July 7th, 2004

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I was just doing this virtual world thingy again with Storm. I realy don't get what the attraction is. Actually I totally understand how a virtual world thing could be cool but this one isn't really... seems to be just a lot of 'Hey, what's up?' and standing around type stuff. Reminds me of when my roommate Liza would spend 12 hrs. day in a hiphop IRC going 'Whazzup!' Why have avatars and stuff if really there's nothing going on? And if you're not doing that, why not talk about other stuff? Like real converstations? What is the point really? I have not dabbled much in it but at this point, don't have any desire to. I enjoy regular chat, even with multiple people, but it seems to be there should be a point to it. This one reminds me of being in one of the old video games like LeisureSuit Larry, moving setting to setting with various odd characters around, the ability to move about, gesture, do things, collect things, but there isn't a plot (like find the Grail, get laid, save Earth from destruction). *Shrugs* I think this is another aspect of me just not 'getting' most games. It's a kind of social interaction that doesn't appeal I guess.
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