July 18th, 2004

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Wikipedia fun... again

Oh, dear, I just lost another hour to Wikipedia. This time I started on old time movie stars, which used to be a huge, huge interest of mine. I have to say, I am really disappointed in how weak some of the entries are -- guess most of the people on Wikipedia just don't know or care enough. That can be remedied of course! I looked up my old favs Buster Keaton, Erich von Stroheim, Spencer Tracy, Peter Lorre, Louise Brooks, on and on.

And THEN I got a list like the gay list last night, only this one is famous Jews. Whoah. That is a cool list b/c I swear there were a T-O-N of people I had never thought about being Jewish but who are. And I realize it's a questionable thing to assume I would somehow know but all the same it was enlightening even to me and I grew up rather enveloped in Jewish things, even if my dad is a WASP. This is the kind of list to give to somebody who says they have "never met a Jew" or something because there are like a zillion people on the list (leading me to think Adam Sandler's "Hannakah Song" could have been a 5-hour epic).

The longest list of the different categories is probably the one of famous actors & actresses (which led me to get sidetracked reading about William Shatner and then the movie Incubus, which is in Esperanto and I recommend.) The most pointless category is the one of Old Testament figures... I mean, aren't MOST of the characters Jewish? I mean, the ones who aren't just don't have the starring roles. I mean, I guess the pharoah weren't Jewish and all but... listing out famous Jews of the Bible seems like padding. *snerk*

There is no list of Famous Methodists, I noticed. *rolls eyes*
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This article from today's Boston Globe does a good job of showing just where Dubya's heart is... and how if he had a change of heart now, nobody would believe it anyway.

I'm putting it behind a cut b/c the Globe will take it down in a week.

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Stupid stupid human tricks

This is so un-funny.

Prankster uses plastic wrap as road trap

This sad incident reminds me of an incident 1-2 years ago where teenage boys in Massachusetts rolled some old truck tires from a field into a road. A kid driving home from college for Christmas hit the tires, which couldn't be seen at night in the dark, and died. And those kids were "so sorry" but nothing can be undone.
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A couple of weeks ago I got into a conversation about human lifespans, in particular the notion of having "good genes" or a family where people live to ripe old ages. During the course of this conversation the thought came to mind that my family doesn't score very high in that department.

Some people can boast of their grandma who lived to 98, their great-uncle who's 105, but the top age for anybody in my family was my grandmother, who lived to 79. My other grandparents died at between 70 and 75. My dad has said his grandmother (my great-grandmom) lived to be "old" but I would guess she died in the 1940s so probably that would make her in her 60s. My dad's parents both died of a lethal combo of cancer and diabetes (everybody on that side of the family has Type 2), my mother's father had lung cancer and Oma (my grandma) had a stroke. Right now my dad is 70 and my mom is 68. Dad has a lot of health problem but Mom is like Oma and doing very well; she's the same age Oma was when I was born! They have 7 grandkids, ages 2-16.

This is kind of morbid and depressing but I guess I need to remind myself that the average lifespan in sub-Saharan Africa has dropped to about 35 years.
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Project That Don't Go Away

I have like 5 people/companies who want me to web sites for them, or do web site redesigners. Among them: my condo association, a friend of mine, an art gallery, Caleb's company, a clothing retailer... And yet there is Mat Man. Whose project is supposedly at the "urgent" stage and will be done by Aug. 1 yet which feels like it will never be done. If this crap was out of the way I would be running around following up on all these great offers, but as it is, I feel I am "busy" and won't be able to do anything right away. It's like being in a store and not having any money because you loaned it to somebody. You have it, yet you don't! Aaargh!

*OK, back to work*

Ah! And that reminds me! What the heck happened to my real estate client! That project has been stop-start. I'll start it and go to her and she'll promise me the info I need to do the site, then she won't send it. Then finally she does and I do some work, show her, and she says she just changed her mind and needs to give me more info. Four weeks later... *annoying woman!*
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VH1 Tech Support is getting a letter...

Ever since I went to using Firefox, my VH1 Radio player has been acting weird. Main problem being the controls have disappeared and I have to listen to every track -- no skipping over stuff I don't like. Which can be really, really annoying if (like today) I'm listening to Rock & Roll Essentials get stuck with "In A Gadda La Vida" (sp?) -- the 17 minute version! -- TWICE in one day! I've 1/2 of once is enough!

I think I'm going to cook some dinner now, as I don't want to switch off the channel, but neither do I want to listen to the 4 minute bongo solo...
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This is what happens...

...when I have a mixed drink before "getting back to work":

I find myself going through Wikipedia looking up 1950s rock stars and then looking up lyrics...

...so I wind up belting out "You Belong To Me" and "Sea of Love."


*back to work*
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I need to remember this, probably nobody else cares

I was for whatever reason recalling some bits of gossip and memories from the church I was raised in and remembered this family the Kolitzes. Nancy was a member of our church and would sometimes bring her daughter Sarah, who was extremely precocious. Her husband was an Orthodox Jew. I never knew exactly how Orthodox until I was going through my confirmation and picked Nancy as my sponsor. Somehow my parents invited Nancy and her husband over for dinner. I remember my mother fretting over what to serve, since we couldn't have anything that was very obviously not kosher, but as I recall, turns out Mr. Kolitz, who wore all black and had an enormous beard, basically didn't eat anything at all because he would only eat things prepared in his own kitchen. This was before I got into my phase of studying Jewish law and whatnot (yeah, there's a geek passtime) and I was quite fascinated with this guy. Later on (here comes the church gossip) he and Nancy either separated or divorced, after Nancy went into the ministry, which was a bit much. I have no idea what happened to Sarah or if she ended up following Christianity or Judaism or something or nothing else.
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Well, duh!

Filled with manic energy, I took this test and:

  • My #1 result for the SelectSmart.com selector, Are You Bisexual?, is Congradulations! You're Bisexual! Either That Or -Really- Open-Minded!


    Honestly, I don't think I have any preference whatsoever. In fact, I have trouble wrapping my head around the idea of only being attracted to one sex (or one gender or one whatever). To me it it's like saying you like chicken but not turkey... or isn't it snails and oysters? LOL. Anyway, I think there are differences to be found betweeen the sexes but I can't imagine thinking only one set is the attractive one. Of course most gay and straight people can't imagine another way. And that is cool, I'm not asserting any superiority here, although I am 100% happy where I'm at.

    *pops another Tresor mint and goes back to work*
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