July 19th, 2004

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The Nomi Song

Whoah, after reading this review I really want to see this movie. The concert footage sounds incredible, not to mention I want to hear this voice of his! Of course since I only can find ONE review of this, I suspect it just came out and is a very small release. I *hope* it comes to Atlanta!
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Ganked from several folks

wearing: black satin nighty and blue fuzzy bathrobe

hair: dissheveled

makeup: none

ate today: nothing so far

last said: talked to myself this morning but don't remember what I said

last phone call: probably Caleb calling me about going out for ice cream yesterday

in your bag: errr... my bag???? if question means purse: wallet, keys, phone

playing on your iPod: N/A

desktop picture: same as my default LJ user icon

last watched on tv: i love the 90s: 1998

last website visited: The Puzzles Society Games & Puzzles (for my daily crossword)

plans for today: work, errands

last thing bought: ice cream at Jake's

last showered: yesterday morning

last IM: Caleb yesterday

I need: to finish Mat Man's web site

looking forward to: finishing Mat Man's web site

worst part of the day: the 2 hours after I wake up when I'm not awake (plus any time I'm working on Mat Man's web site)

best part of the day: between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. -- I'm most creative and awake

favorite person of the day: er, nobody so far

thinking about: I'm hungry

current annoyance: my birds keep waking me up with barrages of chirping
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How to have a birthday party

I want to have a nice party for my 30th birthday next month. I know where I want to have it and have talked to the place -- Jake's in their basement with the old bank vault -- but I'm feeling reticent about reserving it. Or having the party. Caleb told it was tacky to have your own birthday party. Now, I've done this before so maybe I'm just tacky. After all, not like he is going to throw me a party just because I want one. Pooh. Anybody see a reason why I should not arrange for me and a few friends to have a Sunday afternoon ice cream birthday party? I just *hate* when it's my birthday and nothing happens. (One time my own parents forgot my birthday WHILE I was still living in the house and only remembered the day of, when I asked if we could go get ingredients for my cake.)
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Quoting the NY Times

With his frustration mounting this weekend over his inability to muscle a budget through the Legislature, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger called his Democratic opponents "girlie men" and vowed to work to unseat them in November.

Afterward he promised "TO PUMP YOU UP!"

Just kidding. Although he did also call Dems "kindergartners" (he should know, he was Kindergarden Cop, right?) and promised to "terminate" them. And no, I am not quoting The Onion.
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Rude bike cops

I just faxed the GSU Police Dept. to cuss out some of their officers. I was at my client's restaurant a block from here, enjoying lunch when these three bike officers came in for lunch -- with their three mountain bikes. This restaurant doesn't really have room for people to bring in bikes but they were totally inconsiderate and brought them in. Then 2 minutes later, guess what, they get an emergency call and have to bust out of there. They were in such a rush to leave, but the place they parked was so awkward and narrow they had to struggle -- and the last guy out caught his bike on a corner of the wall and ripped the molding off! No goodbye, no apology. The owner, my client, was quite ticked off and said he'd cuss them out if they dared come in again, but I wanted to do some follow-up on my own. I told the department their officers should lock their bikes up outside like everybody else or use some common sense.
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Drat, I have to clean!

Well, my broadband seems to have decided to take a Monday afternoon nap. I still have my dialup account, which I just used to send an invoice Caleb needed ASAP and which I'm using now, but I guess this just gives me an opportunity to clean my office and stuff. In fact My office is 3/4 clean already from working about an hour on it. I don't really want to face the accessory work area next to me, where all the papers and discs are scattered, but I guess w/o broadband I am forced to.
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Fox being challenged

Anybody interested/annoyed/outraged by Fox's whole "fair and balanced" marketing should be interseted to know that the Independent Media Institute, parent organization of AlterNet, filed a legal challenge with the U.S. Trademark Office that seeks to strip Fox of its "Fair and Balanced" trademark registration on the grounds that it was "merely descriptive" (making it ineligible for trademark registration) as well as "false and misleading."

From the linked article:
We have no problem with Fox News being an unashamed spokesperson for the GOP, or even an outlet for conservative propaganda, in what is after all a free marketplace of ideas. But when Fox is allowed to frame its distorted, ideological point of view as "fair and balanced," we're all in trouble. What they're really saying is that anyone who disagrees with or challenges the conservative line is biased or a flat out liar – or just plain wrong. That kind of dangerous reasoning has to be challenged, whether it's coming from the White House or Bill O'Reilly.

Oh, and it says in the article that for a minimum $30 contribution to their legal fund, you get a free copy of the video Outfoxed about Fox.
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Somebody I know (in fact, somebody who reads this LJ) recently got engaged. Naturally, as these things do, it's got all sorts of cams and gears running in my head. Like...

...I really can't possibly imagine getting married. I guess that either means I'm not "grown up" yet or I have matured into spinstserhood. I do know that I have never at any point in my life had any drive to get married.

...Going along with that, I also can't really imagine going out with anybody or being in a relationship. I don't sit around thinking about it either. I have 10 billion other things to think about. I think I were dating anybody, the person's biggest complaint would be that I'm totally distracted with other stuff (well, unless they were in the perfect mate, in which case they'd understand and not be a damn attention-hound). I'm far to insular and isolated to step into that whole arena. Possibly I always will be.

...Lately have noticed myself making statements like "Well, I'm not going to have any kids" -- definite statements, rather than "It's highly unlikely" or "It's probably not going to happen." I guess this goes right along with not being oriented towards a relationship... the whole building a family thing isn't important to me. I'm more interested in writing a novel, getting a nice townhouse, finding new places to travel than I am in creating a family unit. And I guess it's not bothering me.

...This all said, I am open to the possibility that sometime in the future I will meet somebody who changes my life by being so irresistable I actually do find them more interesting than my hobbies, career, etc. I am highly romantic and I do have fantasies about high-fantasy perfect match type deals. Who knows, I might end up some day looking back at myself, as I am today, and saying, "What a lonely, self-centered person I was back then! I didn't know anything!"

...I'm turning 30 in about a month and I guess I'm really doing pretty well -- self-employment, own a home, regularly travel to Europe, had a book published, edit my favorite author... Life is good.
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