July 16th, 2004

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Picture Post: Fashion

"It's a brand new talk, but it's not very clear... They do it over there, but we don't do it here..."

My London fashion report: Pink, Black and White are IT. Also, serious early 80s fashion (think Madonna), lots of ripped jeans, ripped & layered shirts, legwarmers... It was hilarious. Should arrive in US in 6-8 months if pattern holds.

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Don't know if it was formatting those pictures or what but I had the most horrendous headache. Well, guess I will forget about my "work" list for a bit, I can't possibly continue working with a spike through my head.

Just took an hour "off" and my headache is finally receding. Interesting, I took 2 aspirin and waited 45 minutes, but nothing happened the headache. Then I took 4 big pieces of the 75% dark chocolate I brought from England and 15 minutes later, headache was fading away.
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I guess I could never be a real jet-setter. I feel so rotten from jet lag. So funny how I can feel so great on vacation, all "restored" and then as soon as I get back I feel horrendous. At the moment I am pretty much avoiding doing any work because I still have a bit of heacache and feel dizzy and nauseous. I can't sleep either :(
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Fat Friday

I found this interview yesterday. I was going to post it with a lot of my own thoughts but I think it would just end up getting me into a huge argument so I will just post the link.

Keep Yer Flab On

I know this is a really sensitive topic for some people and they can't cope with the notion ("Anybody who says being fat is OK is in denial!") but I think that's really the POINT of the interview. Society is currently gripped by a fever of people basically obsessed with control of the body, an outgrowth of the whole Puritan thing, similar to repressing sexual urges. Try to confront people with that and they will cry foul.

I myself am guilty of it, although I will say that the ideal weight I am going for will still leave me "fat" in some people's eyes... "shapely" in mine. Caleb has said things like go for 155 -- but I would be Kate Moss like at that point! LOL. Nobody 6'0" should weight less than 160 really unless that's just how they naturally are w/o trying. (My sister was like that until her early 20s, 6'3 and 150 lbs.)

Not that there ISN'T a problem, BTW. There is. It's just the societal definition of the problem that is problematic.
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Small type?

Help wanted!

Using Firefox, it seems like the font size on my Metro Girl web site is too small. I have it done with cascading style sheets.

As a favor, can people tell me what the font on this page looks like to them?

Is it normal size or kind of "small" print? I still haven't found that "perfect size" font to specify in style sheets and neither can I find any really definite guide, so I try 12 pt, small, smaller and am not sure which is best.

Well, I upped the size to "small" and it looked A-OK in Firefox but too big in IE. So I set it to 12 pt and now it looks great in both. What frustrates me is that all the CSS stuff I read says "Don't set a specific size, that is WRONG and defeats the purpose of CSS, accessbility...." BUT I don't see what choice I have since I clearly don't want to leave it up to browsers to decide whether my font size comes out normal or not. I swear, some days I just want to go into print publishing and forget this crap.
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Redundant Clothing?

I was just putting the two new shirts I bought in England and it made me realize, "Hey, Wendy, you have a LOT of black and white 'boob shirts'!" LOL. Actually counted and I have 8. For like 6 of them there are those little string loops so I can hang them on hangers -- otherwise with the big necklines they have they'd never stay on! He he. I also have 3 black and white dresses, over 7 or 8 plain black shirts, 8 or 9 black skirts and.... jeez, just not a hell of a lot of pastels. I think besides black and white, my favorite color to wear is red. But only with black.

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I [Heart] Wikipedia

Well, Wikipedia is addictive reading anyway, but somehow tonight I stumbled into a section about famous transssexuals and then famous GLB people and DAMN, I just couldn't stop reading! That second list is really quite long and impressively filled with a ton of people I really, really like! And along the way I've learned things, like Freddie Mercury grew up in Zanzibar and Hitchcock was Catholic. (Yes, there WILL be a quiz later!) Plus of course there are a lot of "WHAT!" moments as I find people on the list even I never suspected were gay or had done gay "things," like Alec Guiness. Hello, WHAT?