July 9th, 2004

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This is Stafford, Pt. 2

Surviving in Stafford. Ha! Actually I'm OK, just a bit bored as we haven't been doing much beyond watch moving, eating, drinking, and rubbing cats.

Yesterday afternoon a few of us did a ritual and then in the evening we had lovely visitors -- Anne Sudworth and her hubby Warren, who stayed all evening. We had great 'take away' (chicken korma for me), chatted 'til laaaate, had fun with wigs (Storm gave me her X-Men 'Storm' wig), la la la fun.

This morning I got up at 8 (amazing, since we've slept 'til 10 or 11 every day here) and felt really awake. Had breakfast and read the paper downstairs, then after talking to Jim and getting a housekey, went into town. I like Stafford, esp. during the day when it's busting, mainly with old white-haired biddies. Preditably I bought stuff at Superdrug (more hair dye!) and then got clothes, including a smart skirt from Marks & Spencer and then this real DEAL at New Look -- a silk skirt for £2! Had a frappuchino from the Sainsbury's Starbucks and then walked back here.

This afternoon we've so far watched Suspiria, which I'd brought from home. The movie has a great set and soundtrack but the acting and story (as Storm put it) 'leaves a bit to be desired.' (Esp. since we watched The Sin Eater (The Order, US title) the other night and had some comparison of a really *good* horry movie of the non-silly variety.) Anyway, now Storm and Gabby are doing some IP errands and Jim is out front with a jackhammer blasting away the concrete from the front yard, so they can have a real garden. I'm really hungry so I think I'll go fix myself some leftover pizza. *stomach growls*
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