July 14th, 2004


Back from England

So I'm back again.

I must say, it's really depressing to come back here. When the plane touched down, a lot of my fellow passengers cheered and were immediately going off on how glad they were to be back and soon able to enjoy McDonalds ("Damn European food was inedible!"), have their cars back, and get warm. Meanwhile the temp is like 95 with humidity likewise... basically stinky armpit weather. Yuck. I can't say I was thrilled with the non-summer weather we had in England (highest it got was 70 F) but this alternative, plus the city itself, is just gross!

I should be awake for a while, settling in. I'm waiting for SpamKiller to go through all my email. My piggies just got fed (they were very squeakily alive when I got back) and I've had a shower. No idea what I'm going to scrounge for dinner but I will definitely do laundry right away. Even though I got to wash my stuff twice during the trip most of it is terribly stinky. After that I'll sort out everything I bought and probably post a list of it, per custom :)

All in all, I had a very good time, a huge breather from regular life and I can't wait to see the pictures! (Which of course, will be posted here soonish.) I'll write more later as I settle in.
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How I Packed This All, I Have No Idea

Some people go on trips and spend a lot of time getting a massive culture dose, going into museums, historic sites, etc. Apparently I am over that stage because while I do (and on my most recent trip, DID) visit lots of places, even important ones, I really seem to end up making my excursions into MASSIVE SHOPPING TRIPS! Continuing an LJ tradition, here's my "take" for this trip, along with a picture** :) Except for the pretty mugs I got my parents and a piggy treat, this is pretty much all for me.

Yikes, look at that!

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Caught on Video!

I feel that I'll be in bed shortly, but before that, here's one of the short video clips Caleb and I did with my digital camera. This was the highlight of yesterday as far as Caleb was concerned:

Giant pigeon hops onto my leg
AVI format, 4.67 MB

Shortly after this bit, this same beast got onto Caleb's lap and sat there eating a tuna fish sandwich practically out of his hand. This was in St. James' Park in London, home to some of the world's tamest pigeons.

If anybody can't see the AVI format, I did it in 2 more formats. Probably I will post the rest of the clips in one of those alt formats.
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Best Of

Oh, and one more thing:

Since Caleb and I have already discussed it, I think my favorite thing from the whole trip was a visit to Devil's Dyke, north of Brighton. Absolutely unbelievable view of Southern England and on top of that, there was a guy parasailing, just hanging up in the air. I also figured out that from that spot I could basically see where my family comes from, since I know the Darlings are from the area just west of there.

Actually Sunday, the day we made that visit, was really the nicest day in the whole trip. Woke up at Rob's parents' house in Sussex, then had a really full afternoon: long visit to Sheffield Park (spectacular garden / park), the cities of Lewes and Hove and then Devil's Dyke. Back at the house, Rob's mom laid out a whole fancy sit-down English dinner, which was all wonderful, and then we drove back to London.
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