caleb is out on a 'brisk walk' around Stafford, while Storm has just had a nice soaking bath and Jim's gone off to work I think. Tonight plans are to watch Suspiria and Storm and I to do some editing work. I'm in a mood for some reading, so that'll be nice.
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