July 20th, 2004

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Party poll

Poll #323354 party time

I'm trying to decide when to have my birthday party. I'm having it at an ice cream parlor on a weekend. What time is best? (Not for YOU to go, but just in general, as far as parties go...) I want to have it Sunday (since that would be my actual birthday) but I don't know if that's a weird time to have a party.

Saturday afternoon (3-5ish)
Saturday evening (7-9ish)
Sunday afternoon (3-5ish)
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A variety of moans

So Dreamweaver just "forgot" about 20 of my web site profiles. Gone. So I just had to set them up again. Aaargh! That's the second time this year and it happened last year once too.

I actually have the whole MX 2004 upgrade -- bought it last month -- but I haven't installed it because I'm afraid it will mess up or complicate current projects like Mat Man's. The last thing I want is some new program I don't understand going and "helpfully" doing something that wrecks 1 1/2 years of work!


Woke up this morning with a sore throat. Thank you, cracicotus, for sharing your malady with me as well as malibran! Just kidding, I know you didn't mean it...


Cleaned out office yesterday evening and finally hung up my big framed Babes in Bagdad movie poster, so now Paulette Goddard and Gypsy Rose Lee have their bosoms hanging over me as I work.

Meanwhile the bedroom looks like a tornado hit it.


Have been reading Sime-Gen stuff again lately. It's so weird because esp. when talking of the books, they really kind of suck, but there is something really compelling about the storyline. And I still keep reading that one fanfic novella over and over, like somehow it can make up for the overall weirdness of the genre...
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Boston getting trashed

I found this Boston Globe article that's the perfect mix of modern-day security madness and Boston:

Neighbors fume over can removal
Security measure yields untidy result
By Donovan Slack, Globe Staff
uly 20, 2004

It was only common sense: Take the public trash cans off Boston streets and remove potential hiding places for bombs during the Democratic National Convention. But what security planners and city officials didn't count on was that people would still throw garbage into the black metal frames that held the cans.

"That's kind of weird," Donald Contois said, as he crumpled up a 7-Eleven taquito wrapper and went to discard it in an overflowing frame near the corner of Mount Vernon and Charles streets yesterday afternoon. He was working a construction job around the corner and had been busy taking down scaffolding, he said, "so it would look pretty for the convention."

Pretty it wasn't on Beacon Hill yesterday. Under blooming window boxes and faux gaslights on the hill's quaint, tony main streets, Starbucks Coffee cups and cigarette butts toppled out of the trash can frames onto narrow brick sidewalks. Over the weekend, city workers began removing public trash cans on much of Charles and Cambridge streets. By yesterday afternoon, complaints flooded the local neighborhood association, and many business owners fumed as they watched the trash pile up outside their stores.

"Now, it's a mess," lamented Alex Marder, owner of Simmons Liquors on Cambridge Street, where an overflowing trash can frame stood a few feet from a planter he had recently filled with purple and pink flowers. "People throw out here, they throw out there, they don't care!"

Boston police ordered the city to remove trash barrels until Aug. 1 from 30 downtown streets, including some in the Back Bay, the North End, and the Theater District.

More here.
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Aparently I have that throat bug Caleb had. Woke up with a soar throat and it seems to be getting worse as the day goes on, sort of working its way downward. Certainly will keep me from being a loud mouth ;)

Just did 2 more mat product pages for Mat Man, plus revisions to Murrell's restaurant menu and an estimate for doing my condo's web site. Overall not too terribly unproductive considering I feel like crap.

I will now go out and vote. Local elections, for stuff like City Council President, county judges, a 1% sales tax for water & sewer (so badly needed it's no funny), etc. Really wish they still had elections at the main library across the street but seems they are now determined to hold it at this Presbyterian church that's practically in Midtown.

After voting, I think I might try and take the bus up to Utrecht art supply shot and see about some frames. Now that my poster is up, I want to frame a few examples of my artwork -- mainly stuff I did as a kid or teenager. Going to put up my "Nosferatu" series, he he. Once that's done I'll have one wall all done and then I can face up to framing the several other posters I have, which are thankfully smaller.
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I'm glad I missed seeing this

I've seen some weird stuff on the streets of Atlanta but this is something I'd just as soon avoid seeing:

Cheesy, nude Monn arrested
MARYVILLE, Tennessee (AP) -- Michael P. Monn's birthday celebration went a little awry when he was arrested while drunk, nude and covered with nacho cheese...

Chuck Shepherd will post this to his Weird News eventually but I just thought I'd share it first.
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Bubbling with bits of info

So I made it back from voting and shopping for frames. Surprisingly got all the frames I needed and managed to carry them home on the bus without incident. My office is alllllmost on its way to looking cared for.


I just got a second email about BA's special sale. I went and checked and with the sale, I could go to England again in either November or winter sometime for under $400 RT. Don't know if my friends there would be interested in seeing me again but I'm rather game! Of course my family at that point would be like, "You fly to Europe more than you fly to Boston!" but, alas, OK, they might be right.


Throat is still sore, but not quite as bad. Which is odd considering I was just walking around in the gross Atlanta air. I wonder if today was a bad air alert day -- certainly felt like one!


The vote seems to be for my birthday party to fly on the Sunday afternoon. I'll go in tomorrow and reserve it, along with one or two nice ice cream cakes. I'll also make a list of people to invite so I know what kind of bevs or snacks I might need. For theme, I'm not sure but the party will be in an old bank vault, so there's pre-existing atmosphere. How about the "Laughing All the Way to the Bank" party?
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Damnit, I really wish Kerry had some GUSTO! Or, rearranging those letters... GUTS!

But know, instead we have this:

Tip-Toeing on the Platform
The platform that delegates to the Democratic National Convention are expected to approve is a tepid document largely defined by Kerry's fear of being identified as a liberal.

Gimme a break. I think it's pathetic that for years and years Sen. Kerry makes merry with Ted Kennedy, liberal as you please, and now he thinks he can sort of go back in the closet? WTF? This is an editorial cartoon just waiting to happen.

Meanwhile I like the closer of the article:
But even with that improvement, Jackson correctly notes, "This is a cautious platform. It says the one priority of Democrats is to beat George Bush. That's a good goal. But I'm still looking forward to the day when we recognize that the best way to elect Democrats is not with caution but with the boldness that builds mass movements for change."
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