July 22nd, 2004

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Here and there

Well, I'm still sick today, but there are some improvements. For example, I'm back to normal snot instead of gallons of clear fluid. All afternoon and evening yesterday I felt like I was having some massive allergic rhinitis attack. Who knows, maybe I was. Today it's more like a simple cold again.

Got tea on hand. Listening to classical music from local public radio. Just achoo'd. So much going on!


For the past few days I've noticed my piggies are acting weird. I keep catching them growling at one another and I think they're fighting a bit. They're definitely grumpy. I am keeping an eye on them. Maybe after I clean out their cage (hopefully today) they will get all nice again.

My birds are very noisy lately. They're very excited the starlings are back in town and have been sitting in the window squawking at them, flying back and forth across the living room excitedly. (I dunno why I put up with them, honestly. They don't get excited over ME.)


Finished 7 products last night and feel less dread about the project now. I don't mind the edits as much as I do work on the product pages. At least these ones didn't have swatches. Any web designers or graphic designers, I warn you, NEVER do a project that involve having to show color swatches, esp. not with close-ups!


Garrison Keillor just came on the radio promoting his show. Grrr. I find him SOOOOO annoying! Even my parents (who are tolerant of a lot) find him annoying. I swear, the show might be OK if he weren't on it, or if he had a different voice. As it is, any time I go to turn the radio on Sunday morning I stop myself because HE'S on it.
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I'm nice to my clients.

Just now I sent two emails to the local newspaper about my client with the restaurant. One was to the City Life editor, since they always do pieces on bits of positive news intown, esp. new businesses started up by local people. The second email was to the people who do restaurant news in the weekly arts/entertainment/food supplement. My client has no idea I did this... hope he gets a surprise phone call or review :)

After that Mat Man called me. He is really a very nice man. What he has me do is really tedious and annoying, but HE'S not. I swear, from all I complain a lot of people would think this guy is horrible, abusive, but he's not at all. Very professional, articulate, thorough. TOO MUCH SO! Aaaargh! Bottom line though... he says he's very, very happy with my work. Good thing too or I'd have to kill him!
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Job musings

Worst job I ever had:
Summer job doing janitorial work for my hometown school system, cleaning out an elementary school top to bottom (buffing floors, prying gum off desks, washing walls, cleaning bathrooms, etc.). Even though the job included working through summer with no AC and using hazardous chemicals (like Deep Purple), the worst part wasn't the job, but the fact my coworkers were all guys and there was a huge amount of homophobia and racist BS comments being tossed around, including harrassment of the other student worker Paul. Plus they listened to this "macho" radio station that played "Black Hole Sun" and horrible blues songs all the time.

Worst boss I ever had:
Out of my two permanent "real" jobs, both bosses were incompetent, IMO. I think the second one, Tonette, was worse though. She was annoying, flaky, couldn't keep a schedule, was always "overwhelmed," was too cautious about new technology or software, and generally made it a pain to do my job. The other boss simply didn't know how to treat employees; she would dump crap on me at the last minute and then when I had finished this "emergency" job, she wouldn't ever tell me what she thought of it... except maybe to come back at me complaining there was a misplaced semicolon in it. Grrr.

Best pay relative to work:
My last job paid a lot, for sure, but I stil think Entertainment Week (i.e. Time Warner) was the best. It was only a summer internship, but it paid like $12.50 and hour and for overtime I got $18. "Overtime" included going to movies after work and taking notes or fact-checking -- was paid by the hour to watch Independence Day TWICE, plus The Rock and some other movies. Whoo hoo! In addition to those pay perks, Time Warner gave me a $1000 "stipend" towards my room & board and the second week I was there, b/c they'd done a double-issues, the office was closed... but I still got paid for 40 hrs. Man, that was sweet! Paid vacation in NYC!

Worst pay (relative to work, or not):
I worked at the public library all through high school. For most of that time I got minimum wage of $4.25. I only worked 9 hrs. a week normally, except in summer. What's amazing is I somehow saved up $5000 from that job. And not because I would pocket change I found under the copy machines (I did) but because I was very, very determined to save money for college.

Best office:
Even though it was really cold, I loved the 15th floor window office I had at the Div. of Public Health. Had to wait like 3 years to get that spot (we moved around a lot) but I finally got it and spent a lot of time looking out the window :)

Strangest job:
My last quarter at UMass I wasn't working for the paper anymore so I got a job working for the undergraduate chemistry department. Most of my job involved typing in and mass-printing freshman chemistry exams. This involved: 1) reading professors' scribbled notes, 2) using a giant copy machine I think was possessed, 3) using an ancient coalating machine (also possessed). My supervisor was this incredibly faded out old woman whose only interest was horses. The whole office was dusty and dark.

Most fun job:
I really liked working at the UGA dining hall. Caleb worked with me, which was a lot of the fun, but I also enjoyed the work, even when it was crappy (i.e. working the "trough" or cleaning out guts from barrels of raw chicken). There was a team spirit in it all, because we knew we were all providing a service to a horde of people. Plus when I was working salad bar, I got to spend a lot of time in the salad prep area dancing around to bootie rap with salad chef Regina :)
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Determination | Basketball Memories

I've been such a good worker today... Plugging away on Mat Man's site, I've made some real progress. I'd like to keep it up for a few more hours actually, if I can. I figure may as well get it over with. I was originally hoping to give myself a shot at seeing F 9/11 tonight as a "reward" for finishing up this mega-round of work, but I think I'll wait 'til tomorrow. I'm still kind of sick anyway and I'd like to be access to ample tissues and food items at all times.


Meanwhile a featured Wikipedia link on "technical fouls" in basketball trigered the activation of my database of basket anecdotes. I played for 8 years and have a big collection of stories although, I now realize upon reflection, NONE of them have to do with actually doing well or scoring or winning. The fact is, I was never a high scorer and while the teams I was one did occasional get titles, it wasn't at all my doing. I was just a huge dork who happened to play basketball.

A few "highlights" of my basketball years. From Grade 2-6 I played on a church team in our town church league (the only b.ball league really), in middle school I played on the town "All Star Middle School" team and did a lot of area tournements, and in freshman year of high school I played on the freshman team. (At least I was ON the team... in general my ass was on the bench 80% of the time.)

  • The first time somebody threw me a pass in a game, I ducked. My parents thought this was hilarious. I was 8.
  • Church league coach was continually amazed by the fact that I could not get my feet more than 4" off the ground. (I'm not a good jumper.)
  • Several times, church league demanded my birth certificate as proof I qualified for the league. (I was a foot or more taller than all the other players.)
  • Eyeglasses would fog up at the end of the 2nd period... like clockwork :(
  • Never accidentally scored for the other team. (This is amazing to me. Such control!)
  • Remember going through a game warm-up with the Beatles "Blue Jay Way" stuck in my head and thinking I was really weird.
  • Thrown out of tournement game when I used up the 4-5 limit on technical fouls. Somehow I had been "too aggressive" on defense. Since I generally sucked at defense, I have no idea how that happened... probably kept whacking some girl my accident.
  • During this really BIG tournement I had some really bad-ass virus with a 104F fever for the whole 2-week period and had to miss it. I managed to show up for the final game -- and got a trophy, which I still have. On the bottom of it I wrote "I was Bill Walton." (Inside joke for Celtics fans.)
  • During warm-up run before freshman year practices, I'd usually get lapped several times by the other girls and a couple times by the coaches. (I'm no runner.)
  • At the end of freshman year basketball season I was given an "award" for "Most Unique Defense Technique: The Standing Crouch." This wasn't really a compliment, since my coaches always complained that despite being so much taller than my opponent I tended to bend over them so they could shoot right over.
  • During the daily freshman team practices / game warmup, I would hole up in a corner and do my homework while all the other girls spent their time dancing to Hangin' Tough and spening an HOUR doing their hair and makeup.

I think the only thing I was actually good at in basketball was a) tip-off and b) intimidating the other team, although that was a false impression.
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Big Ted on Big Media

Located a great article by one of my "hometown" Atlanta heroes, Ted Turner:

My Beef With Big Media
by Ted Turner
for Washington Monthly

I like Ted a lot because he works without a script and he's eccentric. (I've personally seen him bumbling & mumbling around in the coffeeshop by his condo at 10 a.m., I know eccentricity!) Anyway, I think this is an interesting take on the industry from somebody's who's seen it grow, from the inside out.
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Drinking Tip

Didja know if you mix Frangelico, Kahlua, Amaretto, Razmatazz and a bit of tonic water, it tastes like Cherry Coke, only alcoholic? This I have just learned.
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